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Dinesh and Bawa


Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Blogger Wishlist

Blogger Wishlist

Blogger is a very nice platform to begin blogging. But it can get quite frustrating once you have got the hang of it and you wish to change the look and feel of your blog... I have been using major amounts of stuff from blogger buster to customise the look and feel of my blog... Ty v much for that amanda... Really looking forward for the ebook of yours :) AND of course winning the prize! :)

Here are things I would love to see real soon on the blogger platform:

1. Templates choices: More templates to use of course and the Ability to make colours change on everything individually. Add in a header and footer through the layout screen. Specifying width and length for both if applicable. Have the ability to create 1,2,3,4 or more column blogs right from the layout, where you can simply drag and drop a new column which you can then customize either by specifying its width (and length if applicable) in pixels or percentages. So that the Layout screen truly becomes a complete drag and drop experience. Maybe they should give it out to Apple to make this :)
2. Tips on SEO: Some basic tips to optimize your blog for SEO. Maybe some software could crawl the blog and let you know what to do for better google presence.
3. Ability to add bookmarks (of various social networking sites) to the main site as well as to your posts, by just selecting them and adding a variety of different buttons that could be made available for them through some post customization or basic customization screens.
4. Some fun widgets could be added... And designing them should be made easy, so a person with basic HTML can quickly whip up a widget that they can use and that they can offer as downloads for others... Either paid or free.
5. The Inline comment forms can be made prettier, by adding the editor that we already have on the create a post page. Also the ability to comment to a comment or nested comments would be a superb feature to have.
6. Ability to easily add a podcast audio or video.
7. Some tune up software that could tell you what’s taking how long to load so you could do some optimizing on load times even if you are a complete newbie.
8. Ability to see visually how people who are visiting your blog are clicking. Something that could keep a track of how many clicks on which links and then generating a heat map of the page, so you can see where people are going on your blog
9. Tabbed Browsing built in... So if there is something I want to make a sticky I can put it in a tab and it doesn’t eat up space on the main page.
10. Cool transitional effects a la Keynote from Apple, so when someone clicks to go to some page, the page turns or explodes into confetti or blurs or some stuff like that :)
11. Ability to show selected excerpts from my posts with a read more button.
12. Ability to give labels to the photos I upload to the blog. As well as choose the placement of the label (on the photo, under the photo, etc) and the font, font size and colour I want for the label.
13. Ability to load a folder of images all at once
14. Blogger.com should work when we really need it :) :) :)

PS to all people reading this, its a post for a competition from amanda of blogger buster ... if you have a blog, it would be fun to enter :)
PPS You can add your own demands (well wishes really) to the good people at blogger by clicking here  

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Be_anIPOD said...

With lots of enthu and motivation from your blog, i happened to create my first blog ever.
Pls visit that and share ur comments
Thanks Bawa&dinesh

= ][ = said...

Bau you can do all hat you wished by going to the layout and edit html for specifying the width and hieght (in pixels) which i did for my blog (please visit www.craditya.blogspot.com for more details on that). You can also check settings. If you have any questions on settings pllllleeeease ask me I'll tell you everything. I did all what you can see on my blog through html only not from a predesigned template. And yes you can change colour for everything in Formatting page (fonts and colors).

Please visit my blog!!!!

Happy blogging!

Aditya (Chennai gappu boy as anjana didi calls me)

Vidhi said...

Jai Gurudev Bau
this one blog is so very interesting!!! i just loved it... to read it and to imagine it is like a tour to techno-world!!!
Amazing, Really!!!

Anonymous said...

jai gurudev :)
very soon i am goin to start my own blog....

Prasanth said...

I just read your wishlist. I think most of them (points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) are available on the Wordpress platform. Wordpress themes can be created, which will allow us to customise everything(almost everything) on a page.

http://wordpress.org/ - This is also free and is and open source content publishing tool.

Anonymous said...

Hi sweets,

getting ready to meet guruji tomorrow...guess what....at the last moment guruji swirled his magic band and I could get 30 students from my college....can you believe that(though all of them registered for free :P, but still atleast the spark has began now watch while it turns into the "jungle fire"....hihiiiii....JAIIII GURUU DEVVVVVV!

Bawa said...

aditya, i would like to do that, without mucking about with the HTML, please re read the post before commenting!

and prasanth, wordpress i tried it, but its simply too tech... just updating it from one version to another was so painful. This post is about improving the blogger platform... which according to me is really nice, far better than wordpress for people who are just starting out to blog... i would like a blogging platform, that allows the said customizations and even a grandmother could use :) neither wordpress, nor blogger presently qualify...

hamsa_tachyon said...

Here's rooting for you to win ! :)

Amanda said...

Hello Bawa,

Thank you for your entry post for the Blogger Wishlist competition :)

I am still verifying all submissions and hope to announce the winners later today.

Good luck and thank you for taking part!


Abhay Karnataki said...

Yes Bau,
and one more thing needed is that there should be cross-communication between blogpage and sites that give blogger some tools.e.g. I don't want some piece of code from entre card to be pasted... its better if they do it automatically, and i choose only the place where to put it...

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