Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Friday, July 11, 2008

Flavoured Olive Oil

In a large bowl, empty the contents of maybe half a bottle of Olive Oil. Use extra virgin, cold pressed oil. Just add to that in any combination you want: 3-5 dried red chillies, few sprigs of fresh rosemary, few leaves of fresh basil leaves, a bunch of fresh oregano leaves, finely diced garlic, a sprig of fresh thyme, etc.

Leave to stand for 15 days to a month. The oil becomes delicately flavoured with whatever herbs you have put in it. Transfer to a bottle along with the herbs that are floating in it. You can use it as a garnish with superb effect on almost any pasta, baked potatoes etc.

Put it in the fridge and it will turn into a kind of a paste. This can be used instead of butter on toast and a host of other things.

You could even melt butter and do the same thing and allow the butter to solidify again and voila you have flavoured butter. You don't need to allow the butter to stand for too long just a day or 2, somehow it catches the flavour much faster than the olive oil.  

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aparna said...

if the post is good. the pic made it even better!! :)

Jai Gurudev!

Love u.. :)

Angelika said...

Thanks! I've been wanting to try to make garlic oil for my pasta &/or bread. :-)

Swapnil said...

Such posts make me hungry. I usually dont get time to cook but when I see your posts, cooking appears to be fulfilling and so much fun. Wish there was a way to test these recipes over the net.

Deep said...

Next Post Bawa ............

Daily morning waiting for new post here........ jaldi karo

Jai GuruDev

komal said...

mm wow.. what a unique way to make flavoured olive oil..i though it was something fancy but after reading your recipe, it seems to be the most simple thing to make....JGD..

Monica said...

told about yr generator comment (Punjabwich chronicles) to other volunteers. we were all talkin about you and Dinesh sir and Guruji. and ofcourse, about this blog. we had a blast :D really bawu, i know you since leass than a month and you're already such a part of my famil, our AOL family :D
love you loads :D

exodus said...

Great post. Have you analysed what each ingredient brings to the palate ?

Also when you mix any 2,3 or more whats the taste that evolves ?

The individual tastes and the mixing is what makes cooking an art for me and something that I could do and learn for the rest of my life !!

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