Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Friday, March 21, 2008

Hi-Tech Holi Satsang

What a surprise we had tonight!!

The Satsang was shifted from Vishalakshi Mantap to the Yagyashala... we had no idea why :)
Guruji resplendent as ever got on stage and then He talked a little bit about Holi, coming of spring, things like that and then He went outside and lit the Holi fire (which was still blazing when i came back to write this).

He came back on stage after a few minutes, the bhajans started and then He said lets celebrate Holi today with flowers... and promptly got up and tossed fistfuls of coloured flowers into the swinging mass of satsangees!

and then without any warning the sprinklers in the entire Yagyashala came on and it was a full scale shower inside the hall... Guruji is still tossing baskets of flowers into the crowd... He mentioned this is a hi-tech Holi Celebration :)

Buckets of cold water in which lots of sandal wood paste had been mixed suddenly made an appearance and Guruji was sprinkling this heavenly scented yellow water onto everyone...

Showers from the Sprinkler system, loads and loads of flowers, buckets of Sandal wood water, lots of mischievous people emptying their water bottles on everyone, coloured people going and hugging the clean ones who were trying to stay out of the way, the burning blazing fire outside the hall made a fantastic Celebration... AND we came to know later that it was being telecast live on ZEE TV!! so the whole of India and some parts of the world were watching us as we welcomed Spring!!

Its said that one should make seven rounds of the Holi Fire and we did just that... The hot blaze dried up a lot of the water... then everyone settled down and Guruji did a few question answers in His usual inimitable one liner way and then introduced to us some leaders of the communist party of Russia who talked for a few minutes and said he would like to take this celebration and caring and love that he saw back to Russia... They had also been taking full part in the celebration and were soaked with sandal water and smiling away as if they did this everyday :)

a few snatches of Knowledge:

Q. I am born under the star sign Leo and am supposed to be a born leader, but i hate to lead and dont like taking responsibility

A. Dont bother about when you were born... you can lead when you are an integrated personality, just relax and be yourself thats all...

Q. Since childhood, I have been told that i should be nice to people... but then they take me for granted... now some of my loved ones tell me i should be practical... what should i do?

A. There are many many different types of people, you need to realise that you are a multi faceted personality not monotonous... so with different people you need to behave in different ways and definitely its not a good idea to stop being nice just because few people don't appreciate it...

Dont remember much else, was too busy being blissed out :)

Happy Holi and Navroz Mubarak too!!! (its the Parsi New Year as well today)

Jai Gurudeva !


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Preeti said...

Indeed Hi-tech ki jai ho! I get to read your post abt 7 min after you post it... so perhaps the Holi fire is still burning at the ashram!
Happy Holi and thanks for the surprise post(s).
Wish you a very Happy Parsi New Year.

I happened to visit a church today for the first time yet the word of God and Jesus seemed very very familiar :)


Anupam Gupta said...

WOW!!!hi t-tech holi and HOW!!!

Happy holi to u too baau...great fun it seems....and quite enviosu for the other million or so folks rueing not being there...man i hate nmyself for missing this....

Happy New Year too....may guruji be with us(oh who am i kidding...HE IS GONNE BE!!!)

jai gurudev

Ganga Sharma said...

Bawa and Dinesh,
It was a wonderful experience for me. I feel I got the best of both worlds - Advance course session with Bharat Bhaiya and an opportunity to sit thru your final session on Yesplus Utsav plans for 2008.


Kanasu Nagathihalli said...

That was my FIRST Holi!! And it was truly brilliant Bau!! As I read the blog I relived every moment of that day!!
It was beautiful... It was all done in silence.

Anonymous said...

hitech holi was great!!

first greatest masti i ever had!! :)
Jai Gurudev!

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