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Dinesh and Bawa


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Comments... and some News

Hi everyone...
Just to let all of you know that we absolutely LOVE reading all your comments!
If you enjoy what we are writing (and we know you do!), PLEASE leave comments... Just as you guys wait for our posts in the morning, we can't wait to read all the things you have written about what we have written :)

Keep them coming...

The YES!+ TTC is going full swing... Guruji spent some time with everyone yesterday night, and we were all thrilled! Also He spent a lot of time with all the YES!+ teachers, almost 2 hours, and all we did was FUN!

He also told us a few things about what to do for the rest of this year, and next year, but i am not going to tell you about that... get that news from your YES!+ teachers when they return back from the Ashram...

July 16th is another YES!+ Adv course (YES!++) at the lovely Bangalore Ashram... In the last course we had to say no to 150+ people, coz there was not enough room :(...
and we really hated doing that... PLEASE do register for it ASAP if you are going to come (and you should!)...

See you soon!

Jai Gurudeva!

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Vishesh Jain said...

yes bawa ... i am coming ... :)

Abhay Karnataki said...


I envey all the YES!+ TTC participants and teachers!! :)
But I am not jealous.. they are all my friends!

mera din bhi aayega! :-)

Shruti said...

Hey Bawa,

Please post a new recepie.
its been a long time you havent posted one.


love u..

Jai Gurudev!


Cevina said...

I simply love your posts! When i read them before bedtime, i keep smiling till the next morning...They are so crisp, lively & inspiring that i'll like to give so much joy like you do and most of all, i'm longing to be with you.

Jai Gurudeva!

nimisha said...

Yes, do look forward to reading your lovely blog every night! :) Missing the Bangalore Ashram.
Nimisha, USA

Monica said...

wow! that sounds exciting :D
waitin' for my yes!+ teacher to let the news out !!

sriks said...

Dinesh bhayya ,,

It was too good in the advanced course listening to the IIT stories and also Guruji and Bawa stories ..

Can we have those in the blog???

Please Dinesh bhayya ,,

Atleast once a week ??

Jai Guru dev !!!

Kaushik said...

It must be a awesome experience for the TTC crowd, really lucky group! Hope to be part of that experience very soon :)


Monica said...

bawa :D
i remember that line you'd once said "Even the person sitting next to you in the bus has enough karma to join AOL". and well, i decided to try it out. and hurray!! one girl is joinin' it. another wanted to know how her mother could do it...also, many of my friends who'd earlier made major excuses were quite easily led on.
it's totally amazing how things happen!!

I'm so happy and so grateful for the peace and bliss i'm living with. every work is enjoyable and every effort is enthusiastic. i'm so eager about my next advanced course :D
many many thanks to Guruji and all my AOL teachers.
loadss of love.
Jai Gurudeva.

Tangs said...

Hey bau, i feel very nice to read your blog...
Daily at least once I open your blog and read the updates...
I tired the idea you told for avoiding the calls for the life insurance from banks... It worked really well, one lady from some bank, became crazy, when i asked her " I deal only with people who have done AOL course", so if you want me to entertain you please register for the course"..
That lady had no words for some seconds and then, i again continued with intro talk... she simply went crazy, nothing happen out of it, but i enjoyed the call...

Rits said...

Hey BawaDinesh

You guys are absolutely fabulous. I cant explain how excitedly I wait to read each morning's post.

Please publish some more anecdotes of your experiences with Boss...we still have not heard how Dinesh Bhaiya got initiated :)


Anonymous said...

Wow.. Super cool..:) I really hope to see you guys at Ashram :)

Rajan said...

I am still waiting for my answer Bau......

Vijay said...

Of course am not gonna miss the July course having missed the June one. So are the TTC guys having real fun, lol :-)

niv said...

Hey Bau and Dinesh bhaiya
You guys are doing are great job…I really look forward to reading your blog each morning. Actually I just did the yes+ advance course in the ashram and the only thing I missed there was reading your blog…..so keep writing.
Luv u guys..

Nikhil Saraf said...

Jai gurudev!

For those who are yet to register for the course,or are weighing their options, drop everything and REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I did the last course(18-22 June) and it was !
(describing it in words is doing injustice to it!)

You wont want to leave the ashram for the rest of your life. Plus there's guru poornima on 18th!

Please dont miss it at any cost(Pun intended :P)!

M B said...

WoW! two hrs with Guruji!!!
I hope some day i too will be part of your Yes+ ttc gang!!

Anonymous said...

bau !! How do you guys digest so much of sugar?...Most of the comments are loaded with sugar, honey and butter...hmmm

What is the secret? :-)

sneha mudumba said...

Hi bawa,
Gud to know that yes!
+TTC course is in full swing ,so some more fantastic yes+ teachers...in the making...
it is always a wonderful experience to see guruji and meet him,i just did my adavanced course and we had a surprise visit from the god(guruji) himself..can never forget that....it was awesome
sneha mudumba.

sweetteju said...

Luv u Guruji, Bawa & Dinesh Bhaiyya.............. [:)]

Jai Gurudev!!!!

Prasanth said...

Jai Gurudev Bawa and dinesh bhaiyya,
I love this blog very much. The Advanced course was superb - it was my first one and I loved it. Still can't believe that Guruji came to the kitchen top when we all badly wanted him to! :) Now! When Guruji is around, we can expect the unexpected!

seemaa said...

Dear Bau,

WOW, i missed something. Can the rest of the teachers know what he said? ,plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeese.

love ,

hrishikesh said...

jai gurudeva

the advance course with dinesh bhaiya was very good as if there is no need to mention. its a geart pleasure to b in the ashram ,and we will work hard to make the outside world like that.one more thing about a miracle u may hav heard about a boy who sliped on got his head bangged on floor and got busted but he rose from his own ashes like a pheonix to live another day .i was with his body the whole time.vishwas bhaiya knows the complete story

hrishikesh said...

and do i need to tell who did it ofcourse not

hrishikesh said...

and please change the theme i utterly dislike it the first one was so soothing and if we start a blog can we publish knowledge sheets

hrishikesh said...

and do u know the smallest joke in the world and the duck of all pjs

think think think

think again

no answer na

the anser is 'ONCE THERE WAS A SARDAR'':( HA HA

KOLA said...

Hello Bau!
Talking about Yes!++, it was my first advance course. Before coming to the Ashram for the Advance, I was thinking, what will be so good about this advance? But now I know, its the best thing I can do for anyone. I have promised Guruji, that I will bring maximum number of people for the advance course. Thank you Bau for giving me such wonderful knowledge and connecting me to the Guruji.

Jai GuruDev!

Balkrishnanitt said...

jai gurudev....all the best to the TTC participants :)

anup said...

Are you not going to post a new message unless we comment on your previous one :)

dipti dohale said...

hey,jai gurudev. first time i have visited to your blog and i was like; where were you dipti all these days.your blog is just superb.its like knowledge with fun. i would love to visit your blog again n again. and i will. its like a big gift from you to all yes+ graduates.


jai gurudev bawandinesh..
this was my 2nd advance course and it went really well. The meditations left a great impact specially the 'meditation in motion' because i completed it this time. Then guruji's surprise visit made me felt complete(it was liki 'ab toh sab mil gaya hain').Now i am looking for the next course soon and also the germany trip for which i have started saving... and thanks for the ride to SRI SRI AYURVEDA FACTORY...
nitish chhabra

Vishnu said...

I also have started saving for teh Bad AntoGast Ashram in Germany
Jai gurudeva

Jeet said...

Bau, I just love reading ur and Dinesh bhaiya's posts.... Me and shivang just wait, for a new post everyday, its the first thing we check daily... so much that when we type www... in address bar, the blog's name appears first! Thanx a lot Bau....

Jai GuruDev

saurabh said...

I love yr posts.
Please post guru stories
I had a great experience of my first advanced course and hope to do 1 every year.also plz post details of international advanced course in dec.

love u

Jai Gurudev!

Anonymous said...

Had done yes!+ but though i felt connected, i was not comfortable accepting guruji as guru..( It was silly, i knw :) I had a dream of guruji some months later in which he called me ( i was standing far from him) , hugged me....he had a water vessel in his hand...he wrote something on paper for me ( initials of somebody's name)... spent time with me and went away...all this while it was just him and me in the dream ( just how i wanted to meet him)...i was crying in dream throughout...it was so powerful.... and when i woke up i had tears in my eyes....after that day i fell in love with guruji deeply, truly, madly..and ever since i am involved with seva.... I want to meet guruji...i am dying to see him...but my parents dont allow to come to bangalore, though they dont mind me doing seva in my city and are very supportive...
Just want to see guruji once...

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