Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Help and an Announcement

Ok people... the time has come :)

This blog will be undergoing some MAJOR cosmetic changes and is going to look pretty awful for some time, coz its me who is doing the changes and i am learning HTML as i make them :)

if any of you want to volunteer and help out, it will be much appreciated... the others, once i have finished making the changes, will heartily congratulate me for them ok?! :)

After this much needed upgrade to how it looks, i promise i wont tinker with the look and feel for an appreciable length of time! :)

If anyone knows HTML(which like i said before i am learning), flash or java (which i am NOT going to learn) and want to help me PLEASE contact at khurshed@gmail.com  

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Anonymous said...

And just when I was thinking ... tinkering and upgrading and constantly constantly trying out new things was what Bawa was all about, he promises not to do it any more (thankfully, after this one last time, that is !!) :)
Sorry I know less than you about all this stuff but I'm sure you'll get hordes of help-mates ... do tell us about all the fun you have learning .. maybe even educate us like you always do who knows many of us may actually learn it too ..

Anonymous said...

Ah.. wow.. waiting for it!

KOLA said...

I don't know the coding, but I can help with some creative work.

Baljinder said...

Bawu, I got the link to this blog from Sarang and it looks awesome already!!
Keep it up and I'm loving the stories about AOL and Guruji :-)

shruti said...

i will help you..
i know the language to a certain extent.. :-)


gt said...

hi bawa... jai gurudev... i know html to some extent... lets get started... :-)

yahoo id : merawalagaurav[at]yahoo[dot]com
gmail : thukralgaurav


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