Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


A Super tasty greek dip, i absolutely love... Its extremely simple to make, but needs advance preparation...

Spread a thin and big hankerchief over a medium sized vessel. Empty a full tub of Nestle yogurt (dahi) into it. You could of course use home made dahi or any other dahi really... We are putting about 400-500 ml of dahi on the hanky.

Gather up the corners of the hanky and tie a rubber band . Hang this. It will drip steadily for some time, and then peter off. Let it remain hanging for about a day (15-24 hours). When you open it up, it will have formed a nice soft ball and it will look very like very fresh cheese.

Now peel a medium sized cucumber and chop off the ends and rub the ends of the cucumber with the chopped off ends. This removes any bitterness in it. Then cut into long thin slices and scoop off the seeds with a spoon or a knife. The remaining cucumber, dice it into small cubes.

Add these cubes to the ball of dahi in a glass vessel and mix throughly. Optionally you can heat up a bit of olive oil, add a finely minced clove of garlic to it and brown it. Add the whole tadka to the cucumber-dahi mixture and mix throughly.

Put in the fridge for atleast 2 hours. Eat it as a dip... with sticks of carrots or toasted wheat or multigrain bread or krackjack (salty) biscuits or simply dip your finger and lick it :) remember not to bite (your finger) though :) :)

Will add photos once i am out of silence...  

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gauri said...

the most amazing home made cheese dip ever. would like to know about the fat content though.... ;) tried it on bread ad added some neem powder and splash of olive oil....was yummie...

Anonymous said...

Dear Bau,

nice & simple recipe.
had a recipe for a dip, thought id share it as this seems appropriate.
Put cottage chees,butter beans/chick peas,watercress,mayonnaise(eggless) & herbs (rosemary+thyme+basil) in a blender & blend until smooth.Season with salt & pepper.Serve with vegetable salad or breadsticks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bawa. Just curious...why do you use Olive oil and not any other while cooking ?


Anonymous said...


I make the same dip with finely chopped capsicum and freshly grounded pepper.. and served with Monoaco Jeera biscuit..
I made in your style too.. tastes great..

Anonymous said...

you disappeared yesterday ! :)
guess you really wanted to be in silence ??

Pratibha said...

Yummm.. amongst my fave dips.. tho mine goes with a bit of chopped Celery / Dill

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