Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Saturday, April 19, 2008

MTNL Nightmare

Am in Mumbai right now... and can you imagine?!! There is no working internet connection!! I cannot believe this would happen!
Our Dadar House has been disconnected coz of some network failure, and where i am staying at Vishwas's house MTNL refuses to even accept an application form! They have a 4 month back log... and today we found out when we went to MTNL to get reconnected in Dadar, that they dont have any unlimited download plans at all!! Welll... they do, they charge Rs 20,000 per month for it... What a rip off!!
I think more of us should be writing to MTNL and whoever the concerned ministers etc are against this utterly preposterous pricings!! Add to that, their utter incompetence when it comes to fixing problems (their technical people have not even heard about a mac!), their people wanting a bribe almost every step of the way (I refuse to pay ofcourse), the interminable waits on their so called helpline... i dont think its worth it... Oh yes! and when they say unlimited, they mean unlimited hours!!! How utterly archaic!

After repeated experiences with MTNL internet services, on a scale of 0 to 10 i would rate them -6!!

Grow up MTNL!

End of Rant  

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Mrigank said...


Bau I can't stop laughing when I imagine those rare bouts of tantrums that you throw when you don't have the internet working..(happened to see one of those some years back in Delhi :D)

Anyways, your blog(coupled with some anti-India crap uttered by Lord MACaulay some 170 years back) inspired me to create my own...

I seriously got furious by whatever I saw about the Indian Education System... Have put it up on my blog(link is given below).
I'm researching into more anti-Indian stuff..actually a Historical Blasphemy that students are reading all over the world... Cooked up simply because Mr. Max Muller was an obsessed idiot who couldn't see any other civilization above his own... Will publish once I have some thorough information.

Mrigank :)

Anupam Gupta said...

oh my...i have NEVER heard u rant like that before...was interesting i must say...hehe

ok dnt hate me for enjoying ur misery...

u knw i gave up on MTNL smetime ago...wen they told me there was a 6 mnth waiting list...i called up their head office...had a friend's mom(who works IN the HO) call up my regional office...went through a politician even...to no avail...so just gave up and took up tata indicom instead...u shud give it a shot...the speeds are gud...they are not expensive...connectivity is decent...and unlimited(downlaod) IS available...


hope dis will b useful...

jai gurudev

Rajesh said...

One of my friends called MTNL and said
"I need a broadband connection".
Their extremely customer friendly response
"Haan, tho leejiye na!"
= End of conversation =
It reminds me of a Jaspal Bhatti beauty
"Hello, is it 23004490"
"Sorry, wrong number"
"Kya, wrong number? chaliye, main aap hi se baat kar leta hoon" :-)

Jai Gurudev

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