Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Thursday, April 3, 2008

April 2nd

Guruji came just for a few minutes to Satsang yesterday night... and He didnt say anything... watched a short little dance by some girls, and waved to everyone and glided out...
However, His silence and His love was profound and is still with me... i always wonder how He does it... even when He does nothing, He does everything :)
He left for Germany and met all of us who were there, and we were all feeling so blessed and loved and tender and warm as His car almost seemed to float out from the drive way and disappear into the night...

Chennai is at 65+ registrations!! Congratulations to all of you working out there :)  

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Bhaskar Jha said...

Wow! Bau U write so well.. I can feel the Warmth and Love just by reading the post.. Its so BEAutiful.. :) I want to be there as soon as possible..
Feeling so Blessed to have U & Dinesh Dada in my Life..
Jai Gurudeva!

Anupam Gupta said...

Seriously no bau...its so strange...Guruji can jus stand and wave and people go crazy as if wat happened...HOW does he do it Bau???

feeling so blessed today to have Him in my life...and thanx so much for helping me recognise the place where he resides permanently...

love u too much bau...
jai gurudev

PS..we did gud in the airoli YES!+...atleast i think so...thanx for all ur blessings...cya

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Chennai Dear Bawa!

Jai Gurudev!

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