Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Satsang on April 1st 2008

Yesterday night's Satsang was short and sweet...
Guruji has started a "new" way to meditate... NO i am not going to give it away here... you will just have to wait... and learn it when someone who knows how to teach it is where you are, or you are where they are :)
Ofcourse it was awesome :)
Knowledge was about Satsang:
Satsang is not just sitting and singing, it has four flavours:
1. Karma Satsang, when people get together and do Seva
2. Gaan Satsang, when people sing together
3. Gyan Satsang is when Knowledge is discussed in a group and
4. Moun Satsang is when many people meditate together

He also added that the fourth is perhaps the most important of all, but that all others also need to be done!

I am very proud of the YES!+ team in Mumbai in particular who are really doing all four, they participate in the Clean Up! Mumbai project and do hard work on the streets making them clean... after 4 weeks of it, now people have started to notice them and appreciate them... They are daring to dream of a clean Mumbai city, and i am sure with their dedication it will happen much sooner than most of them think :)
They then sing together, watch some Knowledge of Guruji and then do their Sadhana together... They are really rocking and totally enjoying themselves! many other cities in the world could learn from their example :)

Jai Gurudeva!

PS Chennai has organised a YES!+ DSN in just a few hours!! Kavi called me yesterday afternoon and said she wanted a DSN to happen in Chennai... i told her that the only free dates i had were from this thursday... she jumped at the challenge and by evening had 41 fully paid up confirmed registrations! She was in Bangalore while all this happened :) They are gunning for 100+... anyone wants to do a YES!+ DSN should land up in Chennai tomorrow evening before 4:00 pm... we may even start the course on friday evening... for more details call up +91-9884473469

Bonus Knowledge:

Question: Guruji what is Shanti(peace)?
Guruji: We must make you sit in a closed small room and play loudspeaker 24 hrs. And not some good music, some heavy loud music you dont like. Then after 24 hrs, when we switch it off, for sure you will come to know what is Shanti!!


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Anupam Gupta said...

jai gurudev bau...as usual the little knowledge at the end was the wittiest...as always...

oh and THANX...being part of the Mumbai YES!+ team really makes me proud...and obviosuly we have U to look up to...

and yes...the NEW meditation IS AWESOME...needless to say was blown over by it in mumbai wen u took it...wont give away the mystery though...**winks and smiles**

love bau...happy posting...

Siddharth :) said...

wat yaaa..not fair! what's the new meditation !?!even i want to know it :(

Now what?????????? said...

Pls teach us the new meditation in the upcoming adv course :)

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