Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Guruji in Mumbai on the way to Surat

Saw Him at 3:00 am today morning at the airport... am really proud of the way all our Mumbai devotees were over there... all disciplined and bursting with joy... He met everyone there, and then did a repeat of meeting everyone downstairs at KK's house... He flowed into the hearts of all of us there all over again... gave me and dinesh a naughty wink and a glorious smile...
went to meet Him at KK's home right then and He gave me a hug, some really yummy German Pastry which we shared and shared with so many people and it still refused to get over (i have some still left in the fridge) and a BIG loaf a really super German Bread which i am going to have for breakfast!
Booked in a train to Surat for Shivaratri leaving in an hours time...
If there is a net connection there, will write and tell all :)
meanwhile, ciao!!
Jai Gurudeva !

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Devashree said...

haha...Guruji and German pastry sound mutually exclusive (let us know if u need any help finishing it btw..)...Anyways, it's sooo good to know he's here...
I've taken my passes to the Maha Kriya and the PDS already and can't wait to be in his presence..!

Jai Gurudev...!

vinnie said...

hi bau ,

your writing is so visual that I can feel the excitement that you felt that nite ....well I to choose between meeting Him at the airport or going for seva at 5 am... Remembering Him I chose the latter and well it always pays off ... I got to meet Him at KKs which is generally off limits to the likes of me but this time I sent the name up and I was called .. That itself was a big thing ...How it happened as always I am unable to figure out but in a jiffy I was in the lift with Him playing liftman to my Master ...I was a little clumsy and He kept smiling at me and edged me on to close the lift door but what a moment just to be in a closed lift with just Him and two other people...
thanx bau for all your love and please gimme more !!!!

vinnie said...

hey bau you better find a net connection and keep us posted .

jai guru deva


Preeti said...

Dear Bau
Waiting eagerly for the Shivarati report. Tried very hard to watch the telecast on the net but the sanskar channel was simply jammed. So when telecommunication failed tried telepathy :) The meditation was good but still, how was it to be there?
all ears,

Anonymous said...

Bawa I have read your blog completely and enjoyed and learnt from it. Besides its a very nice way to know what's happening around you two angels! So please keep posting, will check it often!
JGD... Abhay.

Varun said...

ya still got some pastry left in da fridge ??:)

Monica said...

the 'german pastry' which never got over gives nutrition to the imagination :D

and Bawa, Guruji ... "gave me (i.e. Bawa) and dinesh a naughty wink and a glorious smile..." respectively ?? Hmmm, as the receipient - so the expression :D
with all love to our Bawa :D
Jai Gurudev :D

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