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Dinesh and Bawa


Friday, July 25, 2008

QnA -14

Q: I would like to if it is possible to know the ultimate truth of our creation and creator...Does someone know this or do we all tend to ignore the basic question of life just because we aren't able to find one..?

A: Many know, because they make it a priority of their time on earth to find it out. It’s a very fundamental question and it requires intense dedication, one pointed focus and a lot of patience to get to the answer... I wish you all the best for your journey to the ultimate answer... (There is a school of thought that says that the answer is 42! :))

Q: Dear Bawa,

2 days back I asked you a Q on the fear of Christian faith that I discontinued. I got your reply on it and want to share one experience.

When I used to go to church, I had a very close interaction with my sir there, he was my mentor. However, after I discontinued I never talked to him b'coz of the fear in the mind that he'll criticize me. Today afternoon, after work I went to sleep in my hostel and I met him in my dreams. I shared all that has happened (the success of my PhD, my present work, my marriage etc.) and he was listening to me. I could feel the longing in both of our hearts to hear each other. He asked me where I was all these days? We talked a lot and then I opened my eyes. I was feeling
very light and there was a joy in my heart. What an amazing experience!!!

Are dreams real Bawa? What does this dream mean?

A: There are five types of dreams... Guruji has talked all about it in one of the Knowledge sheet books... Read it up!
As far as the meaning of the dream goes, wise people do not breathe too much meaning into any dream... You have made a choice, now stick to it and get on with your life!

Q: I am 23 years old. I have been organizing and assisting AOL courses since last year and the organizers and teachers here want me to go for TTC1 going to be held in august. but bhaiya, I don't know why but my parents are always dissatisfied with me...my father hasn't done course since yet besides my efforts since now. Mother has done basic course and does not do kriya. I put all my efforts to do what they say. Even then i don't know what they want. I mean, bhaiya I want to serve the society and I am not at all like my lazy cousins who sit free in their holidays or think about themselves... can you please give any direction?

A: We need many more like you. It has always been a mystery to me how parents cannot feel proud of their children, when their children are doing the noble work of serving society... It does help a bit if you spend some little time at home as well :)
Don’t worry too much about parents not doing the course or not practicing Kriya, that happens by and by... Even if it doesn’t, the merit of your Seva gets passed on to them, so really don’t worry about them :)

Q: Dear Bawa,

I was to do the Yes+ TTC 2 years back with you but didn't:( (wish I had). I was at Utsav on Sunday and loved the way you handled Q & A. You are really awesome with answers. I must tell you that I have been reading your blog everyday these past few days and I must say you are such a multi faceted personality. I share some of the same taste in books and have left my comments.

I attended the volunteer meeting you had later, after Utsav. I have one question regarding what you said there. You were talking about the Guru Shishya Parampara and you were telling us how you would drop everything if Rajashri Patel came to India because you love her as she was your teacher... and you are like this because you love her ...and similarly the Yes+ kids love you.. Now, my AOL teacher is not close to inspiring, in fact I am defensive when I am asked who my basic course teacher is. But I am inspired by many other teachers in AOL ( to give you few names, Rajesh and Kavi, Harish are my good friends).

So, what happens in my case? I mean, if we do the course with a teacher, will we mirror them in some way? I always thought it didn't matter who the basic course teacher was as Guruji will take care. But this sentence of yours has actually brought put me off balance:-) Please tell me, should I ask people to do courses with only certain teachers? If yes, then how to I answer the Question as who am I to judge good and bad teachers when Guruji has made them teachers?

A: The only teacher is Guruji and you mirror Him :)... And yes, if you feel a certain person will gel better or enjoy a course more with a particular teacher and you have that choice available, do send that person to that teacher.

For sure, some people will love to learn from certain teachers and others will get turned off. But everyone loves the Sudarshan Kriya and Guruji and that’s enough :)

Q: Hi bawa. how are you? I attended art of living course recently Act 1 at Chennai. It made things better in life. Before the course started there was huge problem at my house. My mom and dad where fighting each other. My mom is suspecting my dads actions always. She is connecting with some people and she is scolding him. One fine day it all came to a break and they started fighting so that the whole road would see..I tried to convince them and got things settled right before I came to course.

But today once again the problem started. My mom is using rubbish words which no girl would say and my dad is saying things as if he is going to break the relationship today. Now my mom is crying and me too. She just wants to die and she keeps on imagining things like people are trying to pull her leg..I spoke to her but I am getting easily angered due to her talks. She doesn't want to understand people. I told her not to find intentions behind others work..but all the five principles is not working before her..I cant share this with my sister who is doing her final semester in m.b.b.s in Russia. It may affect her exams..say something that I could say to my mom to prevent her from doing anything wrong..to calm her..please help me with this..

A: You pray... And get on with your life and let your parents sort out their stuff. Your Sadhana, Seva and Satsang and your prayers will help them much more than your words... Your peace may help solve their problems better than even you can imagine, so trust yourself, trust Guruji, and move on...

Q: jai gurudev ,
hello bawa...
I smoke a lot ....I just wanna quit it...................tried all stuff.................and I am to afraid to tell it to my YES!+ teacher .......Please Help!

A: You want to quit. Then stop! Finish it now. With smoking, who you are hanging around with also aggravates the habit. So stay with people who don't smoke... Do your Kriya regularly, do some physical work (goto the gym), have cold water baths, lose yourself in Seva... You will be fine...

Also remember that every time you smoke, you are choosing NOT to have Guruji in your life... Not a very smart move. Its wise to choose life!

Q: Jgd Bawa/Dinesh,

What do I do, even if educating again n again AND again, does NOT help a person understand his responsibilities?!

What if he has suffered a lot in life because of his bad habits, and dishonesty, and infact has even made his family suffer coz of it? And despite every set-back that the family has suffered because of him, they have embraced him and given him a chance to change?
Guruji says, you should educate and ignore.. how can you ignore the only bread-winner of the family?
How much humiliation can you suffer in front of the world, just cause he is your husband?

How much forgiveness is good?

A: There is always the end of the leash. Sometimes if someone simply doesn’t learn, and they are hurting you and themselves and you are just not happy with them, even though for a very long time you have given your best shot, then a drastic step like separation might be the only option left... You may have to choose

Q: Dear Bawa,

What does a dutiful wife do when her husband has divorced her mentally [physical divorce is out of the question]? Irony is both are into Seva, Satsang and Sadhana. The wife is suicidal.

A: Suicide is out of the question. If husband is not interested, then focus your love on Guruji... Get completely involved in Sadhana, Seva and Satsang... You could almost consider yourself lucky that you have all the “respectability” of being married without having the burdens of that life and that you are free to really go deep into yourself and being completely spiritual!  

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Siri said...

Awesome Q n A, very useful!!
The 4th question reminded me of what Guruji said in our advanced course way back in 2003. HE said that in close relationships sometimes we get caught up in Raag and Dvesh, thats why we sometimes cannot digest people close to us whereas we maybe very friendly with others. HE said a little distance is actually good even in close relationships.


Vishesh Jain said...

nice qna ... good

jai gurudeva


parth said...

simply superb...!
you are 1 of the gem in Guruji's crown.....i had mailed you my question also...;)
some times it amazed me that:
when you started on this path, what makes you so clear ( for people like us who are working and doesn't have fantabulous skills like you people have...!),some times we afraid of leaving all the things like what my mom and dad will think as my dad always says do what ever you like become teacher i dont mind but make sure that you are giving your 100% and be at TOP (This what my father thinks) ....so simply what makes you clear...!? ( i know knowledge,grace and guru's blessings are always there.)
really this amazed me a lot....!!

sorry if i have troubled you


Sandeep said...

Intricate problem:
> My mom and dad were fighting
> each other. Now my mom is
> crying and me too

I sympathize with him because I have been through similar problems.

This is his Karma. Sometimes we are born in a certain family to grow out of these difficulties. These problems keep coming back across incarnations until we learn to tackle them successfully.

One has to learn to deal with difficult people, whether in the family or outside. One must be able to tackle these problems with equanimity - without getting depressed, worried, angry or escaping from it.

The equanimity he gains will fuel the growth of his soul. If he exhibits calmness in the midst of turmoil, it might also shock his parents to stop fighting and start meditating with him !!

Anonymous said...

Where do all these questions come from?

vini said...

u knw bau You are just amazing and incredible........the best thing about you is that you give personalized answers posted right to the heart where in even the intellectuals forget they have a mind:) which works at wrong times.....
Jgd bau....Love you

Anupam Gupta said...

Jai Gurudev Bau

bau dont mind me saying this but i thought some of the answers were very extreme...especially the one about parents fighting..i mean to ignore this will take not just immense tolerance and will power but also very powerful sadhna...now i am not saying those things are not possible..of course they are..btu dont most of the things fail when it comes to your parents...the emotional component here is just too prevalent...i have seen it so many times with my own mother..where i just can not keep my cool when she starts berating me about going for Seva or satsang or anything...i just SNAP....please advise what to do in such situations bau...


anshika said...

Late today... :-( ??

( saturday : 26/7/08 )

anshika said...

Hey Bawa Bhaiya,
could you please post something on 'Birthdays' ... I mean tomorrow is my b'day( 27/7 ) n it wud be gr8 to read anything exciting bout b'days!

Bawa said...

The questions come from all of you! if you see the sidebar, there is a link which allows you to ask questions to me and dinesh... i have a 100 question backlog to clear :)

Its one of the most fun columns on this blog, i love answering and i am sure you guys love readiing what i have written...

PLEASE remember to IMPLEMENT as well!!! Reading these posts may make you smile or make you thoughtful, implementing stuff here will change your life!!

Jai Gurudeva!

Anonymous said...

i sent u a question today. :))
Jai Gurudev


Anonymous said...

Bau, could you possibly further categorize your recipe section? As your cooking entries gets bigger, it's kind of hard to search them. I was looking for some soup recipes and realized it would be easier if you could further label your recipes as Salads, cakes, Milkshake, soups etc etc. Will you?

By the way, your Q&A was as usual great. I recently had a chance to meet Rajshree and she is amazing!

aparna said...

ah... if not for Q N A your last comment speaks even more!!

You ROCK bawa!!

Wonder where all the patience come from!?!??!? to answer so many Qs..

Abhilasha said...

Perfect bau..thanks for reminding the implementation part :D

Anonymous said...

Bau, How are you and where are you? No posts or comments in the last few days......what happened???

APOORVA said...

BAWA NEXT BLOG??????????

Now what?????????? said...


Miss your posts :(

Anonymous said...

Bawa, Its been very long now.
Please keep blogging

O.A.K. Tree said...

long time no blogs from u bawa!! Its like living without food and water for days together

hamsa_tachyon said...

Ohh ! Someone seems to have found The Question to The Answer ! thanks to you, i've been having a lot of fun re-reading, after ages, the pentology (?), much of which i'd forgotten actually ..

richa said...

bau u r really great.. the vay u answer the questions is really great...

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