Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why do Parsis worship the Fire?

One thing lead to another, you can click The Holy Fire and read about it... and One day I asked Guruji, why do Parsis worship the Fire?!

He replied, Look at the essence of Fire. If you put Gold with some impurities in Fire. What happens? The impurities are burned away and the value of the Gold is enhanced! So, not only does Fire burn away the negativity, it also enhances positivity!

He added gently that's what the Parsis have done. Fearlessly defended the weak, stood against whats wrong and gracefully enhanced whats right and good... throughout the History of the Parsis in India, thats what this noble race has done!

For the first time in so many years, i was proud to be a parsi! :)

He then continued, but thats not all... Parsis dont only worship the Fire, they worship Nature. They worship all the five elements! Fire is just the symbol. and I thought thats right! In every Fire Temple, of course there is the Fire, but there is also a well and a tree and some animals, which are also worshiped!

...You will have to wait till tomorrow for the Secret of the other Elements!...

Jai Gurudeva!

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Random Reflections said...

thats beautiful Bawa. Its only after my first Part II course that I started to really realize the value of Hinduism and began looking into its essence.

As someone said in the last post, these posts have taken on a very soap-opera-ish format ! But it does increase the longing which is a good thing .

Jai Guru Dev,

nands said...

I was only knowing about the "burning" quality of fire not the "enhancing" one !

vishal said...

wow ,simply amazing.

parth said...

secrete of the elements from ashtavakra?
cant wait for that...;)



Priya Ravi said...

Bawa.. Is it still that only Parsis can go to that fire temple or non parsis can also go?

Anonymous said...

dear bawa,
who else can explain the importance of fire; so aesthetically and authentically other than our dear guruji.in my earlier comment also; i said parsis are the most sweet, cute,loving people and charming as well!!!applies to you """".however i havent met you.hope to see you soon.

hrishikesh said...

wow! thats great:)
and i got the answer of my yesterday's question! ha !
(symbolism of a pool in fire temple) great going bau

Unknown said...

well ya urs is a definitely noble race! the logic of fire is great....!
eager for the gyan on other elements!


atmarati avirodhena said...

thats soo amazing :):)

bau i love your geo counter widget:)

its soo cool to see singapore next only to india and the u.s. ..

but we re on our way to no. 1 :):)

tonnes of love

Lavanya M M Ramaniah said...

... Fearlessly defended the weak, stood against what's wrong ... certainly true of at least one Parsi that i know !! :):)

Shruti Poojari said...

ohh bau...lovely post...
luv u guruji....wat an answer....amazing...cud never thought of such....
jgd bau

gauri said...

oh m so eager to visit a parsi temple now :)

erica said...

Its getting more and more interesting bau...:)
Guruji can pump so much life in every thing indeed...!
JGD :)

Unknown said...

:):):):) :):)........:):) .....:) :):)(is speechless)..:) :):)

bihag karnani said...

hey bau, was eagerly waitin all day 2 read dis. somehow my mind kept on shiftin 2 d topic n its contents. u can realy keep up an element of surprise!! jai gurudeva!!!!!!

Anand Jage said...

Waiting......... :)

Anonymous said...

hmm... and atlast the suspense is revealed!! :P :) bAWA i should say! IF NOT FOR THE SUSPENSE.. MAY THE ANSWER WOULD not have that impact as its now!

U have ur own ways! :) ;)

Love Aparna

Unknown said...

In India only Parsis can goto the Fire Temples... though in Iran (thats the fire temple in Iran in the photo) anyone can go...

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