Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Sunday, April 13, 2008

TV Schedule

Some time ago, during the YES!+ Winter break last year, dinesh and i recorded some talks (episodes) for ETV... They are going to be aired... here is the schedule:

The Art of Living Special episodes in Yuva Bharat

12- April Study for knowledge

19-April Social Responsibility

26-April Energy Management

03-May Youth & Spirituality

10-May Leadership & Team-building

17-May Self-management

24-May Stress management

31-May Communication & Creativity

07-june Q&A special

Channel Name Telecast Time
ETV- Bangla 9.30a.m
ETV-M.P. 9.30a.m
ETV-U.P. 9.30a.m
ETV-Bihar 9.30a.m
ETV-Rajasthan 9.30a.m
ETV-2 (Telugu) 10.30a.m
ETV-Oriya 10.30a.m
ETV-Gujarati 9.30a.m
ETV-Kannada 8.00a.m
ETV-Marathi 10.05a.m
ETV-Urdu 10.30a.m

Do watch and post here about how you liked them :)

Also wirte to ETV about the programs ...

Jai Gurudeva!

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sylvia said...

can people outside India can watch these programs? JGD!
PS I like your blog.

Vinnu said...

Bawa, I watched your last episode on 12th April on ETV Gujrati. I was pleasantly surptised when I saw you on TV. Thank you bau for everything

pratiksha said...

dear Bau,

saw Yuva Bharat today...it was gr8 watching U n Dinesh Da....gt few answers...as i was abt to post u question on Reservation n responsibility of the youth...

kip cuming more frequently on TV ;)

bau the inforation provided abt courses shud in HIndi or the reginal laguage too.

vini said...

bau jgd,
was speaking to my mom as to the time spent during holi with u all at ashram.. she did not c u ... was switching channels and conversing with her as to trying to describe u.. n I GOT TO SHOW U N DINESH BHAIYA>>>>>>> hi hi.....it was superb
jgd bau


MS said...

Dear Dineshji & Bawaji

I watched program on ETV Kannda. It is really Superb. I liked your talks very much. Small small examples which you are giving, is inspiring me too much. The same thing is told by me to my daughter and friends circle.


Anantha Lakshmi.

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