Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Friday, June 13, 2008

QnA - 11

Q: I have done Basic Course, Advance Course & DSN. However, I am too lazy to practice Kriya. I have got myself into a rotten state. I have a very good job, family, house. You name it and have all the worldly pleasures. However, I have one problem. I have become addicted to drinking. Just before I reach my home, I go to the bar and have a 4 pegs of whiskey every evening. Every morning I get up, I decide that I will not drink today, but end up drinking again.

Please help me.

A: You need to do the basic course, advance course and DSN again. And this time round, actually implement the Knowledge points into your life. The only cure for laziness is to stop being lazy, and how to do that? Well, Start to do some stuff on your to do list Now. Stop reading and do your Kriya now and then come back...
There is hope for you, coz at least you have accepted that you are in a “rotten” state... Only you can do anything about it... Please for your sake, get up and do it!

Q: I am staying away from home for almost a year now (I work away from home), Somehow i donno really how? I have developed a crave for sexual desires. I feel like sleeping with every beautiful women that passes by. This has now increased even more (After i had 2 one night stands with some Russian women, i dont even remember their names). Now, consequenses of these are i am attending more beach parties, pick up a drink in hand (to pretend that you are cool) and etc.., I go for long kriya and meditation sessions, I decide that I will not do all these things... now, this feeling lasts only for one day.... the beast in me unleashes himself the next day...!!!!

I really donno what to do..!! please help..!!

A: Remember AIDS? Your one night stand may become a last night stand... And to take a drink in your hand to pretend you are cool is just being cowardly... If you have to goto a party, why not stand your ground and say you DONT drink! Anyone who doesn't find that cool, is not worth hanging out with in the first place...
Physical activity (gyming, jogging, swimming, etc), Creative work, dancing to satvic music and cold water baths will help you overcome your craving for sex...

Q: I have become a full time vegetarian about 2 weeks back after I came to know that I was causing to the rape of my earth.
but my problem is that after becoming veg I don't seem to even be able to eat outside food even though the food is usually a bit more spicy, I am facing this problem not only in small restaurants but also in the five star restaurants(where the food is mostly bland). Can you help me out? Why is this happening? I am a great foodie, I will always remain a veggie from now on but I somewhat can't stop eating out.
by the way where are the 101 reasons to go veg on your blog disappeared?!!

A: Most restaurants and good hotels have separate kitchens even for people who are veg... Where do you stay? :) And if you are really a foodie, why not start cooking? :) I have put so many recipes on the blog to get you started :) and the reasons to go veg are very much there on the blog in the archives... Use the search or simply click here

Q: I am in a dilemma...There are times when i want to instinctively do things but my analytical mind jumps in and starts analyzing. So, there is more thinking than actually implementing. Being more specific...like wanting to dance when u feel like and not doing it because of what people may think...being even more specfic :- I have been placed in a firm and have a months time after exams before I start work, I want to ask for an extension because I want to go on a Himalayan trek for 15 days and want to do seva in the ashram for 15 days and spend time with my grandparents....but my analytical mind is holding me back!!!! can I trust my instincts ?If I could I would have sent this mail two days early!!!

A: Yup trust your instincts... And please dance and sing and laugh and cry... when you want to... Life is too short to bother about what other people may think...

Q:Why it is that almost all the Gods in the Hindu Religion have two or more wives and the goddesses have been given less importance. Sita was abandoned just because a dhobi had an objection, why was the same question not raised to check Ram's purity.

Women are not allowed into some temples just because they are considered impure for a period of 4 days every month when they get there periods (E.g Sabrimala temple restricts entry to women within the age group of 10 to 60.)

Other practices like the Sati (though reduced), women wearing white saree after the husband's death and women not allowed to sit cross legged in front of men are some of the things which disturb me.

All these things sometimes makes me feel that the scriptures where written with bias or are wrongly interpreted.

Bau how am I supposed to take these things, Ignoring does not work for me in these cases.

A: There are many reasons why some things are the way they are... For example, during periods a woman’s energy is very low... And in a place of worship, the energy is (supposed to be) extremely high... So when someone with very low energy goes there, it can be quite upsetting... So as a precaution, women are advised not to goto temples,etc when they have their periods...

I personally have always felt that in the entire Ramayana, that dhobhi was the main villian and I really have absolutely no idea why Ram had to forsake Sita because of what that dhobhi said... “Don’t be a football of other’s opinions” should have crossed Ram’s mind then...

Sati was started during the time of the small Kings... They were forever fighting battles and women of the losing King (who was usually dead) were raped, mutilated and then killed. To save themselves this dreadful inevitable fate awaiting them, women chose to kill themselves when their husbands (Kings) have died... To continue such a practice today is a crime! And any one who actually does it or supports it has not understood history and spirituality!

I don’t know about the white saree... All I do know is Guruji always tells widows to wear colour...

Finally the sitting cross legged in front of men, everyone sits cross legged for meditation... So that should not be a problem :)

You are absolutely right when you say that a lot of times scriptures are wrongly interpreted by the so called religious leaders and many times by politicians too... that is why a Satguru is of such paramount importance... and we are all so blessed and lucky to have Guruji!

There are a lot of traditions that have firm scientific basis, and are really good to follow, and quite a few that are outdated and simply not applicable... Wisdom is to know which is which...

Q: Yesterday as I was reading the news paper i came across a article that had tears in my eyes. It was the devastating earth quake that hit china, what I saw was dead people being transported in scooters to the morgue? also the hooch which killed lots of people...
What I am not able to understand his why i had tears
I don't even know who the people were...or I do Know Him?
It always happens if certain events are portrayed that way in my life
Please Answer bawa

You are connected with everyone... And everyone is connected with you. Its natural to feel what you did. In fact I would say, its unnatural NOT to feel it.

Pray for them, do whatever you can to help and then move ahead...

Q: I am 26Yr old IT professional. I have never lived to myself so far in life. Through out my life I have always thought so much even on the useless tiniest things and haven't converted them to actions. So I have started living in my thoughts only.. good or bad. I have never felt comfortable in that situation and

I could feel some part of my mind working detached from myself which is painful every moment. I don't remember if I have lived my life freely even as a child anytime.

Due to this I have developed some incurable skin diseases(According to allopathic doctors) which causes problems public ally and ultimately putting more stress.

My mental state is very negative , doubt every thing in my life.

I luckily got to AOL basic course 9 months back and felt great. Following the kriya almost regularly. Recently done my YES+ course with Ramnik bhaya. It feels great some times but I reach back the same state. Still my self says to keep on doing kriya and be with GuruJi even I have lots of doubts in everything.

Not sure what I am expecting from you in this message but there is a hope that things would be fine. Hope I am on the right track?

I am coming to you for Yes++ advance starting Jun 18.

A: You are on the right track... Keep moving!
Remember the intellect always doubts the positive...

Sadhana, Seva and Satsang is the best formula to get out of sticky situations in life... and not get into them in the first place as well! :)

Jai Gurudeva!

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Mrigank said...

LOL!!! Went MAD with laughter when I read that comment of yours about that dhobi in The Ramayana..!!! Well Said! I feel that Ravana was not a "villain"... He was an Anti-Hero... "Opposite-values-are-complimentary".. If it hadn't been for him, we would have known The Ramayana as follows:
"Rama was the Son of King Dasharatha. He fell in love with Sita, the daughter of King Janaka. They both married.. Went for a Vanavaasa(Read "Jungle-Honeymoon";D), came back... And they lived-happily-ever-after..." :D
There would have been NO DRAMA in the story..!!!! All the Ramayana movies and soaps would been utter flop shows!! By providing this simple twist, Sri Rama has provided "indirect-employment" to his bhaktas thousands of years after the episode..!!! :D

Good to see you using HTML tags in your postings! Must be saving lazy donkeys like me a lot of copy-paste effort! Hehehehehe!!! ;-)

Hemant said...

The term described by you as Sati, is actually Jauhar.

Jauhar was originally the voluntary death on a funeral pyre of the queens and royal womenfolk of defeated Rajput castes. The term is extended to describe the occasional practice of mass suicide carried out in medieval times by Rajput women and men.

SatÄ« is a funeral practice among some Hindu communities in which a recently-widowed woman would immolate herself on her husband’s funeral pyre. The term is derived from the original name of the goddess Sati also known as Dakshayani, who immolated herself, unable to bear her father Daksha's humiliation of her (living) husband Shiva.

The soul: said...

bawa!! goes unsaid that the answers are brilliant!! :D

though i don't understand, why do some people just lose their self control that easily??

and also..how do both of you manage to look so cute?? :)


Bawa said...

Jauhar, sati... whatever, my comments still hold... and putting sati's story like that outof context doesnt make any sense at all... its a very beautiful story in the full context of the Shiva Purana

Suparna said...

Aw C'mon!! If women have low energy during periods, then shouldn't that be a reason to bring them to a temple during those times?? And who says, men who come to temples are feeling positive all the time??(most often its the opposite!)I somehow thought that the reason was that women felt (or were made to feel) "impure" during those days. But purity is as much in the mind, as it is in the body...And if we were to analyze the minds, I'm sure only a few people would be allowed to enter the temple door:))

Bawa said...

Suparna, this was the reason given by Guruji Himself during one of the Navaratri Poojas, and something a lot of women on the ashram experienced if they had their periods and even went near the Pooja Mandap...
When they kept a good distance they felt great... if they went nearer, they felt "upset"...
Unfortunately temples these days simply don't produce that kind of vibrations... For that you need to come to the Bangalore Ashram on Monday Mornings or during Navaratri...Do think about this one a bit more and you will see that what Guruji said about it
makes complete sense...

Anonymous said...

so the women during periods must go temples to get more energy.isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Again... Qs in my mind was just answered!!!

Like you said about sati. I am sure some rules that was applicable during those times dont actually appeal during this time. Its time people start taking the right thing outa scripture. I mean look- there are a lot of Qs in the mind against the practices etc. but the reality is far beyond it. Like you said in Utsav. Its spirituality has to be given priority over Religion(.

Now what?????????? said...


There is also another belief that women are given more time to meditate and so they are segregated from other people on these days.. Even in some houses in TN they are given a seperate room on these days..

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