Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Guru Poornima 2008

Here is the transcript of Guruji's talk in the Satsang on Guru Poornima, 18th July 2008 (slightly edited for better readability):

How many of you are thinking "Guruji say something?"…Huh?

What is there to talk?

What is there to talk? Hmm..?

We all are happy & celebrating

Meditation, singing, celebrating on Guru Poornima day is considered very auspicious thing. Certain days in a year when you participate in satsang and meditate it compensates for the other days which you have not done….hahahaha :)

That doesn't mean…that u can take this as an excuse for not meditating everyday.

One of those days is Guru Poornima. In satsang you participate and get the merit of not doing for many days (during the year)….hmmmm

(someone asked Guruji why are you so sweet)

I am made like this…..

Apple is sweet, that is how it is made, apple is sweet by nature... isn't it?


What else?

Yes, today you all can have one wish…whatever wish you want to have…just before going to bed make a wish in your mind, our intentions are powerful and they manifest in the right congenial time, at right place with right attitude, they just click.

All blessings are there for everybody... lots of blessings

Universe is showering blessing. You only have to catch it. Open to it

You know in Sanskrit Guru means 'heavy' which is weighty, Guruji is light but words of Guru is weighty and Gravitational force is called Gurutva in Sanskrit.

So many meanings… :)


You know our 5 fingers , all the 5 planets are there. Thumb indicates – victory (u win) right!! Who wins? One who fights... who fights? Commander in chief military (this is Mars)

2nd Finger (index finger) is Jupiter is Guru…..its the indicator…when you want to show the way its like this... Throughout the world this is how the way is shown... This is Jupiter…..what do u do with this? Pointer indicates. What does Guru do? He indicates/ points out. So that is Jupiter.

Saturn, one of the farthest planet is Saturn, the biggest, tall, Saturn is servant. You know servant has to good and well built, if the servant is weaker then master then how can he carry the luggage. Servant have to carry the luggage of the Master, king or anybody for which he has to be strong. Tall servant.

Then the king…where do u put your ring? jewels, that is ring finger (this is sun) nobody puts ring here to the thumb, but where do they put the ring? In the ring finger…in fact we call it ring finger. King cannot stay alone but he needs servant along with him. So this is sun cannot stand alone.

The little one is the business one, its mercury. on one side of the Sun stands Mercury- business man and on the other side is Saturn- servant.

And Jupiter. So all the planets are in the hand, its indicated when Jupiter and Mars are together meaning the power is together with wisdom in the commander in chief that is called chin mudra.

And when all the king, servant, business man all together its chinmay mudra its higher consciousness in society, cause when wisdom dominates its higher consciousness. And there is beauty, love and abundance.

So whole story is in the fingers.

And children when they are born they put on this mudra, all the babies sleeps in chin mudra , they are so wise. Chinmay mudra. Carefree mind. Joyful mind is chinmay mudra, baby sleeps on that and when they start walking. They suck the thumb u know…is means …now no more in 4 legs….its now 2 legs and 2 arms….so the nature teaches us the whole yoga. Its very good…very good…

See the guru principal is prevalent in all the culture of the society of the world. Even here in America you can't play soccer without a coach or mentor. You need a guide, even when you need to write P.hd, no body will give you doctorate when you don't have u guide. Am I correct...? You have to work under some guide.

And word guide comes from the original Sanskrit word Guru. Sanskrit its Guru and in English it becomes guide, so in every field you need a mentor and in a field which is so abstract and subtle like spirituality, consciousness then definitely needs a mentor and that is a Satguru!

Mother is a first guru for everybody and each one of you should play the role of Guru for at least some people in your life. When you want nothing from them other then their own happiness their own progress. Can you be guru like that for some people? Like you become father or mother to somebody you should also be Guru to someone. Don't have to tell them "I am your Guru". Now you have to play the role of the Guru. Never, assert that u are a Guru. Be light like a flower that is Art of Living. Do u see what I am saying?

Play the role of the guru in the sense you are caring for them unconditionally. You care for them without expecting what they are going to do for you and what the result is going to be. Unconditional care for someone. Start with few and it can spread to many…that you all can do…isn't it?

Can everybody be?

In fact Guru Tatva it is principal light within us, the light in our heart, the light in our life. Hmmm... Viveka….wisdom that tatva also dawns …ok….

So….when you come here in this path, in this Knowledge you will never go empty handed. Just ask, there is proverb its "Ask and it shall be given!"….that is what Guru Poornima all about...

Definitely!....ask it shall be given...

Lets us sing few bhajans!


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Siddheshwar said...

Thats amazing bau.i was waiting when will u put about gurupoornima on Bolg.
thanx a lot!!!!!!!!
in mumbai we had satsang at SHANMUKHANAND HALL.Vivek,harshal,krishnan,vinod they really rocks the satsang.amazing experience ever in my life for first time on GURUPOORNIMA day.for no reason tears rolled down from eyes.i mean meeting guruji dat time its obvious but yesterday i dont know why?how?just happened.
n after dat VISHWAS BHAIYA came for GURU POOJA.
No words for GURUPOORNIMA.
Thanx a lot.

Sarthak said...

Amazing Knowledge

Anonymous said...

amaaaazing..... :)im just feeling so gud after reading it...

Minnie said...

:) :) Ahhh..... :) was in need of this BIG time.... now not only grateful to you but the internet and the blog too....:) thanks for sharing..love you Bau
Jai gurudev

Abhay Karnataki said...

hmm... phd needs a guide! apt!

I wonder how Guruji just doesn't get tired of saying the same things...
of course he adds nice flavours to it. The Planet thing is new!

Ramakrishnan said...

Thank you for posting this Guru Poornima message !.

Jai Gurudev!


Nisha said...

Wow....I am so happy to see my write-up. Thanks a lot for uploading it so soon here...I wrote it just for few of my friends who were not able to view the live telecast. But I didn't knew that they(who couldn't view) are being reason for so many others to smile... :) Amazing are the ways of Guruji to reach near each and everyone :)
I am just sooooooo Happy Reading It Here......

Love you loooooooot
Jai Gurudev
Nisha :)

NOTE - PLS UPLOAD EVEN GURUJI'S 17th JULY 2008 Q & A WITH GURUJI. (I have already sent u that email:) )

Venkatesh Velugubantla said...

:) awesome!

vishesh said...

that planets thing was cool ...
in ancient roman culture , mars was god of war, mercury was god of trade, and jupiter was chief god !!! till now i thot it was all meaningless symbolism, but the depth of guruji's knowledge is amazing !!!!! it all fits wonderfully together like one giant jigsaw puzzle !!!
whoa !! this is my longest comment ever !! happy guru poornima !!!

love n gratitude,

Jyuthika said...

hmmm.. Its wonderful Bau. :) :)

Jai Gurudeva!

Trinaa said...

you have been tagged..!!

Vishal said...

dear bawa and dinesh,
this is the best gift anybody can recieve on GURU POORNIMA ( GURUJI 's messsage ).
thank you very much.

uday said...

ask it shall be given :)


jgd :)

gauri said...

it is lovely Bau...just returned after meeting my parents and read this soaked in grace message. it feels nice to get it first hand...Pure Guruji...
thank you very much and wish you a happy Guru Poornima!

komal said...

JAI Gurudev bau,
the live telecast again was amazing, actually it was my first GURUPOORNIMA and i really quite honestly didnot expect to see Gurujis live telecast but it was superp... i like the planet explanations so simply put..
"ask and it shall be given " yes definitely .. when we have such a compassionate Guru then we get even beyond what we ask for.... i am leaving home for sydney tomorrow night and well i only ask Guruji to give me strength to stay away from home ...as i have never been away at all...at somehow ii just got the message that Guruji will always be there for me.....it was definitely a rocking gurupoornima with a very profound message for me...

Monica said...

We didn't even ask and this article was given to us ;D
lovely !! waaahh...

Anonymous said...

Dear Bawa, Your word by word transcript of Guruji's talk takes me back to that precious time spent with Guruji in San Jose.

Guruji also asked us to think back how our life was before our first Sudarshan Kriya and how it has changed since then. Grace is always there but by becoming grateful we will experience it fully in our life. The whole week spent with Guruji was amazing..... especially the satsangs every evening were mind blowing and I am completely blissed out. I have not checked your blog the last few days....... so catching up with it now :-). Lots of love.

priya said...

i feel so extra blessed to have such a MASTER piece ,, i have never appreciated my fingers so much!. today i heard guruji enthusiastically talk in the tape of overcoming obstacles on the path.. was so so brilliant. hv heard it atleast 3 times b4,, but it seemed like the 1st time as usual. yes+ course mein guruji ka tapes dal dene ka,, finish ,would seal faith. guruji is simply doing acting of being guruji.. hes god.

Deepika said...

Dear Bawa,
I am a regular reader and I am posting for the first time. I was doing research on different techniques and came across this blog. This dude thinks he is some kind of activist of official secrecy. He threatens to reveal the long kriya audio. The name of the blog is
Just wanted to bring it your attention. By the way attended Gurupoornima, it was just mind blowing. The satsang, meditations during part 2 was awesome.
Jai Gurudev

Now what?????????? said...

Ur posts makes me centered whenever i m away :)


Vishal said...

Woooww ... Woooww ...
Amazing Bawa ..
thanks a ton for posting it here ..

excellent .. i am sure am going to visit this post again and again and again in future ..

and ofc .. put it in practice ..

thanks again..

Jai gurudeva!

Anshika said...

Splendid ....!! Will make it a habit to drop in here !

Jst so fabulous ....Think this will help me a lot in my spiritual growth ... :-b :-b :-b

Chao said...

Beautiful message...thanks Nisha and Bawa :)

Ask and it shall be given, huh? Awesome...what if we are reading the post 2-3 days after Guru Poornima...can we still make that wish? Bawa, please tell..

Jai Gurudev,

Anonymous said...

:) A great message from Guruji! :)

Different every time :)

Jai Gurudev!

Ajay said...

Hi Bau
This article is my first reading of this blog (I want to read those as well which I missed during YES++ :)) after I reached Hyderabad today morning after experiencing yet another wonderful YES++. And this article is simply amazing.
Once again, Guruji has explained subtle things in such a beautiful and simple way....just love it. HE makes things, which probably some of us already know but don't actually 'understand', understand in such a simple way.

P.S. Thanks for the gifts Bau. I am so blessed having received these from you in person.

Jai Gurudev

Raghavan said...

beautiful knowledge. HE said something similar about "playing the guru" in Guru Poornima 2006 that I had the privilege of attending. You can view it here :


Jai Guru Dev,

Kuldeep...(Deep) said...

Dear Bawa..
This is for the first time i have actually known the meaning of Guru Poornima....it was very kind of u to post what it means....i am very sure there will be ppl like me....who did not know wat it means...but now ...i think all doubts are cleared....and will see Guru Poornima with a clear picture and respect it and not just a day of fasting.....
i jus hav 1 regret....i did not ask with open heart as Guru said...i was busy njoin d presence of everybody....thru out d Satsang in Bmbay, i was jus smiling from start to end...

i knew it was not a regular Satsang...during the Meditation i really felt dat (or i thaught that)
Guru was der in the Auditorium...takin rounds...

newwys it was totally a new exp fr me...:))[still smilin]
thnx buddy....lol

Swapnil said...

Bau, I saw the webcast and caught Guruji's glimpse during Gurupuja... it was so fullfiling and He was magnificence personified. Thanks for posting the transcript as I was too lost looking at him to pay attention to what he was saying.

Anonymous said...

Thanks bauuuuu... staying in Europe too I am feel to close to Ashram and our people ...just due to your regular posts and my phone calls are reduced :)..

Thanks for saving money :)
Jai gurudev

Raghavan said...

Here is a wonderful video of Guruji performing Guru Pooja at Guru Poornima this year ,


Jai Guru Dev,

pranaya said...

mind blowing!!!!!!!

Priya said...

I know i am very late... just amazing.. no words!!!

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