Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Divine Romance

Krishna's love affair with Radha is perhaps the most controversial in the Epics... She had a steady job, a family, a husband... she left all that and went after Krishna! She was older than Krishna, that fact alone disqualifies her :) In fact there are certain sects of Hindus who do not believe that she even existed, because the entire romance is a slap in the face of all traditions and systems :)

But there is a secret here: Radha means longing, Krishna fulfillment. So she has to be older than Him. First there has to be longing, only then can fulfillment dawn. She had all this family and job etc., which she left for Krishna... This means that all of us have the Longing for the Divine, but we try to fill that with material things, and it never gets filled... it only intensifies. When Krishna (the Divine) comes into our lives then we need to let go of all that, just as Radha did and soak in the Bliss of being with the Divine!

If we turn the word Radha around, it become Dhara, which means to flow away. Opposite of flowing away is flowing towards. Radha means flowing towards... and flowing towards whom? Govind!

Go in Sanskrit stands for Knowledge. Go-vind is the Giver of Knowledge. So instead of our mind flowing away into the maya of the world, flow towards Govind... the Giver of Knowledge! This is what Radhe Govind means!!

Gopal means the protector of Knowledge, the preserver of Knowledge. Go can also mean "way". and so Go-pal becomes the one who protects you on the "way", on the path... Radhe Gopal, is Go to the one who will protect you, take care of you on your journey through Life...

Radhe Govind, Radhe Gopal, Radhe Krishna!! How the epics have guarded these great secrets in simple beautiful stories! and How very fortunate we all are that we have Guruji to decode these secrets for us and make them applicable and relevant even in this age of the technology!

Jai Gurudeva!

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vp said...

first one to comment on it

vandana said...

How completely beautiful!:)

and the painting of radha krishna is as completely beautiful !

sakshibhaw said...

Bawa, this form of knowledge just sweeps me away from the ground. I feel so full with such simple yet so deep knowledge... love the part- Radha is Longing and thus has to be older to Krishna( fulfillment).
Thank you so much Bawa, please write more of these.
Jai Gurudev.

Prakirtee said...

reading about radha krishna really is .... just cant find words.
and this picture is one of the best I've seen :)
one thing is known for sure that krishna has come back as Guruji but I wonder where might Radha be ;)

Anant said...

Absolutely Brilliant Bau..Bau please do writeup on important things Guruji said while commenting on bhagvat geeta in past 2 weeks in ashram.. Lik "craving and aversion are between your senses and the object of senses not inside you"

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that our real longing is for the divine but we attemot to fill it with material things, has caused a shift in my awareness. thank you Bau and Guruji :)

keerti said...


Manish said...

bau this is so beautiful!!

those who choose to not do an art of living course, are unaware of a basic longing of the being... and sadly are left devoid of the fulfillment!

phew! i guess... a little bit of awareness or really good luck(someone just forces you) is a basic qualification to be on the path!

loka samasta sukhono bhavantu!
jai gurudev! :-) :-)

Vishal said...

"Go in Sanskrit stands for Knowledge. Go-vind is the Giver of Knowledge. So instead of our mind flowing away into the maya of the world, flow towards Govind... the Giver of Knowledge! This is what Radhe Govind means!!"


Bhaiya thats really really awesome!!

That apart .. the way u narrate it .. it jus sinks in .. effortlessly .. as if .. we were foolish enuff not to see the obvious ..

nidhi said...

All this beautiful knowledge we have heard and read so many times...yet everytime it looks so new...so refreshing!! :)

vishesh said...

cool ... lovely !!! :0

vishesh said...

:-) :-)


A wonderful knowledge & it inspires that Radha can only meet Krishna ,so first we have to become like Radha or change the dhara.

saritta_c said...

Dear Bawa,
The divine picture is so beautiful!!The way u write the story in so simple yet impressive way...is even more beautiful!Thanks for being the channel of knowledge....also for giving everyone a chance to know Guruji's
explanation about various things!

Anonymous said...

Its very insightful, something which I didn't know before ..

hamsa_tachyon said...

lovely pictures, lovely Knowledge, ..

Darshini said...

amazing knowledge.......thanks for the knowledge........

Ajay said...

Amazing Bau

I wonder how were our epics written....wow.
Amazing knowledge presented in such a great (probably with least possible words) but hidden way...:)
Thanks to Guruji for bringing that hidden beauty to all of us.

I could have never known the 'essence' of these words if I wouldn't have met you or for that matter sweetheart Guruji.

Jai Gurudev

Trinaa said...

wooooooooooooooooooooowie.... :))))))

Harsha Vardhan M.V said...

amazing post bau!you surely are my go-vind :)

Nikhil Saraf said...

Thats one of the most amazing things Ive ever heard!

Raddhheee govind!!!

Jai gurudev!

PS: Reading this blog makes me soooo happyy...bored,sad,angry,whatever! I love you bhaiya!!

PPS:And u too guruji!:)

bhawana kapoor said...

Jai Gurudev, Bau...
I know it all
Now give me something new
Like an old pic of you!!

Jo!! said...

really a beautiful interpretation of the names!

i really like it!
waiting for some more stories like this.

Radhe Krishna!!

Minnie said...

:) :) woooo.... never thought of this in this way :) :) amazinnngggg...... Bau
Thank you :):)

Anonymous said...

very nice post :))

erica said...

oh bawa...
ur blogs are so addictive.. feel like coming back and readign them again and again and again...:)
All the satsang bhajans are beautifully linked to these epics too. Lovely picture, how do you always find perfect pictures bau?
Radhe Govind Shri Radhe Govind...


Monika said...

Dear Bawa,
I am reading ur blog for quiet some time now but tempted to comment for the first time. The spiritual explanations of Radha and Krishna and their love n longing are good but we can not miss out on the History part. The fact is that Krishna actually existed around 5000 years back and is not merely a story. There are now well established facts regarding this. (refer www.bharathgyan.com and Guruji also supports this). I am sure Radha will also be existing in human form. What do you say?

Niranjana said...

How very fortunate we all are that we have Govind, Gopal, Krishna with us who has given us the oppurtunity to be his Radha, making us His Radha.
Jai Gurideva:)

Simply myself.. said...

awesome bhaiya!!

Its so good.Though i read it before in Guruji's words too and felt so good after reading here too.And yes we are so lucky that we have Guruji to decode all this for us ;-)
Please do post more of like these.
Would love to read more.

Jai Gurudev!!

bhawana kapoor said...

You are an Inspiration, I am a Star
Mujhe finally ho hi gaya aapse pyaar
All day my mind goes Bawa Bawa
Aur dil se nikle wah wah wah wah
Life now has a purpose for me
Banna hai as funny as I was meant to be

komal said...

JGD Bau,
what profound and refreshing knowledge.. and an awesome picture .. please can we have more such stories soon...

Pankaj said...

Yesterday as I was speaking to Kapil, it struck me as to how fortunate we all are to have a Guru in our lives!
Our Guru takes care to see that we are "well-educated", doesn't he? ;)
Jai Gurudev!

monika said...

Hi Bawa,
There is this story in the book Narada Bhakti Sutra which fascinated me some 10 months back just 1 week after I did my first AOL course. Radha and Krshna were playing hide and seek and both got lost playing it. There were both miserable for each other, searching each other. But after some time Krishna stopped searching and when the Gopis learnt that He had found Radha they were confused because Radha had fainted and was lying somewhere. How could He have found Radha? Krishna looked inside His heart and found her there, which freed Him from all restlessness and anxiety. That’s why the song ‘Jai Jai Radha Raman Hari Bol’ is so beautiful. Radha- who loves Him, longs for Him, is inside His heart…. to look inside.

Guruji had written Radha is the longing and Krishna is the love. I have been thinkng about it for so many months. Doesn’t one come after the other (after we surrender the longing) in the same body? But even after this what is it that we still seek?....knowledge
ok, but then why love also…. why do we need to be nurtured day in and out with love… is it because bliss can only be attained/sustained when nurtured by love as you had written earlier. That’s why Krishna is also the fulfillment who gives knowledge and nurtures love and does lots other things about which I have still to learn. Hope all this makes sense.

Also what is so fascinating is that though longing and love come/are/occur together they have been beautifully personified by Guruji as separate forms appropriately as Radha and Krishna. This is how I think about it.

Jai Gurudev.

Bhanuja said...

Raadhe govind is so complete!
wow :)

pratiksha said...


THNK U BAU!!!!!!!!!


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