Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Friday, June 27, 2008


Usually there are about 8-10 comments waiting for us every morning...
If dinesh has written then about 20 :)

today there were 59!!!

Thanks for writing in... we loved all of them!!!

Next post here on Monday morning... Only thing to tell all of you today is that the first time ever, Guruji did the Friday Morning Pooja in public in the Yagyashala, with over 3000 people attending it...

Of course it was fantastic!!

Jai Gurudeva!

PS Adv course on July 16th... reporting 15th... do come :)
PPS Dinesh is writing something and even i am not allowed to read it yet :) i think its about the Adv course...  

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Now what?????????? said...

I am coming for the adv course :):)

sneha mudumba said...

Hi bawa,

Pooja in yagnashala with 3000 people..wow! it sounds so good..that's fantastic...
jai gurudev!
sneha mudumba.

Anonymous said...

3000+ people ha...wonder what scene it must have been..

u know i was waiting for ur post today,checkin out wts comin next again n again...n all i get is a thank you...
i mean,cmon u dont have to thank n all dat...
and are u saying i have to wait for next one till monday :( :( :( :( coz i love reading out things u post..de make us laugh,de amaze us,make us think n make us feel dat we r der wid u..
MONDAY.. dats too long...dinesh bhaiyya loves us waiting na...

now i dunno weather im commenting or complaining..but..
anywayz ..

ps: i wudnt have written all this here,but i dunno where else so...

pps: all this is for u, dont think its a good idea to publish this ;);)

Jai Gurudev

Monica said...

we love the posts bawa :)
thanks for keepin' in touch!!
Jai Gurudeva.

Jyuthika said...

FAB!! :) 59!!

Anonymous said...

Dinesh ,

when will we be able to read what u have written?


jay said...

Always fun to read your posts. You can find humour and laughter as if you can smell it around you all the time. Waiting to read your next post.
PS: Can you cheat and find out what Dinesh da is writing??

Sorabh said...

Dear Bawa,

Regarding "Four sources of energy" mentioned in the Basic course:
How come Sleep & Meditative mind can be sourse of energy? Since we know from basic science that:

C + O2 -> CO2 + Enery, or,
(Food) + (Inhalation) -> (Exhalation) + Energy, or,

Food + Breathing -> Energy

So, Sleep & meditation can, at best, reduce the consumption of energy. And, Breathing process will also consume some of the energy!!



Anonymous said...

hey bau/dinesh da,
i m reading the blogs everyday.. (sometimes 3-4 times a day :)) .. Undoubdtedly.. they are fabulous.. was hesitating to write anything as to what can be commented on a masterpiece...just came to write a comment after i saw the 'Thanks'blog...(cunningly including myself in the thanks giving list.. ;))

Love you :)
Jai Gurudeva!

monika said...

Hi bawa,
At times it is difficult to write a comment. When you write you give us something. Sometimes your capacity to give love is so much that it overwhelms us. It becomes easier to look inside and clean some mess. And all that is left is awareness. The pain, hurt, sadness associated with it just dies out.
Jai Gurudev

udhay partap said...

thanks bau ur blog is the best. cheking u r blog makes me uproot from daily tingy vingy and nilly willy dirt of mind and instantaneosly re-transplates me in vivid memmories of ashram,and makes me more closer to gurudev :))
jai guru dev!

sangeeta said...

jai gurudev Bau,
I'm waiting for Dinesh bhaiya's post...
Could you please ask him to post reeeeaaaaaallllllyyyy soon!!!!!!!!!!

janki said...

wow puja in yagyashala wow it must be fantatic....n bawa i really wait eagerly for your and dada's post and when i get one I am full of joy thanks for making blogging such fun

Pankaj said...

Jai Gurudev! Bau,
When something overwhelms me,I am prompt at commenting on them . ;)
It's a pleasure to read your thoughts and even more of a plasure to know that you care to read what we have got to say about them. :)
I'm on for the 16th July course..
Waiting for the Adv. course!!

Anonymous said...

...after reading every post....i am just speechless!!.....so i find it very hard to comment!!!

komal said...

why do i have to wait until monday thats too far away.. the pooja mustve been amaaaziing i just wished i was there instead of at home... and i just love your recipes bau.. keep them coming theyre soo amazing and i just love reading dinesh bhaiyya's posts theyre too amazing.. i can read ech one over and over again and each time i read i get a deeper meaning...

anusha said...

bawaaaaa... cant wait till monday..... :(:(

Anil said...

hi bau/dinuda
been long since i met u (almost 11 days ...!!!)
well as usual you blog is a solace for ppl who work for 1822 hrs like me

well am gonna go for an interview trow, so just wanted your blessings. have guruji's blessings all along....:-)

So will mail ya trow night

Jai Gurudeva

Saraswati Chandra said...

thanx a lot sir
these posts are as good as a direct conversation with you ...

as for now its as good as being in the ashram...

i guess I should say thank you...

love you and dinesh guruji to the infinty much...:D

Shreyans Mehta said...

I agree with Monika... There have been times when I feel like writing a comment but fall short of words... It becomes too overwhelming for us to even comment... All you feel is the wetness in the body after a dip in the river of knowledge.

Love your blog.
Jai Gurudev :)

aditya n vinesh said...

your blog is simply amazing...!!we all love it..inspired by u both i hv started my blog wid my friend.
can we get linked up with each other...!

akshay said...

Hi bawa
my two weeks in ashram is over
:(... yaa laxmi puja on friday morning was superb, 3000+ ppl yet complete silence.... went into deep meditative state.... n yaa yes++ was rocking, wil cum back again in july(i hope ths time its in VM)... hehe... keep posting... JGD...

Anupam Gupta said...


i mean i remember the early days of the blog when there used to be 4-5 of us who commented on EVERY SINGLE POST...now its amazing how this site has grown....and unsurprisingly...coz its YOUR blog...it HAS to grow..hehe..

really rocking....amazing to see SOOOO much activity here...WOW!!!

Monica said...

hahaha. I'm very happy Dinesh sir is writing something :) ...but now I seriously think that he won't show it to anybody, because...ahem...he's forgotten all about it. please Bawa check if he's actually writing. It is 10th of July now !!
:D and it makes your blogs all the more special Bawa :D
Jai Gurudev.

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