Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hanging Curds

For some reason, i had never done this, thinking it to be some exotic, difficult thing to do :)

Here are photos:

You put a hanky (a muslin cloth is recommended, a hanky works just fine) on a vessel, and plonk the curds into it

Then tie up the ends of the hanky and hang it...

Goto Bed (meaning let it hang for at least 12 hours)

The next morning, when you take it down and open it here is what you will see...

The same thing put in a nice bowl:

Its now ready to make Tzatziki or
use as a spread on toasted bread or you could also add some rosemary to it with some olive oil or you could do a fresh basil and garlic tadka in opilve oil to it or... the list is endless! Enjoy! :)  

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Mrigank said...

Bau!!! Here's a little blogging tip for you so that some of our technologically-challenged readers(who only know how to click the left mouse button..) do not have to bother about doing a copy-paste!!(:D)

Instead of doing
"Tzatziki http://bawandinesh.blogspot.com/2008/05/tzatziki.html "

you can convert the word Tzatziki into a link that leads to

Siddharth said...

Just showed the post to mom ;) and guess what we are going to make this today :D

sarang.dhekne said...

This same curd added with sugar ( other sweetner is fine too) and saffron and mixed till its a smooth paste turns into Srikhand.

Add mago pulp to make Amrakhand.

vinnie said...

hey bau ,

u can hang the curd for say 4-5 hrs.. thn whip it with a fork... if u want grate some garlic ,black pepper powder,pinch of salt ... mix it all up ...makes a yummy dip ...u can dip ur kakdi ,carrot ,etc in it and enjoy... any raw veggies for tht matter..

love ya


Anonymous said...

The monsoon is in .. in Mumbai !(starting yesterday .. June 5) Its beautiful .. don't you all want to be here?! (heavy hint :)

It was the World Environment Day on June 5. Here's an offering from the poet Ogden Nash ...
I think I shall never see a billboard as lovely as a tree ..
infact until the billboards fall, I'll never see a tree at all !

Anonymous said...

Bawa i ain't talking to you anymore...You have stopped twittering and plus you haven't been posting much...Please please post more often :)

Anonymous said...

Ja I agree! We want you posting - and tweeting - a lot more!

Bawa said...

mrigank how do i convert the word to the link?

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