Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Monday, June 16, 2008

... and then...

...We railwayed back to the ashram and what an eventful last few days we had here!

The whole of India is talking about the agitation of the Gujjar community against the Rajasthan Government. Since being proactive happens to be Guruji’s mantra, he visited Bayana where the first round of talks were going to happen between the two parties and mediated between them.

When he reached the place, there were the top brass of BJP and the Rajasthan Government welcoming him and about 50,000 Gujjars on the railway tracks. His presence itself diffused the tension so palpably. This was commented by one of the reporters, not by a devotee. His talk alleviated the animosity and brought much needed solace. Also, they have been protesting from quite a few days and that place was pretty dirty with food in leaves strewn around along with a stink. I was told that as Guruji walked in, there was a strong gush of wind and all the leaves were blown away along with the stench where Guruji was supposed to stand and talk. It’s amazing how nature also loves and supports someone who walks in love and talks in love. The mediation was pretty successful and the talks moved on to the next level on a very positive note.

Then the newspaper headlines in Karnataka state were kidnapped by the farmers agitation- farmers fighting for fertilizers. Guruji held a press conference and called various experts from around India, many working through our Sri Sri Institute of Agriculture and inspired farmers to adopt non-chemical methods of farming. Guruji said how it was so ironical that farmers are fighting for fertilizers... this was like fighting for poison!!

Using natural methods will give much more yield within a years time onwards as was amply demonstrated by the experts country-wide. Guruji then send a agriculturists team to North Karnataka which was the epicenter of the agitation to continue the transformation happening elsewhere through our youth leaders.

Then the Chattisgarh Chief Minister came to ashram especially to meet Guruji and was thoroughly impressed by the work of our volunteers in his state which is infested with Naxalite violence (sponsored by Communists).

Time and again we have seen that, peace and a deep experience of love seems to take hold over whoever follows him in thoughts, words or action.

Satsangs were packed with sparkling knowledge and the amphitheatre filled with rainy wafted scents and cool caressing breeze. More than 2000 people floating in the bliss of the advance course.

For snippets of Knowledge from the Satsangs, come back here tomorrow!! :)

PS: This post is by Dinesh, i just edited it, so it says i wrote it :)  

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Anonymous said...

The description is just cool(esp the part whre the wind blows when guruji walks.. was just amazing !!)

Guruji has his own ways to settle things out!!

Jai Gurudev!

uday said...

I think its high time people start writing more about Guruji. Events such as the Gujjar mediation deserve a lot more media attention that it got. We need more and more visibility that will ultimately help us spread this movement faster and make many more people realise that life is much more than growing up, studying, working, earning money, having kids and then dying. From my side, all the people I met in the last few days, I made them aware that Guruji mediated in the Gujjar issue and got them to the negotiating table.

We talk about Buddha, Krishna, Jesus..but here when we have such a great being walking on earth we dont recognise him! I pity my fellow humans who are totally unaware of who this man is. Even if a person is finding it difficult to acknowledge HIS greatness, no one can deny the good work that has physically been done by HIM and his organisation. A more agressive media policy will create awareness of all the seva activities. Ofcourse, I am no PR expert and am not aware of the pitfalls of media attention, but considering we are not a normal organisation, the cons of media glare will not even come near us :)

I am soo lucky that he picked me up from where i was...i really want every being on earth to be as lucky :)

jgd :)

StellaF said...

you're so Chennai, yourself! :)
very warm greetings from Estonia, country of Thunder and Sun. And Art of Leaving. But that's a longer story. Too bad I don't keep my blogger in english.. or maybe too good..


Anonymous said...

Very nice to hear from Dinesh ...

Abhishek Ratna said...

This is such a moving experience. Guruji mentioned that we should be like a lotus - "spreading fragrance even in mud and waste". It is a wonder to see HIM breathe every word he speaks...What a role model He is, and we are so so lucky that he is empowering us with full sincerity and purpose and with complete tenderness towards self-actualization

Anonymous said...

Beautiful.... finally got to read it in full!!! Like Uday, I too feel that for the amount of peace Guruji is spreading, he isn't being recognized as much..... as usual our pseudo secular media cannot acknowledge a guru. Though I must say that for the Gujjar issue I saw Guruji's name and photo in almost all the leading newspapers.

Thanks Dinesh and yes, you and Bawa are super Chennai too ;-))

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