Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Friday, March 21, 2008


Oooo yes, i am quite a fan of asterix and obelix... though i think the characters that are the most endearing to me are Chief Vitalstatistix and the Druid Getafix :)
So, yes if anyone has that CD with that entire collection on it, i would love to have it! :)
Jai Gurudeva!

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Srik M said...

Hi bawa!! Jai Gurudev! This is sri... You may not remember me. I was the one who was asking you about where to buy WoW, yesterday afternoon just before the session about the YES+ TTC.. :)

I don't have any CDs with me.. I'll take it from you when you get them :) But I do do have all the PDFs.. If you need them let me know. I'll bring them when I come to the ashram. :)

nits said...

Jai gurudev,,i am NITIN from nashik.just i have done my yes + advance course in Banglore.........it was really a nice time it was a unforgatable too.......u know i met guruji three times and i hug him twise....i wants to share one experiense with you all...on sunday when we were doing our meditation in our course after that meditation when we opened our eyes we saw guruji was seating in front of us....and that was the happiest movement in my life.......at that i wanted to hear something from guruji but all yes + partisipents were so much excited so he didnt speak..so there was a regreat in my mind that i wanted to hear but he didnt ....but after that in that day SATSANG i asked guruji in front of all the people in VISHALAKSHI MANDAP that guruji say something to all our yes + students which will help us in our life...and after that guruji said "MEIN TUMHARE SAATH HU!!!!!!!!!" and that was the second happiest movement in my life u know after that movement i am feeling much more confident..because i know guruji is with me...............jai gurudev...............
bau and dinesh bhayya u both are my IDOL........i wants to be like you
so tell me what can i do..........my mail id is nitindhatrak_lic@yahoo.co.in
with love

Anonymous said...

Jai Gurudeva:-D
I wish i had the collection bawa... the books dat u say about s toooo good:) had read a few of dem.. plz write about the books which has both fun n knowledge in it... n ya.. the book called "journey thru genius" m did nt find in crossword.. can u tel me whr can i find the book...

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