Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

For those of you still searching...

Yesterday we were late... today a whole hour early!!! :)

The title of my new blog about blogging is Blog Sutras and the URL is www.blogsutras.blogspot.com

The easiest way to find it, would have been to simply go into my profile... it shows all the blogs that i am currently contributing to... (Almost all of them are test sites :))... Or you could have searched with google

Now, if you read my original post about the competition it says: "... You have to figure out the name... if you get to the blog and leave some comments on it before Monday morning 10:30 AM India time..."

Note the plural on the comments! I know it's cheeky :), but i myself left 2 comments there as a hint :)...

Though I have 50+ comments there, only the few who left more than 1 comment qualify for the surprise prize :)

Here are the 6 people who qualify: Richa, Kola, Now What???, Ajay, Jyuthika and Monica

Here is the way i am going to choose the winner:

Give numbers to the people who qualify:

1. Richa, 2. Kola, 3. Now What???, 4. Ajay, 5. Jyuthika and 6. Monica

Goto Research Randomiser and ask it to randomize numbers between 1 and 6... finally the winner is the person whose number turns up first in the list generated by the randomizer:

and the winner is:


Congratulations Ajay, you win:

1. A Tester pack of completely organic and natural SLES free soaps from Prakriti Network
2. A copy of Sahil's brand new rocking Bhajan CD: I Belong to You (it will be the first copy!) that he has recorded exclusively for Prakriti Network. I don't have the photo of it yet, just got the master yesterday night :)

3. A very small, very cute and very elegant Bhagavad Geeta

Ajay, please contact me: khurshed@gmail.com and we will figure out how to get your prizes to you! :)

and thanks a lot everyone else for participating and making it such fun to launch a new blog!!

Jai Gurudeva!

ps some links on the Prakriti Network site still don't work... but not to worry, Sumeru Software is on to it! So, they should start working sometime real soon... right? everyone at Sumeru?! :)  

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Jyuthika said...

Wow Bau.. I loved it.. :) Cool Way!
CONGRATS A TONN AJAY n Enjoy your gifts. ;)

That was whole lotta fun :P He he he.

Jai Gurudeva!:)

richa said...

bau,we rest of 5 should also get something.. in the ps section of your post u had written-- (....so will randomise all the people who qualify and send the surprise to THEM!!)

Vishesh Jain said...

congrats ajay !!! good luck !!

Vishnu said...

Hey Ajay is going to be my new roomie in hyderabad so all prizes are mine :).Actually I won without any effort hahahahahahahahahahah
Jai Gurudeva

Ajay said...

Hi Bau

Jai Gurudev
I am blessed.
You know what, my friends have already started booking items from my gifts for them.....waaaahhhh.
Anyways I am coming to Ashram on 15th July for advance course (Yes++). If possible, I can collect these wonderful gifts there and that too in person from you. Can't be better than this.

Thanks to all for their wishes and congratulations.

Jai Gurudev

Anupam Gupta said...

hehe bau...awesome...really witty...

and i think richa is right...WELL DONE RICHA!!!

congrats AJAY...

jai gurudev

P.S...if DINESHDA is listenign...we are STILL waiting for your post...i hope it happens before the next advanced course starts up....hehe

Manish Panchmatia said...

Congrats to Ajay for winning. Bawa, this is really an innovative way to launch blog.

I just want to draw your attention that most of the website links in today’s blog is pointing to wrong address. All URL become relative URL to http://www.blogger.com/ so “http://www.blogger.com/” is prefix to all links.

The solution is all URL should be absolute URL Example Prakriti Network link should be http://www.prakritinetwork.com (correct) instead of www.prakritinetwork.com (incorrect). Because www.prakritinetwork.com automatically becomes http://www.blogger.com/www.prakritinetwork.com

Anyway, just a small thing, needs “ABHINIVESHA” :)

Jai Gurudev


abhishek singh said...

wow bau... new blog is rockinn... soon m goin start my own blog..!! thnx a lottt.!!!
luv u..

Priya said...

Congrats Ajay!!! Ajay "i belong to you"..so you could share your gift with us too rather me!! :D :D

Anonymous said...

i know
habits are the chains
i'm so much conflict in myself
what is right
jokes? yes

why there is so much needing for some more inside me?

it's a game, i know

i don't want to ask the questions, i know the answers...

there's something i need and i can't express myself.. want to keep the secret..

after hundred years it has no meaning..

would like to scream it out..

i'm stuck in myself

Bawa said...

Hey Manish
Jai Gurudeva!

ty v much for pointing out those bloopers in the URLs... i fixed them and they should be working now ...

komal said...

jai gurudev bau,
blog sutras is just what every new and irregular blogger like me needs to get more consistent.. just went thru the blog its the most amazing blog on blogging......

sangeeta said...

congratulations ajay!
Priya is absolutely right.we all belong to you!!........Bau I loved it..Dinesh bhaiya longing for your post
please post soon
jai gurudev

Monica said...

hahaha. congrats Ajay :)
Bawa, you're super cool :D this idea must have blasted our site's rating so well :)
and i'm really proud to be one of the finalists ;D try to get some chota-mota gift for us (remaining 5 too). it'll be such a treat for our memories :D
Bless us Baws.
Jai Gurudev :D

P.S. : i've sent you a friend request on orkut. if you send jus' one scrap it'll be ENOUGH of a gr8 gift for me :D
with all love.

Ajay said...

Thanks again for all your congrats.
Ya I do belong to all...:)
Those who have realized belongingness BEFORE this post of mine can catch hold of me at ashram during July 15-21 advanced course (not during silence....plz :)) to have some surprise element for yourself...:)
Jai Gurudeva

Shubham said...

great......finally a winner.....will wait for more challenges......it can actually become a weekly feature.....

StellaF said...

Dear Bawa and Dinesh,

I think you should do the special link to put good youtube ones.
Music-flowers :)

There's something I would share with you..


history of this song:

with love,

KOLA said...

Oh I can't believe. I was the second person on the list..
Ahhhh!!!!!! I missed it. No..........
No worries. Next time it will be all mine. ;)

Nice way to get people blogging Bau. This is also one of the Blogging Sutra. :)

Jai Gurudev!

jay and babu said...

hi bau
as you insisted in yes+ advance, i have started my blog. i want your support to get it better and better.
blog address- "www.jaynbabu.blogspot.com"
please give me a link in your blog also(as you promised!).
Jay Gurudev!

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