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Dinesh and Bawa


Monday, March 3, 2008

QnA - 1

Lots of people ask me questions... here are a few answers :)

Q. How to get over lust?

A. First off dont make a big deal out of it... to get over it there are 4 things that really help a lot
1. Do some creative stuff, lust will simply not bother you when you have a hobby, you do Seva, you cook a meal for someone, you organise a picnic... whatever...
2. Physical exercise: go jogging, swimming, to the gym... do Suryanamaskars... sweat it out! good for your body and mind and definitely great to get over any obsession
3. Dancing... dance to some devotional music, even some soft pop or rock is fine... move your body with abandon... with eyes closed surrender to the music...
4. and finally Cold Cold water baths!!

Q. Why is it so that some times some person suffers unnecessarily even if they are not responsible for that or you may say that it may not be in his own control?

A. Dont people also get very lucky too? sometimes without any effort, things work out amazingly perfectly... isnt it? and some other times, even after working hard, things dont work... it balances out... doing Seva, Sadhana, Satsang will make more of the first type of things to happen in your life :)

Q. I always hear that one should not get too attached to anything. Can you please explain how one can refrain from getting too attached to something or someone at the same time enjoy whatever it is?

A. Have you ever seen a wet swan? though swans are always in water, they are never wet isnt it? Like that be in world, do everything, but be untouched by it... your practices, your Seva will slowly (sometimes it be very fast too:)) but surely bring this up in you without much effort from your side...  

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In Search Of Myself said...

Jai Gurudev Bau & Dinesh Bhaiya,

Finally there's a Blog, to communicate with you, esp. for people like me who do not stay in Bangalore!!

Please keep adding more of these Q&A series & your experiences with Guruji & in life - Their will be looots!!! :)

The way you answer question with such wit & wisdom is amazing. I tell you, I have done 6 advanced courses & now if I am not doing a particular Yes++, I simply come on the last day, for your session! :)

- Ashwani Gupta

Anonymous said...


Heard so much about you. One of your disciples taught me the Art of Living course.

Have a question - I am faced with a situation where i have lost the trust of many around me and the respect. Is there anyway to get it back? I am not completely responsible for this happening but here i am (I remember reading somewhere about taking responsibility but..).

What do i do? It seems like a uphill task.

Jaimin said...

Relished your answer to the question on "unnecessary suffering"!

May I please request you to address the following question based on that:

So is it that all you can do is wish, and leave it to some sublime power to decide whether to grant it or not? Are we in any way responsible for every thing that happened to us, is happening to us, or will ever happen to us? If yes, how?

Apparently, there is contradiction between being "bound by karma" and "having free will". Please throw some light.

jagger said...

you rock! especially your comments about "how to overcome lust". you could have told all this to me 16 years ago when we were in IIT Powai, solving math problems! :-)

Shradha said...


You simply ultra cool...just little examples leave such a deep impact on our minds. I am doing the Yes+ course in Nagpur...Its just made a happier human being...I now know i can be happy no matter what...i own my happiness...no one will give it to me. God bless.


KOLA said...

Hey Bawa!
Need your help. My friends always ask me about AOL course. They make fun out of me. But its fine with me. I just want to tell them how cool it is for them. I will bring them to the UTSAV but need some smart answer from you as you always have one, what I can tell them so they will be attracted towards yoga and satsang?

Parveen, Nagpur said...

Dear Bawa,
I saw you when u came to Nagpur for Yes+ course, it was an amazing experience,i had done my Basic course a yr back but never did Kriya but now after Yes+ course when i am doing my Kriya everyday it has changes my life completely...i am very thankful to you and Guruji for transforming my life..One thing i wnated to ask im not able to locate a place in Andheri East where i can go for my Long Kriya since i have shifted to Mumbai..Pls help me..I dont know if u remember me..i had made some chocolates for you and gave you on the last day in Nagpur during Yes+ course.Hope to see you soon...Take care!!!

Parveen, Nagpur said...

Dear Dinesh Bhaiya,
I hope you liked the Shivji Tanjore Painting which i gave you in Nagpur in Yes+ course, that was speccially for you.. i am so really thankful to you for changing so many lives on this earth, you and bawa are doing amazing job to humanity..i wish to see you soon, i am a great fan of urs and i love you alot...Hope to se you very soon..Take care.

Anonymous said...

jai gurudev bawa
my question is
are girls really that dumb not to understand what u fell for them or just pretend that they donot understand ?

mohini said...

i read some of your answers bhaiya they were amazing as usual.i recently attended the yes+ course in kolkata and truely it was a wonderful experience.i am always going to cherish those moments spent with you and dinesh.dinesh bhaiya is truely amazing and so are you .i really wish that you twocome back to kolkata very soon!!!!!!!
lots of love,hugs

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