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Dinesh and Bawa


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cheeni Kum

Ok, so i had the time to watch this one just a few days ago... and ok, i know most of you would have seen it already... but still, here is the review:

In a word: Fantastic!

Amitabh Bachchan sparkles as an absolutely acidic chef serving up sumptous Indian food in a classy London restaurant... He is (for a change) playing his age of 64 :) and falls in love with a girl who is 34, whose father is actually younger than him :)

father: a cricket mad paresh rawal

the movie is all about the 2 of them getting the father to agree to their marriage... set in a very green London and an astonishingly picturesque Delhi (I loved the Qutub Minar scene), its a superb way to spend a rainy evening...

There is amitabh's mother (!) too, who has a body building fixation, and there is sexy a 6 year old lil girl suffering from blood cancer who is amitabh's neighbour... The interaction between the kid and the veteran actor are to watch out for!

Tabu who plays the (34 year old) woman falling for amitabh also does a superb job and its an extremely believable jaunt thru London and Delhi... the only hint i got for cooking in the movie is put the hing in first, then the onions for a better flavour in a Biryani, not the other way round :)... they could have added some more :)

The Cheeni Kum song which kept popping up through out the movie was also perfect for the setting...

Do yourself a favour and watch this movie with some people you love ...

Jai Gurudeva!

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vivek said...

its so amazing the way you write, bau, it really sets the day.
(ur delayed post have also made me anxious...).
Though i have seen this movie a couple of times, now with ur inputs would be waiting to see it once again.
Cheers have an awesome day.

Rajesh said...

Hai Bawa ,
This is my favourite movie too...Don't remember , how many times i watched it...


Amarja said...

Gen trivia bau, the 'cheeni kum' song is an ilayaraja composition. Dunno if you are into south indian film music, its a very famous tune, origianlly composed for a very old tam film.

Dilkhush Singh Kohli said...

Healthy movie I can say :)

Jai Gurudeva :)

Anonymous said...

do not know if you have watched webcast of NJ satsang with Gurudev recently where he commented about watching news/Movies.
Q: The news media is bombarding us with negative and sensational stories.
Does this mean we should stop reading/viewing the news?
A: You can view it but don't let it affect you
Movies impact the mind deeply, leave impressions. You
need to meditate 20 times for each movie watched (to remove the
impressions). People do the opposite - watch 20 movies for every time they
so what is your suggestion apart from what gurudev has suggested already ?

O.A.K. Tree said...

Chini Kum is a really wonderful film!

Another movie which every culinary enthusiast must watch is the "Ratatouille"

A lovely movie by Disney/Pixar and has won the Oscar in 2007. For details click Ratatouille

WARNING! Above link contains Spoiler (Plot of the story).

I am sure Bawa would love this movie.

Love you bawa!!!!

Vishesh Jain said...

first time reviewed a bollywood movie bawa !!!!!!

Now what?????????? said...

U re so stingy in ur posting.. U r posting only one a days :(
btw when can we expect dinesh bhaiya's adv course post? atleast before July course? :P

Monica said...

haan, even i quite liked the movie. Pretty full of deadly PJ's and acidic taunts. and ofcourse, Bawa's favourite : 'Happy Ending' :D
the issue is cool, but somewhat ahead of it's time ~ like immediately after watching the movie, my mom went "ya, it was entertaining, but it better be limited to the screen". hehe.
and Bawa since you really like the Qutb Minar and all, why don't you just come to Delhi!! We so wat to meet you ! (we = all yes!+ adv ppl of this time).
in the end, anyone who has cheeni kum in their life can join AOL
Jai Gurudev :D

Seema said...

eeeeeeeeeeyeh Bau, am soooooooo happy that u finally found a hindi movie that u liked....i had seen the cd in your collection & was waiting for you to watch it.......have been recommending this one to many :)

PS - there are 2 movies which u might like (eng) - The ODD Couple & The Odd couple 2 - the chemistry & the subtle humor of Walter Mattahu & Jack Lemmon will keep you in splits

l_0oio0_l said...

Hi Bawa...

Am sure u love to cook! I can see that..... I love to cook too....

I dont know ... I get some unexplainable satisfaction when I cook... and oh....complete satisfaction when the meal feeds some hungry tummys!!

So yeah...i keep looking for food everywhere.....and yeah the hing thing is def. true....whenever i use it...i goes in between poped mustuard (if used) and all other things....kinda in tadka itself....

am in US and ...we get foodnetwork here..... oh mannn it such a nice channel! lol.... i dont think therez anything like that in India.....a channel just dedicated to food!

I'm sure therez lot to be explored in India....I think somebody just never figured out where to start!!


Anonymous said...

hiee Bauuu...Jgd:)
it feels sooooooooo gr888 to everyday go thru d blog.....
I realised I hv an eddiction coz no matter m late home I go thru it b4 going off to bed:)
its gr88888.......
love u:)

gt said...

Very well expressed in words Bawa... this movie is one of my favourites...

Sandeep said...

Guruji gave a very amusing answer when he was asked if he watched movies.

The video is here

This is a rough copy of the dialogue:

have you seen the movie "bend it like beckham"?

(after asking what this movie was about, he replies)
i see the movie in reality.
so many movies playing.

people's minds are moving -ideas, thoughts.
every day is a new movie.

your own mind is a 100 channel TV
if you watch it you will see the horror channel, history channel, soap opera.
all these channels are happening in you, sometimes simultaneously, that is called confusion. comedy and tragedy

Anupam Gupta said...

hey bau...seriously loved the movie...and as always you were SPOT ON!!!!

ohh and everyone should read this....


srikanth said...

To add to everyone ,, another great point to pick in this movie would be the versatility and ease with which Amitabh portrays the character ,,,
too good ,, bau ,, more reviews please ,, and dinesh bhayya ,, more (Guruji/Bau/IIT) stories :)

Pradeep said...

hey Bawu,

Not sure if you wach south indian movies.. the music compositions which Ilayaraja has given to this movie is taken from Ilayaraja's south movies.. one of which (jane dona.. jane jane dona) is from a kannada blockbuster movie of 80's called "Geetha" (joteyali.. jote joteyali...) :-) .. Kannada people love and adore this song.. :))

srikanth said...

bau .. watched the new movie - Jaane Tu yesterday .. too good :)

Anonymous said...

Bawa have u seen "The Secret". I Would love to know your views for this movie.

nimisha said...

Just got a chance to watch this movie. Yes, it was quite entertaining. I liked the Qutub Minar scene too :) Would love to go there again on a rainy day though! I was reminded of the time when I went there from a school trip.. I was able to touch my palms around the pole and now that I think my wish was fulfilled too.. But then I met Gurudev and He has been taking care without the pole exercise :)

ps: just fyi - or u might already know..not all the archives in ur new blog are working..

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