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Dinesh and Bawa


Saturday, April 26, 2008

QnA - 8

Is it really possible that one can perform exceedingly well in his work which he has been doing for most part of his life but has been only a mediocre. I know some people do miraculous after a realization. But I don't know of any example where an average guy does something extraordinary in his field of work. Is their a limit for these things. How do I know if its my limit. How to transcend a limit.

Yes, its very possible, and like you mentioned it happens pretty frequently. A limit is something you have decided. If you want to transcend a limit all you have to do is decide a new one ☺. Its completely in your hands. The guiding principle here is that ignorance of your capability will expand you. The only thing you need to know is that you don’t know what you are capable of doing! And that’s it!

It's difficult to face death.
Because then we lose everything we earned during our lifetime.
Why then we spend our lives in pursuing great career and earning the maximum wealth and all??
Why we suffer a lot during the life in the struggle if we ultimately die?
(?) am confused.

Deep questions! You are right, struggling to get stuff which will hardly be with you seems quite silly doesn’t it? That’s why Guruji says that we are on this planet to give… not take!
Makes sense now?
Suffering happens mainly because you focus so much on taking not on giving… Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!
BTW, not doing anything is also doing, coz you are not DOING anything… so action must happen. Let the action be such that it is beneficial to maximum number of people. Learn to start taking care of your corner of the planet. If everyone doest that, soon our planet will be taken care of!
Hopelessly optimistic? Maybe, but do you see that it can happen?! You start, I have already started…

HI Bawa,
I used to masturbate before joining yes+ , then I understood my stupidity in being involved in masturbate , then I never again voluntarily involved in masturbation again , but in my dreams I get to see images of sex and my sperms get poured out (night fall), I feel extremely depressed after that and feel that instead of my firm cousiousness telling me that " I should not involve in masturbate" and of opinion that "I should not be disturbed with thoughts of sex" night fall happens at regular frequency , I left non-veg completely, started drinking more water, doing kriya regularly, but something is missing in my honest attempts to avoid night fall, I wanted to share this with you... and lessen my burden , and bawa please suggest what I need to do so that the night fall won't happen again...

Night fall is a normal thing and nothing to bother about and make a big deal of. Do some creative stuff, take up a hobby. Go exercise. Do lots of physical activity. Take cold water baths. And you will see that this reduces, and if it doesn’t… don’t bother. All in good time.
Here is a lil joke:
Doctor: Do you suffer from wet dreams?
Patient: No doctor, I quite enjoy them!!

bawa please give me your number , I want to talk to you...

its easiest to write mail to me… Khurshed@gmail.com
I have the habit of leaving my phone all over the place, you want to talk to me, write email. Please no forwards and stuff… if you don’t have the time to type it out, I don’t have the time to read it, and if I consistently get forwards from people, they end up on my ignore list… all their mail goes into junk mail…
Any questions you may have, please post on the www.yesplus.org website. I answer almost all of them. And before posting, it would be a great idea to see if I have already answered ☺…
And then, PLEASE implement into your life…

My name is divya shree(24), I am from lucknow,i am pursuing MSc biotechnology from Ghaziabad{(i am living in a hostel here)i am a first year student}. I used to go in satsang here at Seema Rajvanshi ma'am she guides me. I want to connect in yes+ people. that will be my age group. please help me. I want to do seva in art of living, and make you empowered as much as possible.
Your's sincerely

Talk to Shavina in Delhi. I am sure she will help you find your place. Her email is shavinaprakash@gmail.com

Bhaiya I love animals a lot and a pure vegetarian.But I feel sad when I see people eating nonveg or something like that.I want to ask you there are pooja-prarthana and festivals in Muslims and Hindus,in those people kill animals and they call it "bali".So what can we do for these animals.

Yes… its an utterly misguided and disgusting thing that these people do. It’s a misinterpretation of the scriptures. By animal sacrifice, the scriptures mean, giving up your own animalistic tendencies and becoming pure. Not killing some poor animal. What God would be happy seeing His own creation being mercilessly butchered in His name?!
Its again lack of proper education and unwillingness to embrace true spirituality. We all have quite a bit of work ahead of us…

bawa I done the YES!+ course in LPU jallandhar, I'm regularly completing my homework given by u & Dinesh sir, in starting I feel some tiredness but now I m feeling very fine and very energetic after doing the Sudarshan Kriya.
bawa I want to know some yoga and food to increase my memory and concentration,to excel in every field of life and 4 success.
pls. reply!!!!!!!!!!!!
one more thing ,your formula to gain confidence is very useful and I am now using it in class during presentations!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we all luv u & dinesh sir.
jai gurudev.

Just do all that you have been taught. Eat good vegetarian food and exercise… some physical activity: jogging, swimming, gyming, whatever… Go on the Utsav II course, we deal with focus and concentration in more detail on that course…

BAWA my brother says I have ego problem because I don't accept my mistakes. In my heart I know I have ego and I have surrendered it to GURUJI many times and prayed him to take it away but still it doesn't go. Also many people have told me that the first impression they get for me is that I have got much attitude but after they meet me and come to know me they find that I was not like this. How to get rid of this ego problem and first impression problem. I am doing my sadhana and seva daily.

Being more in Knowledge will help. Read and Listen to Guruji.

Attitude is fine. But your attitude should be an inclusive one instead of an exclusive one.

jaigurudev bau....
this is anshuman from YES!+ Ludhiana,punjab....i have heard a lot about u from Paulomi didi, Rishi bhaiya and all but never got a chance to meet u....this time during utsav at Jalandhar I planned to have a session with u but unfortunately I had an exam on the 2nd day of utsav so was unable to attend the 1st day and then after that I was nt allowed to join it as I missed out my 1st day but will meet u very soon as we all r coming fr yes++ in june to banglore ashram…...I have also sent u friend request at orkut but it is pending since last 2 months and I m hoping that one day u will accept me in ur friend list…hope the day will arrive soon…
bhaiya I have a question in my mind of which I m not getting an answer so I decided 2 write it to u…I don't understand that when a boy/girl falls in relationship with girl/boy respectively and just after 3-4 months of relation they have such a strong attraction or u can say strong relation that they value their companion even more than that of their parents with whom the r in relation since birth..how such a strong feeling is developed between them in such a short period that the parents fail to develop in so many years ?? secondly I want to ask u that how we can develop such a relationship with guru whose love us beyond everything on this planet?? thirdly I want 2 ask that how we can help others to develop such a relationship with guru??

hope u will reply soon....

Strong feelings can be developed instantly. This is not the forst time you are on this planet. Neither is it the first time you are meeting someone… maybe its all happened before in another body, and you are just continuing the story…
Relationship with Guru, is doing Sadhana, Seva and Satsang. And remembering that Guru doesn’t want anything from you. If He did, He wouldn’t be Guru ☺!
As for others, you don’t bother, Guruji is there to take care of them, like He takes care of you!

Is art of living doing anything for trans genders?

Yes, we have been doing regular courses for them in the metros of India.

Jai Guru Dev, I'm Veena, I have done YES!+ course. I want to know why people say that YES!+ is a total money waste and some people say that is business.

People are entitled to their opinion. India being a democracy, everyone is entitled to their right to ignorance. When they want to get out of it, they can come to Art of Living!
And as far as Art of Living being a business is concerned, its true! Art of Living is in the business of doing Seva!  

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Anonymous said...

Joyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Gurudevv!!!!

Wonderful answers... as always!!!!!!!!!

I specially loved the limitation thing!! today i attended a intro talk kinda. And i was wondering when i will give such a thing! May be i was limiting myself.. to not giving intros... so stupid!!! an i AM going to implement it..:) no boundaries.. ha.. it feels great to think about it!!! :)

YA and the business thingy.. wow.. yes.. NOBODY but AOLites can do such a great business of seva. :)

Anshuman said...

thanks fr replying......luv u bhaiya....

Maverick said...


I am currently in New Jersey USA. I would like to do a course in Art of Living. Can you please let me know if is possible for me to do a course here in the US or will I have to wait till I come back to India?

Monica said...

have read almost all the question- answers now. waah Bawu :D amazing answers :) thanks for all your efforts.
{and please DO come on orkut once and accept the pending friend requests!!)
:D Jai Gurudev :D

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