Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Basil Pumpkin Soup

We had recently been to this fantastic restaurant called Flags in Mumbai. Then we went to their branch in Poona and were sorely dissapointed with almost everything there. It was very strange how it was almost perfect and Bombay and completely sucked really big time in Poona :)... But that's another story and we will get into it later... We had a fantastic soup there... here is my variation...

Take 5 fairly big pieces of Orange Pumpkin (little more than half of it), peeled. 2 pieces dice small, the others cut into big chunky pieces.
A big bunch of fresh basil leaves roughly chopped, stems removed.
1 pod garlic finely chopped
1 bunch of lemon grass tied with a string
a dollop of fresh cream
Olive oil

In a pressure cooker, add olive oil, finely chopped garlic and cook till it browns. Add the basil leaves and salt to taste. Add the big pumpkin pieces and cook for a bit. Now take a big bunch of lemon grass and tie it with a string and pop into the cooker. Add water to cover everything and pressure cook for 2-3 whistles.

While it is cooking, lightly saute the small pumpkin pieces with some olive oil, salt and basil leaves.

Let the cooker cool and then open it. Remove the lemon grass bunch from it. Whirr the mixture to a smooth consistency and then add the sauted pumpkin pieces to it. Cook for some time. Before serving nice n hot with toasted wholewheat bread and butter, stir in a dollop of fresh cream.

You may optionally add the juice of 1 lemon, if you like it still smore sour. It has a brilliant pumpkinny, lemony, basily taste which pleasantly surprizes the tongue... Witha anice cold salad it would make a perfect meal!

Cold salad tomorrow! :)

Jai Gurudeva!

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Monica said...

you mean you can guess a recipe by tasting a dish !! BAWA !! what are you ?!

Anonymous said...

Jai Gurudev Bauuu.. This is superb..

Can I ask you how can we prepare the soft (as in market) brown bread at home please can you add that receipe here ?

parth said...

truely speaking bau, dont like soups too much any of a kind, but cant wait for the COLD SALAD,

hope i will be able to prepare it at this weekend


Pratik Jagad said...

Dear Bawa,
This a great recipe. I have been checking your blog everyday and its amazing. Since you have been sharing so many recipes, I had a question - Have you ever had a chance to cook for Guruji? and if so what did you prepare for Him? Can you share that recipe???


Pratik @ Atlanta

l_0oio0_l said...

I never eat pumpkin....coz i never knew how to make it eatable.... but this soup is really gettin my attention for pumpkins...... am gonna try it out ....

Kaushik said...

Dear Bawa,
the soup looks good. Guruji also loves pumpkin soup. will inform Urmilaji about your recipes, i´m sure she would love it.


Abhay Karnataki said...

Danke Schon!

for featuring my blog! :)

Mamta said...

Jgd Bau.....must tell u Pumpkin soup was so yummy...never njoyed any soup so much.....i loved it more than Breadzza .And u make cooking so happening and interesting.It was an experience that day.

To Dinesh dada.....

Today ur session at UTSAv was superrrb.I was wondering during last two Utsavs in Mumbai as to why were u not speaking and was missing your talk so much...but todays session made up all

love u Both B & D !!!


shikha said...

guess what.....i havn't chkd your blog fr smtime...but yestrday when I went for grocssary...this cute pumpkin caught my eye from nowhere and I thought of the pumpkin soup you have earlier posted(i tried doing it earlier too but then ended up making a very delicious sabzi from it, which my mom makes :p)n today there's another pumpkin soup recipe ready fr me....so this time its gonna be nothing but the soup.....k..huhahaha

Jay said...

thanks a lot bawa, I was waiting for a soup that can be taken by diabetics. Please post more sugar free salads and soups in the future.
And I second the question pratik asked. What didja make for Guruji??

take care :)

Srivi said...

i finally made it...muahhhhhaaaahahahahahahaaaaaa....

plus it was close to being as yummy as the one u made...thank you bau..love u

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