Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sliced Tomatoes

People have been asking for some really easy recipes. It can't get much easier than this one :)

Take 4-5 medium sized tomatoes and slice em or dice em, depending on your mood. Heat about 2-3 tablespoons of Olive oil and add some jeera, rai (1/2 tsp each is enough) and basil leaves and let all of it crackle, don't burn it. Let it cool.

Put the tomatoes higgledy-piggledy in a salad plate or any plate. Pour the olive oil mixture over the tomatoes and add a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. Toss the whole thing lightly. Set aside (i like to put it in a fridge) for 20 minutes to an hour. This intensifies the flavour.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper, garnish with finely chopped basil leaves. Serve with hot toasted and buttered bread or as a salad to a main course.

You can have many variations to this of course: instead of the basil leaves, add some dried red chilly to the oil and garnish with corriander leaves for a totally Indian flavour. Completely leave out the rai and jeera for a completely continental flavour. Just add olive oil and lemon juice mixed well together along with salt and pepper... This one is usually the first dish on the table to get over! You get a lot of compliments and it's really so simple to put together!!!  

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Rits said...

u kno wat bawa...this reminds me of the tomato topping u get on crostini in lil italy (minus the rai n zeera ofcourse).

i have a biig problem....each time i read ur recipes...i tell myself...i'm making it this weekend...however when the time comes..i have no enthu for it...n i have noticed that this attitude holds just for cooking

Ajay said...

Hey Bau

'Sliced tomatoes' looks simpler to cook and I m getting its yummieee effect right away.
Thanks for this. I will give it a shot soon.

Jai Gurudeva

APOORVA said...

can we add mint instead of basil? i think it will taste gr8.
jai gurudev!

komal said...

jai gurudev.. sounds like a great recipe.. ive tried this one before touch not with so many variations like youve given.. actually tastes great ..... will try out the variations soon ....

Trinaa said...

Check this one out... :)) http://xkcd.com/

l_0oio0_l said...

Hi Bau,

I'm not sure you eat garlic or not.... a lil awesome variation is...

Using Garlic instead of rai and jeera..... so yeah the combination of Garlic...olive oil...and basil is heavenly.....salt n pepper to taste.....also along with diced tomatoes....chunks of fresh mozerella can be used......and all of this after cooling can be topped on sour dough bread for Bruchetta kinda feeling!

also am not sure how much grilling goes arround in India...but if you have access to grill....you can cut tomatoes in half and grill them for 3-4 mins (cut side down)...get the grill marks....and then drizzel with olive oil/garlic/basil mix.....and these grilled tomatoes are heavenly too!!!

I have another simple grilled desert recepie....
get big n fat slices of pineapple...and grill them until u get grill marks...3-4 mins each side.....and then top it with grated ginger and vanilla icecream...and lil mint.....uuuuh la la....

Joy Gurudeva,

Anonymous said...

hey Bau,
Jgd:)was thnking of eating something reaaaaally tasty dis evening......n guess what!!!here's a recepie from you:)))
it turned out to be really YUMMIEEEEEEEE!!!
plzz post some more recepies
lots a love...@nkita

Anonymous said...

easy.. i will surely try it tomorrow! :)

Jai Gurudev! :)

Anonymous said...

oh bhaiya, it wasnt that easy !! I got my finger cut in the process :p

Anoop said...

I made this dish last night, but with a minor modification. Since in my part of the world we have a salmonella warning for locally produced raw tomatoes, I decided to fry the tomatoes in the oil. So what I had was tomato fry. :)

Quick n easy for a bachelor, and tasted great with rotis.


gauri said...

Simplest dish i can imagine but yummiest one by just reading it.... although the side dish with just bread and butter you can enhance the whole dish.

sunil said...

jgd bau,
I tried ur baked potatos and veg augratin(i added some pineaple to iveg augratin which tasted good)) for the first time recently along with my own invention spicy garlic mushroom and guess who was the victim of me"the first timer"........he was none other than Vikram hazra...he had come to indore for a DSN and was staying at my home .Though i had to reheat the baked potato as he got busy over phone...but still i could make it out by his demand for second serve that it had worked out gooood(i tasted it afterwards it was amazzzzzzzzzing) now i've completly started using olive oil instead of saffola/soya oil.its so light and tastes better.
tomorow i will be making this tomato thingy ,it seems so easy to make and yummy too.please do post some more recipies on baked items...
sunil (indore):)

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