Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Sunday, August 24, 2008


Few interesting questions in the comments section of the previous week's posts... Here are my responses :)

1. In India only Parsis are allowed into Fire Temples... though i have heard that in Iran anyone can go into a Fire Temple... The photo of the Fire Temple in the post is from Yazd in Iran

2. I hunt for the photos myself all over the net and find royalty free photos i can use for the posts... sometimes it takes longer to find the right photo than write out the post :) A few times rupal (rupal.x@gmail.com) who is a fantastic designer does some photoshop effects to a photo if i just can't find the one that i want!

3. Humakta Hukta Havarashtha are words in the ancient Persian language of Avestha... just a handful of people on the planet understand it now... however the prayers that are chanted in this ancient tongue are very powerful and set up beautiful profound vibration for the chanter and the environment around him!

Jai Gurudeva!

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Priya Ravi said...

I should go to the Iran Firre temple atleast once.. :)

Vishal said...

we had a zoroastrian prayer in our school .. we chanted it every monday and friday along with christian, islamic and the regular sanskrit ones .. I just cant remember the exact wordings .. hunting for it on the net .. lets see if i can find it .. wanted to know if the prayer was in Avestha ..

Faith Lasts said...

Jai Gurudev Bau
Please post your childhood pics :)

Sudha Pillai said...

Hi Bawa,
All that input regarding the Parsi culture expanded are mental horizons.Thanks a million!.Looking forward to some more.

Enjoyed your last session at the Netaji Indoor..You were in such dynamic form..left an electrifying impact..study for Knowledge..not Marks..and so on..Utsav has sent across ripples across the city which will transform into a huge wave..come Nov.! :)

Loved Vikram bhaiya's concert..never get enough of it!Trust the whole team had a great time out here...Do come again.Take care. Jgd.


Abhi said...

I have some of Bau's early pictures. Not sure if Bau himself is aware they exist.
They were taken by various devotees. Some belong to the times when he would come to the ashram will still a student in IIT...

Someday, I should scan and digitize them :) and give it to him.

Lavanya M M Ramaniah said...

am wondering if there is a School of Zoroastrian Studies somewhere in the world .. ?
sounds like an urgent need if there are only a handful of people who follow Avestha ..
The Zorastrian faith is believed to be one of the most ancient ..

Lavanya M M Ramaniah said...

Was wondering if people knew about this .. ? .. this was posted on esatsang ..

From: Pramod Bansal
email : bansalpramod08@gmail.com
Date: Aug 21, 2008 8:47 AM
Subject: Mission Green Earth

The Mission Green Earth has been approved for nomination by American Express to receive funding.

How much money is being awarded?
American Express is providing $2.5 million in funding to carry out the winning projects, based on the total votes they win in the final round of voting:
* $1,500,000 for the winning project
* $500,000 for the 2nd place project
* $300,000 for the 3rd place project
* $100,000 each for the two remaining finalist projects

The next step is to get on the website and vote for the project. Higher nominations = greater probablity of getting funded. Here is the link to vote:


Please forward to other groups as you deem appropriate.


9/01Last chance to nominate projects.
9/09Top 25 announced. Voting begins.
9/30Top 5 announced. Pick a project.
10/14Winning project announced.

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