Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Life for 30 minutes

Bonus post for everyone...

We spent a very very happy few hours at Vikram and Tina's lovely little home in Kandivili... We cooked, ate, joked, laughed, edited HTML, ate more, had mango milkshake (!) (Tina keeps them frozen in her deep fridge, saved up for those times that you just HAVE to have them), watched the rain, rested... you get the idea?!

Well, Vikram told us many jokes, here is the one that had us laughing for the longest time...

In a beautiful garden, there were two almost nude statues in quite an erotic position... a handsome incredible hunk man statue and a delicate beautiful really lovely willowy woman statue, gaxing longingly at each other, separated by a wide expanse of lawns...

They had been there for many, many years and one day God while looking over that particular part of the universe, felt great compassion for both of them, and He proclaimed: The two of you will have life for the next 30 minutes... and there was a crack of thunder and a great white and pink flash of lightning and Lo! The two came alive...

Full of desire the man looked to the woman and in a hoarse whisper said, Shall we?

and the woman lowered her eyes shyly (knowing they had so little time together) barely whispered... yes...

And the two of them disappeared behind a big bush... and there was a lot of shaking, strange guttural sounds, leaves falling, moans and groans, and after a bit, they both appeared, disheveled, satisfied, with silly smile on their faces and twigs stuck in their hair... and they realized that only 15 minutes had passed...

Very expectantly, the man looked at the woman again and this time cried out... Please... shall we do it again?!!

The woman quickly nodded her consent, and enthusiastically whispered to her lover:

Yes, yes, but this time YOU hold the pigeon while i shit on it!!

Jai Gurudeva!

ps Vikram writes a lovely blog, he has lots of great stuff including some beautiful photos on it... Click Vikram's Blog to read it... do put some comments on his blog about this joke... and tell him to write more of this kind of stuff as well ... :)  

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Jyuthika said...

DAMnnn!!! ROFL.. Look at the humor mann :P I am gona share this with everyone now!! HEhehehe
Keep those coming :))

Jai Gurudeva!

parth said...

it's weekend where is my cold salad bau...!?

Trinaa said...


OH!! I AM BLESSED said...

Hahaha, That was great one..:P

Anonymous said...

"In a beautiful garden, there were two almost nude statues.....gazing longingly at each other, separated by a wide expanse of lawns..."

Ha ha..may i know how did u google to find the pic?

The best i could dig up was :


aparnata said...

hahaha...............!!! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jai Gurudev!

p.s. You just look awesome in Vikram Bhaiyahs blog :):) Woww!!!!!!!!!!

sunil said...

Vikram bhaiya has a whacky sense of humor:) had a great time wid him at my house during curfew in indore that too for full five days..in every sense he is a real gem (...n u r the crown) n thanks to u for making his blog sooo lively ,at least some1 did it for him :).

Anupam Gupta said...

hehe...amazing one from vikram bhaiya...

missed his satsang today coz of this horrendous malaria virus that keeps attacking me time and again...i m declaring WAR on all mosquitoes now....

will DEFINITELY comment on bhaiya's blog

Shruti Poojari said...

looool...hahahhahahhahh...vikram bhaiya is so funny.....
had a hearty laugh 2day....

Vineet said...

Vikram bhaiya rocks!! Vikram bhaiya has a whacky sense of humor:)n also bau can u pls adda search engine on ur blog to find older blogs pls pls bau!!!

Mrigank said...

(Rolling on the floor...)

Here's an junk-joke (Read cooked in a hurry and rather simple...) response from me... ;-)

A mumbai "bhai" gang is looking desperately for Abhinav Bindra.... (Hope you know this guy recently won India's maiden Olympic Gold in shooting..)
Because they need a "sharp shooter"..... ;-)

deepika said...

well.. not very funny for everyone.. am sorry for spoiling the party..
gen, i show ur blogs to my mom as well..
not knowing wat was in store (esp since it had vik bhaiya's name also), mom was eager to read the joke..
wouldn't like to elucidate on her reaction., but it was plainly disappointing..
~ expectation reduces joy~ ?

Dimps said...

oh i guess i dint leave behind my email for my prv comment..

Anonymous said...

You break all concepts we can have about spiritual teachers!!! ;-)). And you look awesome in Vikram's blog. You should add that photo of yours here.

srinip said...


may your tribes increase...


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