Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Friday, August 22, 2008

The Secret of the Elements

Click The Essence of Fire to read about it: Basically Fire burns away impurities and negativity, enhances positivity...

Guruji went on. Lets take a look at the essence of the other elements too. The essence of water is adaptability. Water will take the shape of any container however twisted, it is poured into. Become adaptable like water! (and i thought that’s true Parsis are very adaptable... from warriors to farmers and businessmen!)

Air is everywhere! Same way you too are everywhere. Don’t ever think that you are only in this little body. You are vast and everywhere just like air! (Thats the reason why the environment can affect you. Sit in a busy market, even with eyes closed and ears jammed, and you will feel tired after a bit. Sit in a peaceful garden for a little while and you will feel refreshed... this can happen only if you extend beyond the body! and yes, the parsis though so few in number not even a few hundred thousand left, some people say only 80,000 are still breathing on the planet are literally everywhere! Holding all sorts of positions too:)... The Tatas for example actually contribute to 7% of the GDP of India!)

The essence of the Earth element is acceptance. Earth accepts everything and everyone. You can sit on the earth, spit on the earth, build on the earth, walk, run , play... whatever... Earth has unconditional acceptance... (and to an extent i find the Parsis the most accepting of their destinies, they go their merry way through life)

Finally the essence of Space is Being a 100% involved but also at the same time a 100% detached. All creation happens in Space. So Space is a 100% involved in Dance of Creation. But at the same time is utterly unaffected by it. This detached involvement is the essence of Space.

So When you have the acceptance of Earth (take the Bh of Bhoomi which is the Sanskrit for Earth), the ability to enhance positivity and burn away negativity of Fire ( the ga from Agani which is Fire in Sanskrit), the all prevailingness of the Air element (v from Vaayu, sanskrit for Air), also you have perfected the Art of being 100% involved yet 100% detached, the essence of the Space element (aa from Akash which is Space in Sanskrit) and you have developed the adaptability of water (n from Neer meaning water in sanskrit)... then you put those together, you get Bh-ga-v-aa-n!

When you have the essences of all the elements You are Bhagavan. You are God!

And that’s what the Parsis are striving for through their worship of Fire and Nature... What a wonderful religion! :) What a fantastic interpretation!

Thank You Guruji... You gave me back my pride in being a Parsi, my roots and my heritage!

Jai Gurudeva!

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parth said...

in my work place i called google BHAGWAN and every body who donesomething extraordinary (Good or Bad) then everybody laughing at me....;)
Today i mailed everybody 1 para from this blog....lets see for the raction....;)


Sachin Chansarkar said...

Its really amazing to read about Parsis. It is really sad that people fight on the basis of religion, as guruji says people hold the banana skins & throw the banana ,which is actually the essence of spirituality.
As per the talk of yours in TRM I am also making Blog & linking with yours & Vikram Bhaiyas blog.
Jai gurudev
Sachin AOL Teacher from Indore

Random Reflections said...

Jai Guru Dev,

dr.mangla said...

dear bawa,
amazing knowledge!!! kudos!.....
a big thank you , please dont stop ever.

vishesh said...

ohhhhhhh myyy gooooooooodddddd !!!!
what amazing knowledge !!!
what an awesome post !!

Priya said...

Bawa.. It sooooo amazing!!! :) Its just amazing to read the whole history and the meaning of parsis.. Love it!!! :) Thank you Bawa for sharing soooo many things. I am soooo Happpy!! :D

Nikhil Saraf said...

Woah! Mind boggling!I always wondered why the five elements were considered so vital..
Jai gurudev!

Anonymous said...

it was like attending YES!+ AMC with u n dinu bhaiya!! ;)

So divine!!

Bawa please share with us all about shiva! (Banu ma said about the word shiva) it would be great! If you would share with us all :) !!

megha said...

what a beautiful meaning of god..... one who has the essences of all the five elements.

Thank you for strengthening my belief in bhagvaan.

Monica said...

Bhagavan :)

jyo said...

wat a beautiful interpretation of BHA-GA-V-AA-N...Really the parsis have huge contribution....such as the "cotton boom"!
i enjoyed reading all the articles....keep up the good work bawa :)

gauri said...

love you bau ..jsut too good... everything and every word... never heard about the signs so differently and the Bhagvaan is simply out of this world.... thanks to you we get to know the rare Parsis and get Guruji as well.... merci au de bau

Anupam Gupta said...

MAN that was one good post Bau...I LOVE GURUJI!!!SIMPLY LOVE THAT MAN!!!

what interpretations he gives...i mean seriously...

Thanx so much for all the lovely stories about parsis and this wonderful knowledge today Bau...simply loved reading all those...YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!


Minnie said...

:) :) Basic yet the VAST.... knowledge :) :) simplyyy.. loved reading it.. already read it 3 times :) :)

Srivi said...

How do you manage that every single time?
As janaka says,"Aho!!!!" I'm amazed..

Kruvesh said...

wow Bawa i never knew dat 5 elements & the word Bhagwan were interlinked, its a gr8 piece of knowledge ..... thkx again bawa now i can pull my moms leg & ask her if she knows wat da word bhagwan means ;)

Shruti Poojari said...

amazing interpretation bau.........
loved it......
jai gurudev

Venkatesh Velugubantla said...

simply superb. Amazing!

Manish Panchmatia said...


Like Kruvesh, me too was unaware about link between 5 elements and Bhagavan. Yes, Guruji explained so nicely about good qualities of each element and the same within us....Thanks for sharing all this.


Pankaj said...

with every passing article about our Indian Culture, the depth and beauty of it shines so radiantly!
I'm really proud of being an Indian!
Jai Gurudev!

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