Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Satsangs in June

Satsangs have been out in the open, in the Amphitheatre with the glorious backdrop of the Vishalaskhi Mantap, and that too in the month of June, while the monsoon is just starting to set in!

Amazingly and so very coincidentally(?!), it some how never rains between 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm :)

One of the students complained that his mind runs when he sits for studies. Guruji said that as long as the mind runs in any one subject, its ok. But if it runs in all the subjects then you need to do something very quickly.

Make your studies interesting. He also gave some cute tips on how to make stories to remember various things and have fun doing it.

(edit: I remember in 10th Std, we had to remember the various compositions of metals, the one that sticks still is: Cozy Bra meaning Brass is a combination of Copper and Zinc :))

Another one hated his teachers… so Guruji said thats very good, quickly pass and go to the next class:), if you like your teachers, then you will want to keep staying in the same class :) :)

To the question on many thoughts in the mind. He said that when someone's mind is preoccupied with lot many things, there is no life in the eyes and we miss out on what the divine is bestowing on us. Have you seen the eyes of small children or pets?! They are so full of life.

Thak gaya hai dimag soch soch ke (thinking and thinking all the time, our mind is drained out and fatigued). When thoughts take over us, then feelings go to the background. But when we come more and more into feeling, then the thoughts minimize.

He also talked about the laws of body and mind. Body requires effort and mind is effortlessness. 3 things to live life by. Akinchan – I am nothing. Achah – without desire. Apraytna – without effort.

Feeling that I am nothing, nobody. But Guruji smiled and added a timely caution not to say the same in an interview or when a ticket checker in a train asks you for a ticket, "I am nobody, I am nothing, why do I need to buy a ticket!".

He said 'Vyavahar me vedant nahi hona chahiye' (in societal interactions or worldly matter, you should not wrongly use philosophy of oneness). He gave another example of 2 people were traveling in a bus after a Vedanta discourse. One of them felt someone's hand going into his trouser pocket. It turned out to be the other person's hand and when caught he said, "all along you have heard knowledge talks, 'we are all one', what's the big deal, your pocket, my pocket, your money, my money". His wise friend replied, "In that case, I think I need to turn myself over to the police:)!

What if someone responds to your love with deceit ('chall')? 'Lat ke liye lat, phat ke liye phat'. Guruji said that you need to respond with yukti (skill) in love. But if you continue to love unconditionally, in course of time that person will also start feeling the pinch …

There were about 40 top researchers from the country who have been studying the great knowledge base of this land and how advanced in various fields India was in ancient times. Guruji talked at length about how this whole wealth of wisdom was systematically destroyed under the British rule by Macaulay. The researchers, each a academic giant in his/her own field, were here under Guruji's guidance to do a combined effort together so that they can leverage each other's work and get this knowledge across to India and the rest of the world.

Guruji is nowadays continuing further to what he has already commented on the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. I won't write anything from that here, wait for the tapes to come out and listen to them yourselves!!

The knowledge is flowing deep and delicious ('rasmaya')!

PS: as usual since i have edited this post, it says its from me, actually dinesh wrote it...


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uday said...

i really like this pic of guruji..he is looking so sweet..just made it my wallpaper :)

So many times we make this mistake to being too nice to people (even when not required), atleast I do or used to do, slowly I realised that i am just being foolish :)

He says it so nicely, we have to know how to behave where,

wow! he is just too good..and the way he looks up in the sky to instruct the clouds not to burst..lolz and after satsang is over he will ask everyone to run for shelter before it starts pouring..ofcourse no one manages to do that coz the moment he leaves, it starts pouring cats and dogs :) I think these things are taken for granted now :)its a treat to witness all the miracles :):)

jgd :)

Raghavan said...

wow wish i could be in the Ashram NOW !

Jai Guru Dev,
p.s. Bawa : your posts are getting a tad naughtier these days ;). How does Guruji let you get away with it ? :)

Sandhiya said...

luvv your blog....i visit it everyday :)...wish i was coming for the Yes+ adv starting tomorrow...please keep posting snippets of knowledge frm satsangs during the course..:)
P.S:bau, what is guruji's e-mail id?? does he read every mail that he gets????

Vinod Patil said...

Th way Guruji explains/answers to each and every question is just superb. I am waiting for the opportunity to come to Ashram now.

shailendra said...

Thanks BAWA/Dinesh as u both spends ur precious time to wrote such eye opening wisdom directly comoing from Guruji.

lat ke liye lat........ so practical.

Just few dayes before Bhaskar kaka had told us ,one message from Guruji

" Follow Krishanawad" Be Full of POWER , WISDOM , SKILL.

REGARDS shailendra

Anonymous said...

Jai Gurudev!

Great just great to see Dhinesh and bawa both bloggin! :)

Er.. when read thru the post i had a doubt... at one point Guruji says thoughts(that come from mind) drain us out... and in the next He said that Mind is effortless... well arent they totally opposite? Which is rite (i mean in which context)

BTW the pics are taking us to ashram and to Guruji(just cuteeeeeeee!! )Is this bawa's work?

Anonymous said...

Guruji revisiting Patanjali Yoga Sutras? What a coincidence!!! A bunch of us have started watching the PYS videos for the last few days.

Vinay B said...

Bau, I have just started blogging. I have a blog on macaulay. I would be honoured if you read it bau. This is the site:

Bhawna said...

2 years back I was in the Ashram during these days, to attend educational conference and also celebrated my b'day on 27th june there. That was the most amazing Bday celebration. The rains, the fragrance, evening satsangs, beautiful vishalakshi mantap and the most beautiful of all sitting close to GURUJI on stage. I was the Princess of my GuruJi that day.
It was like magic... That is the most beautiful thing that happened to me in my whole life.


Monica said...

very nice post, lots of answers :)
And Guruji's pic is sooo very Cute!!
jus' soo cute.
funny post too :)
Bawa n Dinesh always keep in touch with us like you do :)
{so what if Dinesh sir hasn't a single post to his credit; courtesy Bawa)
loads and loadsa love :)
Jai Gurudeva.

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