Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Friday, March 21, 2008

Satsang yesterday night

Before i write about Surat, Mumbai, Nashik and Nagpur, here are 2 things that stood out in the Knowledge that Guruji gave yesterday night...

Q. How do i handle the situation when i want to do stuff that my elders dont want me to do?

A. Prayer, Skill and Time

Q. How relevant is Meditation in a young person's life who wants to achieve a great many things?

A. If you want the arrow to fly really far, you need to pullit back quite a lot... similarly if you want to build a really tall building, you have to dig that much deeper into the earth to lay the foundation isnt it?! If you want to have great success and be really dynamic, then you need to learn to be still as well... The greater the Stillness of the Self, the greater the Dynamism and Success you will have!
The process of becoming still is also so very very beautiful! ....

He answered in Hindi, the above is my translation of it and whatever i can remember :)

326 very blessed souls on the YES!+ Adv course happening right now in the Bangalore Ashram!!

Jai Gurudeva !

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Manohar Jha said...

Love you Bawa.

Anupam Gupta said...

WOW...as always guruji keeps anwering my questions without having to actually ask them....all u can say is WOW to these things, isn't it bau??

Thanx BAAU!!!hw many times have people told u that ur the BESTEST!!!!

love...tons and tons of it...
jai gurudev

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