Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Friday, July 18, 2008

Do you really cook?

I had this question in one of the comments to the stir fry veggies post...

Here is my (indignant) answer:

Every single recipe thats on this blog is cooked at least 3-5 times in my Ashram kitchen... not just by me, but by other people too...

Every single photo has been taken of the food just before we ate it... This part is the tough part, coz everyone wants to eat as soon as its cooked :)

So, yes, i cook all these recipes, most of them are my own, others maybe heavy modifications from people i have learned (they are usually credited in the recipe) and very very few maybe something i got from a book or online but again heavily modified to suit my style of cooking :)

Jai Gurudeva!

PS if you are still in any doubt, please ask anyone who has eaten the food i have cooked! :)  

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Anonymous said...

Here's wishing Bau, Dinesh bhaiyya and the entire YES+ gang a very very "Happy Guru Poornima".

Jai gurudev!

hamsa_tachyon said...

Jai Gurudev,
.. short and sweet is your Guru Poornima message ..
Happy Guru Poornima to you all too!

Monica said...

haha! how very cute bawu :D yes, yes, we believe you :D

Anupam Gupta said...

hehe...bau to gussa ho gaya!!!!hehe...

oh and ya if U do still need proof...Bau is an AMAZING cook..

P.S...do i get brownie (points) for this BAU???

Raghavan said...

chill bawa :). your styly of writing makes my taste buds go "mmmm". Never eaten your cooking but ibest I'll be the first pouncer when i have a chance .

Jai guru dev,

Rits said...

Oops...i am very very sorry (really apologetic)...but somehow u and the image of cooking does not go together ;)...n i have not had a chance to eat @ ur kitchen :(...prob a sweeet pic of cool bawa in the kitchen alternately brandishing a kife to cut the "stir fries" and tossing a pan, hair tied in a tight knot at the back (also occasionally wiping off a bead of perspiration from the forehead) would not have put this question in my mind :P

Well, I have published (in my blog) your answer to 'Why people should do the Art Of Living' course, this is the "bestest" answer I have heard to this question....i hope it is fine :)

Chao said...

we believe you Bawa :) pls help reinforce our belief...next time am visiting the Ashram, would love to try one of your recipes :)

Sandeep said...

I used to wonder the same thing :-)

That is why I asked in a previous comment what food preferences Guruji had.

As the person goes deeper within, the taste of food loses importance. One rises above attachment to the senses.

That is why the Bhagavad Gita says "That which is day to the many is night to the sage". In this case, "day" means "trishna/tanhai" - the desire to enjoy life, food, travel, etc.

atmarati avirodhena said...

ok so I have had the privilege of experiencing bau's cooking once :):)
he had made a mixed veggie pulao of sorts ( i dunno what bau calls it) ... and while i was eating away to glory (with a really silly grin that refused to go away until the pulao did) i kept wondering how such a simple dish could taste so exquisite .. it was just rice and veggies and not many spices ..but it was like my taste buds were having the time of their life ( confetti,music,dancing...the works ) .. the beans were tasting like beans, the carrots like carrots ..i mean there wasnt this hodge podgy taste of everything together ..and yet there was a distinct flavour that i havent tasted since ..

im waiting for the next time i get to savour anything he's cooked ..and hoping itll be soon:):):)

anshika said...

I would not ask any ques. which gives me even a small hint that i am doubting bau ... I know what the answer wud be
-> indignant...
ha ha ha

StellaF said...

i'd be gladly, like GLADLY(!) the one they can ask that one ;)

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