Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Monday, July 7, 2008

QnA - 12

Today's post is delayed and i am really sorry for that... Here is a lovely photo from the Adv course that just got over to make up for the delay :)

Scroll all the way down for 2 more really cool photos! :)

Q: Bawa help me!!! These are my problems:
My parents (especially my mom) are very attached to me and this creates problems .. sometimes as I have to accompany them on long trips against my will ... My dad is extremely anti-AOL and discourages my involvement in AOL seva (though he grudgingly allows it) - we've had a fight in the house because of this... I want to do seva but at the same time I don't want to hurt my dad's feelings ... how do I get out of the conflict ???
A: You will need to take some sort of action to help your mom get out of this... OR reach some compromise. Like ok I will come with you for this trip but then you have to allow me to do Seva whenever I want to or I come with you here, you have to come with me to Bangalore for Adv course! :)

Certain times to do what is right, you may need to hurt feelings. Even your dad’s or mom’s or close family and friends... Do you believe that doing Seva is right? If you do, then hurt their feelings and do it. Sooner or later they will start to feel proud about you, esp. When other people come to them and praise you! :)

Q: Somewhere I read that forgive and let go as it will liberate enormous amount of energy and creativity. But sometime forgiving someone makes the person feel that I am weak and he/she never changes for which the person is forgiven. So what should be done in situation like where your own so called friend betrays you, is he/she be forgiven?
A: Be nice not naive... Acche raho, kacche nahi!

Forgiving a person for what they have done doesn’t mean that you don’t tell them exactly what you think about them, esp. If they are thick skinned and may take you for granted. Being strong as well as sensitive is a skill that's worth developing!

Q:Hi Bawa, Maybe you will be disappointed in me when I say this, but of late I have been questioning my principles of living a totally "clean" life. I see people doing fine in school, some even better than me, or a lot better than me, when drinking alcohol, partying in the club, engaging in promiscuous activity, etc. in various degrees. Perhaps God blessed them with more innate intelligence than me. But then I think it is easier for them to get along in this world, with whatever superficial friendships that they form than someone who deviates from society and receives criticism for that.

A: Not disappointed, just surprised! Any intelligent person (and I thought you were one!:)) knows that getting Better grades, or having sex does not ever translate into being a better human being which the world desperately needs today! It is exactly these sort of people who are responsible for not only (slowly) degrading their lives, but also the environment around them...

Also, whether you drink or not, party or not, if you sincerely study you get good grades... Do remember that. You may do your Kriya everyday, but if you don’t study, you will flunk

Meditation and Spirituality make it easier for you to achieve your dreams. But if you just meditate and don’t work... For sure you are going to be left behind! :)

Finally, I would rather have 5 meaningful deep relationships than a 1000 superficial ones! Of course it's way better to have 1000's of meaningful realtionships, and those happen when you meditate and are surrounded by Sattva and Satsang!

So Breathe, Relax and then get out there and MOVE!

Q: I would like to know why is prostitution considered a wrong doing even now? When almost every act of human is untrue( like black money, corruption etc etc)

A: So you are saying that since there is black money, prostitution is alright? Have you ever thought that BOTH are wrong?! And that by participating in it, you are contributing to the wrongness?

There are many problems on the planet. And there are solutions too. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Choose well! :)

Q: Jai Gurudev Bawa I love the Grilled Sandwich in the Ashram canteen. I make them at home using Amul sliced cheese. So have around 2 slices of cheese and 4 slices of Brown bread daily. Is this alright for health. Also what makes mozzarella cheese different from sliced and spread cheese?

A: I hope you are exercising. 2 slices of cheese can add up to a lot of cheese. Mozzarella cheese melts beautifully and spreads out when heated and turns a lovely golden brown when baked... It’s what gives Pizzas that rich golden brown look... It also has quite a different taste from Cheddar Cheese (your normal cheese)

If you are going to have this quantity of cheese, please exercise at least an hour everyday!! or you will go from fit to pleasingly plump and the unapologetically fat very soon! :)

Q: Dear Bawa, I hope you will answer my question. I have been noticing that the moment things go wrong in my life, I start struggling a lot with the knowledge. As long as things go fine, I am ok...... knowledge seems crystal clear....... Guruji is beautiful etc. And then I lose a job or have financial problems or have some family problems etc, I become angry with nature, God, Guruji. I am fully aware that I am angry and fully aware that this is not the way I should be reacting but my ego refuses to bow down to Guruji at that time.

It goes "Guruji I have struggled so much already in life and you are giving me some more? I have had enough of this spiritual path and want nothing more of this life. Let me just die, dissolve, disappear.... there is no point in continuing life this way." Everytime, Bawa, my experience of pain is very very intense when I am through tough situations and I end up screaming and yelling (of course it is poor Guruji who takes it all coz no one else can take me!!!).

I just went through one such episode and I am wondering what is wrong with me. I am back to normal now as after a very tough situation that bothered me to the extreme for couple of months now seems to be getting over. But I am so tired of myself. Same behaviour over and over again. When will I change? All affirmations that next time I will not react like this gets thrown out of the window and for the last few years I see the same lack of confidence in the path when I am faced with a challenging situation. I am regular with sadhana, seva and satsang.... Guruji showers me with so much of love yet that goal of the Inner World remaining unaffected by the Outer World has been unattainable so far. I am fed up of myself.... really. What should I do Bau?

A: First off, dont be “fed up” with yourself. Spirituality is that which brings you closer and closer to who you are, to yourself... Can you be close to something you are fed up with? Impossible!

So for spirituality to work for you, the first thing to do is really love yourself :)

Being angry with Guruji is absolutely ok. Pointless but ok :) He is the one who can take your anger... Better you get angry at Him rather than people around you :)

Finally, this path is not about taking away your problems... It’s about giving you the tools and techniques to handle the problems more effectively... Each problem conquered brings about a new dimension in you, opens up a new skill in you... Look at problems as adventures!

Here is a tip: Instead of asking that the problems go away, ask for quick solutions! Coz the more you say problem go away, the more the problem will stay... What will do the trick is praying for solutions! :)

...And here are 2 photos of Guruji playing with Maheshwara our Ashram elephant!...

Jai Gurudeva!

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Anonymous said...

As usual, very useful Q n A...for the last question, I would like to share something. "the goal of inner world being unaffected by outer world.." is good to "achieve". How about seeing the outer world as a manifestation of the inner world itself,there's a sanskrit saying "yatha drishti, tatha shrishti". the more we keep our inner self centred,stress free and most importantly focussed on Guruji, problems start vanishing on their own.Atleast they stop getting complicated.Also know that every situation in life is part of a bigger plan, so the resistance drops. jus saying this out of personal experience...no gyan-giving here :) :)


ArtofLiving said...

Incredible photos of Maheswara with the Krishna !!!!

komal said...

JGD bau..
love the q and a... i love the pics youve posted esp those of guruji....

Raghavan said...

thx Bawa ! the one abt problems was very nice ! The picture was awesome too - Shiva and Maheshwara.

Jai Guru Dev,

Rits said...

Hey Bawa

I think you are very witty. I really admire your knack of answering questions. Somehow I feel you bear an uncanny resemblance to Ross from 'Friends'.

Please post some more of your experiences with Guruji. Ye Dil Maange More and More n lottts more.


Priya said...

Bawa.. This viedo of guruji playing wiht Maheshwara is there in Youtube and its an amazing one.. And hte way guruji plays scares me.. :D

Harpal said...

JGD. Dis pics r really nice.

Harpal said...

JGD these pics r really nice

Jyuthika said...

Geez BAU..!! Cool snaps.. And I am also in the first snap..:P HEhehe Guruji looks like a kid playing with an elephant.. so carefree.. so innocent.. !:) WOW!!

Answers to each quests are as ever sensible and smart! :P

Jai Gurudeva :)

srikanth said...

bau loved those pics ,, too good ,, and all I wonder is " How does the camera get there in the nick o time :) .. all the time i want to take something great ,, i would have kept my camera in the room :( ... Perfect timing ,, and too good ,, great pics :) ...

Anurag said...

Dearest Bau
have been reading your blog, but have been my usual lazy self when it comes to leaving comments. But the pics with Guruji on this post are just AWESOME!! plz plz plz put up more such pics every few post..m sure u hv plenty to last a life time!

Amarja said...

God bless the moment you decided to start this blog! Bau, Thank You. :) One tormenting question is out of ny bucket today, thanks to your QnA.

Anupam Gupta said...

Hey bau...really amazing answers...the last one was relevant in my case too...though i nevr get angry on him...but still do question my faith sometimes...now will not do it...thanx again

oh and P.S..keep reading my blog...will update it almost everyday now onwards...thanx...

Jai Gurudev

bhawama said...

Dearest Bawa
I want your videos on Youtube. Please oblige
Jai Gurudev..
P.S. Pleeeeeeease I know there is recorded stuff.
Put some for sale also.
Jai Gurudev

Sandeep said...

About the last question..

> And then I lose a job or have
> financial problems or have some
> family problems etc, I become
> angry with nature, God, Guruji.

This is the classic Hindi-movie effect. I doubt if this problem occurs in other cultures.

Whenever things fail, the hero in the Hindi movie goes to the temple and starts blaming God. We expect the world to behave according to what we see in the movies.

I used to have the same problem until I realized why I was acting like that. Then I stopped watching Hindi movies. Now I accept situations as they come and work them out patiently.

seemaa said...

Dear Bau,

I got up this morning with the a clear picture of Ganesha in my head & it kept on & on.was wondering if i am missing him too much, as have been wanting to go to a Ganesha temple for a long time but not able to as i have to get a ride & the temple is quite far.
As a part of my routine i logged to into your Blog & viola i see Guruji playing with Ganesha.....was sooooo happy......so it's true when the longing is intense the lord comes to you :))

Vishesh Jain said...

Thanx very much, Bawa :)

Harsha Vardhan M.V said...

awesome answers bawa!

nasradu8 said...

Thank you Bawa for the nice QnA and the nice pictures.. This is the only pic i have since i roamed alone in the whole adv course and didn't get my camera during the silence period.

APOORVA said...

dear bau,
the Q answred by u were great. i had one Q that you answered here. thaks a lot.
jai gurudev!

mehta said...

simply awesome wen i was in the asharam around 400 pm the elephants go to play with guruji the baby elephant salutes the ganesh idol near the office n then procees thank u so much for the pictures realyy amazing n awesome

Anonymous said...

bawa i think is one of the cuteset people i have come across!
his witt, his sarcastic comments his humor n..............
well i think i see a liitle bit of guruji in bawa n dinesh:)
n the pics n videos r truly splendid
keep up the great work
jaiguru dev!

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