Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I have developed a new workshop called “Financial Literacy”. We had a 2 hour stint yesterday night in Delhi for about 50 people, the second time i ran this workshop, the first was in Mumbai. Everyone loved it!

So that’s the third one that i now teach which is a non Art of Living Workshop. The first two are Mathemagic (2 hours of hard core maths made fun) and Understanding the Classics (4 hours of really beautiful music from the great masters of music from the west)...  

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JM said...

Bawa, when are you gona teach something in Nagpur? We missed you so much in YES+ act 2 here.. although Nanda di was there and it was fun n fun n fun.:)
It will be fun again In UTSAV YES+ ACT1. yuhuuuuuuu!! That time please do give us some lessons on MATHS[although i dont like maths, but it'll be fun to embrace something that i dont like, may be my perceptions will change]!!! n MUSIC too. :)


sanjay mulchandani said...

JAI GURUDEV!!!Wen is the next session going to be held on this topic regarding investnment and finance...........Can u suggest some good book on finance,money investment from a decent bookstore in mumbai???? I need to learn how to manage my money............

Anupam Gupta said...

ohh...cant believe i missed it in mumbai...must say mathemagic is quite a thing...gud fun

and i do wanna attend ur classical music workshop...hv missed tht one too...soon bau..soon..

jai gurudev

vinnie said...

hey bau when is the nxt workshop on "financial literacy in mumbai ? please keep us posted.


Ajey Karthik said...

Hi Dinesh bhaiyya and Bawa bhaiyya,
My name is Ajey Karthik and I am a 15 year old kid .I saw you at the Intro Talk both of you gave at IIT ,Delhi "Beyond the Intellect"
and was mightily impressed.Congrats for such a great intro talk.
I had 2 questions to ask both of you:
a.)I am a loner and I have half a mind to got to the Himalayas and stay there???
I am a loner(or at least a few call me that) and I deeply into Hinduism and spirituality and have a great desire to visit all the holy places like Kailash manasarovar,Amarnath etc. in the Himalayas and also temples.I love singing bhajans or devotional songs and also have done Art Of Living Courses ie Art Excel with Neha Rathi didi and Yes!Utsah with Sahil Jagtiani bhaiyya.
I love the holy scriptures and researching all i can on my heritage.Am i strange and why is this so????Help me...
I don't care about being a loner ie at schhol but its about the Himalayas thing that i want to know about.
This was a question in Yahoo Answers which i had posted-
b.)What id deja-vu.Does it have anything to do anything connected to spirituality?I have experienced deja-vu many times so i want to know if it is coonected to past birth or something.What has Guruji told about it?
Hope i see you again soon.
Thanx a lot

Devu said...

Jai gurudev
i was a part of ur financial literacy workshop in delhi .im a goin to be doctor n how can i apply n implement the things when i join pvt practice

Abhay Karnataki. said...

That's very interesting and useful, Bau!
Only recently I am getting some ideas about Financial planning etc.. kind of A B C.. will love to become total literate with your workshop!

Anonymous said...

jgd bawa,
i enjyd the course a lot . and i m a vy big fan of u and dinesh dada................
it has taught me a lot . in act 1 .
whtever question was on my mind u were given every answer to it
i love u..........
i wantd to do seva. can u tel me wht to do ?

Anonymous said...

have you ever thought of doing this online? like on skype videocast with restricted access by registration only etc?

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