Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Monday, April 14, 2008

QnA - 6 (v short for a change)

Q. Gurudev's vision is one world family... but what to do when in your won family, there is a lot of strife, tension, jealousy, etc, and it seems as if things will never be alright... How do i handle this?

All families have some problem or the other, and typically while you are in the problem, its going to feel as if its been there forever... and will go on forever... but remember circumstances and people do change over time, and something that you thought was a big problem may be trivial over time... and may even teach you new skills, and bring out new talents in you...

Practicing Art of Living techniques and Knowledge doesnt eliminate problems from our lives, it simply gives us efficient ways to cope with them... We, through our actions (which are now much more dynamic and effective) manage to handle the problems in our lives... of course Guruji's Grace does bring us that unseen, unfelt good luck and great timing... but thats another story :)

So Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam or a One World Family is possible, and we can all make it happen, even if there are problems in our own family... we just need to expand the definition of family :)... and in my personal experience i have seen, when i take on bigger challenges, bigger problems, then the ones i have pale into insignificance and almost manage to solve themselves :)

There was another question about a person having trouble doing Kriya in a small room with lots of people... for that person, i would say dont worry, some people have very low tolerance for this type of physical conditions, and you leaving before the Kriya starts is absolutely fine... Do find a bigger hall, or a better ventilated place for all the people there, they will surely thank you for it :)

There was also a question about viewing the TV episodes if you are outside India... i really dont know if its possible, i think ETV is a subscription channel... but we do have people taping the programs and should soon have a DVD/VCD with all the episodes which you could get for yourself :)

Jai Gurudeva!

ps Sonia, you said there was a poem you sent about Curious Lives and i didnt publish it, and so you were scared to comment more... you could have thought about the possibility that i didnt recieve the poem :)... btw, if its bad, i wont publish it :) :) :)!!  

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Anupam Gupta said...

jgd bau...

i totally agree wid u there...have experienced the same thing in my life too actually...tht when i focus on seva..all d problems in my life get solved or atleast stop bothering me for a long time....


bhawana said...

bau your blog is my home page...And I want to read stuff by bhaiya as well...
Thanks for this beautiful gift.
Love and Gratitude
Jai gurudev

Milan said...

jai gurudev !!!

Bau ... really missing u .... have been checking my google reader even before i open mail , and u have been blogging like 4 blogs a day ... its soo much fun reading your blogs .

am wondering how u find soo much time .

that thing u said abt ppl going blank ... super true ... i feel it all the time .

thank you soo much for soo many things , sometimes i feel i exploit u guys


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