Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Firefox Download Day

Firefox is the browser i use...

Today is the release of Firefox 3... go download it, if you have not done so already (it's free)... the good folks who made it are going for a world record for maximum downloads in a day!

You could be a small part of making History with Firefox!

Firefox is an open source project, means thousands of people work to make it happen, and they all do it for free... and they have managed to come up with a product which is absolutely stunning quality!

We should support them in their bid for the world record... and in the bargain get a fantastic browser too!

Download it from here

Jai Gurudeva!

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Priti said...

Thanks for the update Bau. Been waiting for version 3 to be released since long. I tried the beta version before but many of my add-ons crashed. 3 is looking good :)

Mrigank said...

Yo Mozilla!!!!

Long Live Open Source! Long Live Mozilla!!

Got it yesterday... (Am accessing this page on Mozilla itself..) Almost everything is the same as its beta version... Great Looks, Fantabulous Features(such as it shows which company has issued a security certificate for the website..), enormous amount of functionality - suggests if a particular page is a scam-artist's brainchild.., you can RSS feed, search from either of a host of available search engines from right within the browser.....

I simply loved Firefox 3!!!

aditya n vinesh said...

[b]hello bawa n dinesh dada...this is aditya-vinesh here..!!can we get attach to ur link..!!
our link-http://aditya-vinesh.blogspot.com

gavin_singer said...

Humm....been using firefox since beta..when it was known as firebird...and before that (if i remember correctly) as phoenix...and it is a great browser...i'm glad i downloaded it the same day as the release...adding my bit to a world record !!! Great going mozillians !!!

Ankush said...

Bau.. your updates are really helping me everyday....
Its very Adventurous in Bihar working with Unicef Project, bit challenging to teach these Remand Home Kids, But Learning a lot in Life....Thanks for everything you have given me in the Life.....
With tons of LOVE...

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