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Dinesh and Bawa


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Andrew LLoyd Webber

His music is almost uniformly fantastic!
One of the only composers of our times who effortlessly manages to combine various music types in one single play with gusto and elan... He has managed to come up with some of the most endearing music i have ever listened to and would sincerely recomend everyone to hear it and fall in love with it like i have :)

Here is a list of his musicals which have done brilliantly on broadway (in New York) and westend (London)

1. Joesph and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat (very old one, is now on a revival and playing right now in London... one of the best reasons to go there!)
2. Starlight Express (i have seen this one live atleast 4 times :), its about a train that gets enlightened :)!! )
3. Evita (yup, scored by ALW, the very famous Dont cry for me Argentina is from this musical)
4. The Phantom of the Opera (still running in London, perhaps the longest running musical in know of, running since 1986!!)
5. Sunset Boulevard (very depressing with some really brilliant music)
6. Jesus Christ Superstar (a rock opera, depicting the last few days of Jesus's life as seen thru the eyes of Judas... fantastic, but can leave you quite shaken)
7. Cats (Terrific show, classy music Super hit song Memory is from this one)

8. By Jeeves ( A musical based on the characters of P.G. Wodehouse... i couldnt stop laughing... top notch music, somehow didnt do too well on the box office to my eternal wonder... if it ever comes on DVD grab it!)

Love changes everything is a beautiful song from Aspects of Love (didnt quite like any of the other music in that one)

He has written a few more, some of which i personally didnt like too much... There are some great DVDs and CDs which are available of his shows and music and make really great entertainment value...

Michael Crawford, Joesph Donovan and Sarah Brightman do super justice to ALW's music... though i have even heard Antonio Banderas sing ALW's music brilliantly! :)

The other musicals i have throughly enjoyed... i will leave that for another post... another day! :)


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bhawana said...

ThankYou very much for the blog Bawa. I wait for it everyday and feel in touch with you.
Very interesting and knowlegdable.
Jai Gurudev

Anupam Gupta said...

jai gurudev bau..long time no post???

i downloaded a few of the ALW songs...especially loved starlight express, jesus superstar, dont cry for me argentina and memory..liked no matter what also....thanx for the reco bau...will see if i can get some cd of his...

plz keep posting....lots and lots of love bau...jai gurudev

Devashree said...

haa..it wouldn't be over the top to mention our own Mr. AR Rehman in this list for composing brilliant music for the Broadway version of Lord of the Rings!!..classic..!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bawa n Dinesh

I am currently in New Jersey USA.I wanted to do a course in Art of Living.Is there a possibility that I can do it here in New Jersey?

Monika said...

Listened to the song “Love Changes Everything”. It’s a great song. There is an equally great video of it on Youtube. Don’t know who has performed it though it says its performed by Sarah Brightman but its not. I heard ALW when Star World showed ALW’s 50 birthday celebration back in 1999. I was in my 6th Semester then. I had recorded the whole show and listened to it for 3-4 months. Had forgotten about it completely. It was amazing to go through it again. I was so fascinated by it back then. It took me into a different world all together. I was so thrilled I couldn’t stop sharing it with my friends. I still remember the lyrics of my favourite songs “The Heart Is Slow To Learn” performed by Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and “Whistle Down The Wind” performed by Lottie Mayer with ALW in this show. And they still remain my favourites. I also like “As If We Never Said Goodbye.”
Thankyou for sharing

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