Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Date and Walnut Cake revisted

We made this cake yesterday for Devang's birthday... we used only whole wheat flour, no maida at all and it turned out perfectly... also instead of dates we used raisins...
Its a really easy cake to make and tastes absolutely divine... go for it! :) It took us about 10 minutes to mix up the stuff and another 30 mins or so in the oven... Before i could even take a photo of it to put it up here, people gobbled it up! :)
Just remember to be really exact about the measurements and you will be fine... Do make the cake, eat it and post comments about it :)
Will make one more and take a photo... if anyone knows how to make sugar free icing, please post!
Jai Gurudeva!

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JM said...

hmm.. sugar free icing..!!
Well, generally i make icing from RICH CREAM[This is available in any renowned bakery product shop]Its a cream like thing but a bit liquid in consistancy.

The procedure is as follows:
In a plastic container[has to be deep enuf] whip the RICH CREAM vdout adding anything with the electronic beater,till it form peaks.
It'll take say 7-8mins.First 2 mins on high speed,later 2 mins on medium speed.. n last 3mins on high speed again.
Done!!!!! Can add chocolate chips or caramel if you want ;) n lo!!! you can njoy n relish the cake :P

Jai Gurudev :)

Devashree said...

Sugar-free Vegan Frosting Recipe

* 1 cup (1/2 pound) firm tofu
* 2 tbsp oil
* 2 tbsp lemon juice
* 3 to 4 tbsp maple syrup
* 1/2 tsp vanilla

Dunno how it will taste ON the cake, but worth a try..if u don't have maple syrup, substitute it with any fruit syrup...


Devashree said...

I have an alternate recipe, but it's kinda diff to obtain all the raw materials..

# 2(1ounce)boxes sugar-free instant pudding mix(any flavor)
# 1 cup skim milk
# 3 cups heavy whipping cream


Put all ingredients in a mixing bowl. Using electric mixer at low speed, mix til pudding is dissolved. Increase speed and whip until it is spreading consistency.

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