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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

QnA - 3

Q. I have a son. I am taking care of my family very well . I would love to do more seva to the society.Myself and my husband are AOL devotees, and we do volunteer work also. Either of us take care our son, another will go for AOL Seva.
Should we restrict ourself to only family or can we come out of the family and do seva to every one?
One of our teacher said that , leaving husband to clean ,wash and taking care of the son is not at all good .I was really disturbed by her words, in this case should i restrict myself doing seva to the family alone and not come out of the family.

Please help me out .

You are very lucky that you have a husband who is so cooperative and takes care of your son while you do some Seva. Definitely do not neglect your child while doing Seva. At the same time its completely between you and your husband how you manage, and that teacher had no right to comment at all... Maybe she was just jealous :)... And for sure needs to do a few adv courses :)
I am so happy that even though you have a child and a very young one at that, you take time out to do Seva for others... You and your husband are doing the perfectly right thing and let no one tell you otherwise! More people have to redefine family like you have done to include more and more people!!
More families need to follow your example and very soon our planet will be a better place to live in! :)

Q. i want to do some thing for " Garbage to gold " in the rural areas. but i am not able to get right direction and right people to discuss my ideas.

Talk to rohit and shilpa in Mumbai they will put you in touch with the “right” people... drrohitsab@gmail.com is their email id.

Q. why we are doing seva in the tribal areas although we know that after their economical condition is improved there is also problems like developed farmers have in the punjab etc.
what is our aim and what is our limit?

Our aim is Vasudeva Kutumbakam... Creating a one world family!
Seva needs to be done everywhere, not just in tribal areas or rural areas... there are extremely under privileged people staying even in New York and LA... Under privileged spiritually! Everyone needs help... And everyone who can help, should!!

Q. Bawa, I am from VIT University, Vellore,TN,India.My college management are too adamant about their descision to not to let any courses like YES!+ in the campus.I will still do my best to convince them.

Don’t worry about your college being against YES!+ ... Don't convince your management, convince your friends to come and do the course! :)

Q. I am reading about smoking these days in detail, and getting shocking facts,which i want to convey to students here, who smoke and fall in its trap. i want to give the exact details of how bad it is for us, so that they think ten times even before trying their first cigarette.Suggest me some good ideas, of how to effectively reach the students in the best way.Helping the students already caught in smoking would be my 2nd step.

And as far as smoking is concerned, make a nice presentation about it, and show it to everyone. Your job is to educate, you do just that... If people dont want to listen, thats their problem, not yours...
If anyone wants to give up smoking, just get them to a YES!+ course... Even if they have to travel from Vellore to say Bangalore or Delhi or Mumbai for it, make them travel and maybe you also come with them... They will easily be able to quit after the course.

Q. A lot of my close friends have given me a feedback that i don't make my presence felt. all these people believe that I'm not loud enough though i have the right ideas. i feel a problem with going ahead with my ideas without anyone to support, i feel the need of a friend who would discuss with me about my ideas and develop it and encourage me to go ahead. And i haven't found that person yet. So how do i handle this situation without any special friend. i have always felt the need of a friend who takes me seriously and be really dedicated to our friendship.

There are many people around you who qualify for this... question is do you qualify to be a special friend for someone else? As soon as you do, you will not have one or two but dozens of very special people in your life!
How to qualify? Sadhana, Seva, Satsang... and thinking and doing more for others!
Get involved in Seva! Help organise a YES!+ or an Utsav course and see what happens. Drop this “What about me” attitude and you will be fine! :)

Q. I want to know how to identify my life/future between a lot of choices.. whats the purpose.. of my life!

Purpose of life is to Give!
Rest you figure out :)

Jai Gurudeva!

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Anonymous said...

Jai Gurudev!

hmm i was thinking about few of these Qs myself. now everything is prety clear! :)


Avinash Agrawal said...

This is really cool wisdom, I have your blog on my google reader RSS, Jai Gurudev, Avinash

pratiksha said...

bawa ths is smthng really gr8..v all r in touch with u!!!



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