Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Monday, May 12, 2008

Guruji does His bit!

Bangalore Utsav:

On the day one of the Utsav of Bangalore, 2 hours or so before we were ready to begin, the election commissioner suddenly decided that we cannot hold the program in the ground that it was scheduled to be held... They got an order from the Bangalore Municipal Corporation canceling the course... Turned out that the ground was adjacent to the National College where all the ballot boxes of the upcoming Bangalore Elections would be kept, and such a huge gathering was a "security" threat or something like that...

Police were not allowing any workers or volunteers to do anything on the ground, so the pandal was not completed, sound was not ready, stage was in a shambles... All those last minute things that are to be done, couldn't be done... We had close to a 1000 registrations on the course, our team of volunteers and teachers had been working day and night, really hard, for almost 3 months to get the show together and it was about 10 minutes to 5:00 pm , the time Utsav was supposed to start and people were streaming in...

To top all that, the skies were overcast, and there was a faint drizzle of rain as well, threatening to turn into an all out shower... This is the middle of summer... 8th May!! Some confusion with the Bangalore weather Angels for sure! :)

At 5 minutes to 5:00 pm, after a flurry of useless phone calls to "concerned" authorities for the past 2 hours (and 1 phone call to Guruji explaining the situation), Dinesh(?) managed to convince the BMC people at the ground itself to let us do the course for 3 days, Thursday, Friday and Sunday (suggestion from Guruji), we thought we will do Saturday at the Ashram... Saturday being the day of the election.

In 15 Minutes miraculously, the stage, the pandal, the sound, the video... everything simply came together, everyone was registered in and seated and ready to begin... and we started the course only 10 minutes late, at 5:10 pm!

The Election Commissioner had somehow been appeased, how about the Rain Gods? A steady drizzle, very gentle continued for some time... Dinesh mentioned its the God's who were showering their Blessings on all of us... Dinesh and i were fervently praying to Guruji to make it stop raining... It never turned into an all out shower... BUT, it did keep drizzling off and on...

Then it was time for Sudershan Kriya. We told all the participants to pray that it would not rain while we were doing Kriya and meditating... As soon as we chanted Om to get ready to start Kriya. All the rain stopped. Completely. And stayed stopped throughout the hour long Kriya and meditation!

The pandal was in the huge Basvangudi Grounds. We had not cordoned off the entire ground to save costs :). We had just a 1000 registrations, so had cordoned off an area to seat the 1000 comfortably...

For the entire hour of the Kriya, it was not raining at all in the cordoned off area. Just a few feet away, on the grounds, on either side of the pandal it was raining... and about 500 meters away from the pandal it was raining heavily!!

When everyone had finished the Kriya and were read to go home, they found the ground surrounding the pandal to be wet and sticky with mud... just the pandal was absolutely dry...

I remember once Guruji saying that when you are doing something good, nature will bend to cooperate with you... I have a feeling, Guruji gently nudges nature to her bit... by doing His bit!

Jai Gurudeva!

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Anupam Gupta said...

jai gurudev..

hehe...tears again....its SOOO amazing bau...THANK YOU GURUJI!!!!!

thanx bau

Anonymous said...

That was lovely, thanks ! ....
also to learn what happens "behind the scenes" and how you all "fervently pray" :)
It does seem like Nature (Guruji?) also likes to test us before "doing their bit", isn't it?

Streax said...

Guruji is rOcKs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was just.. fantasticcccccccccccc to read it.. re read it.. Miracles!!!!!! wah........ :) :) :) :)

Love you Guruji!!!!!!

Jai Gurudev!

milan said...

dear sir
it is truly a miracle
may b something like that should happen in chennai so that the participants can understand my guruji is "more than divinity"

Jyuthika said...

Splendid, Marvel, Beautiful..!!

No doubt it was an inexplicable event, played by the nature, which only 'He' can understand and explain... :) :)

After reading the post,was filled with a different joyous feeling.. Loved the post alot Bau!! Love you for sharing soo many wonderful things with us.

:)Jai Gurudev :) :)

The Pilgrim said...

i dont know hoe he managesall this!
yes it happened even during mahakriya in mumbai this march...
when he arrived on the stage after pranayams he look up in the sky.. sun was scorching and then as he was talking to all of us he gently brought it to our attention.. clouds came from nowhere .. dark black clouds in the month of march!
all this science of evaporation of water and aggregation and condensation makes no sense sometimes..
or is it that when god (read guruji) writes play script he knows exactly where to place the prop?
May be only He knows!

Vishesh Jain said...

That felt sooooooooo goooood . :):):)
sooooo ... warm in the heart !!!!!!

"We don't believe in miracles, we rely on them !!!! " !!!!!!

seemaa said...

Astounding , Bau !!!! This is such an inspiration - i will talk about this story at today's (Guruji's Bday satsang) - am sure it will light up a lot of minds in NZ.
Besides you always say " I don't believe in Miracles, i rely on them:)"

Raghavan said...

beyond words Bawa ! What faith it must take to stand there and do ones bit (Dinesh Bhaiyya) when all seems dark ! Boy does HE test our limits :)

Jai Guru Dev,

Kanasu Nagathihalli said...

ogI knew about this before the utsav started and I was wondering how it could all come to be..

But I just knew it would. And I knew it wouldnt rain as well...

It was so obvious for me considering it was all guruji's doing... :-)

chintan said...

yaaaaaa Bau even the same thing happened in Mumbai wen GURUJI was here for Mahakriya
We all were sitting in the scorching heat at the open ground near sion and as soon as he came after vishwas bhaiya took our pranayams..............he looked at the clouds and said "chalo ab kriya karte hai ab toh badal bhi hamare saath hai" something like that
and then he gently told us wenever any1 does something good Nature will also support him!!!!
i still remember that i go WAH!!!
i mean i alwaz heard such stories but that was the 1st time i xperinced it.

Shreyans Mehta said...

Having faith makes all the difference :)

Happy Birthday Guruji.

Thanks Bau for this. It makes so much of a difference.


Vinod Patil said...

Awesome , its amazing. HE always cares for all of us.
I express my gratitude towards Guruji.
We love you Guruji.

Jai Gurudev

guga said...

Bawa it was awesome to do SUDARSHAN KRIYA in the drizzle.It was all GURUJI grace.JAIGURUDEV!!!

mohita said...

SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you Guruji.
Thanks for sharing n filling our heart with excitement

Niveditha Shekar said...

I had goose bums all over,this does not happen to me always, it happens wen I see some thing which makes me happy, some thing which excites me,some thing that really touches my heart.. I had goose bums when i read this post. :)
After reading this I remembered a quote from the novel Alchemist. It says "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to acheive it."
Very nice Bhaiya.
Jai Gurudev!

Bawa said...

Nature and Guruji dont test at all :)
Its just a game, when you know the rules it becomes easier to play and have loads of fun playing :)

Guruji once said, testing is done by the ignorant for the ignorant... Guruji already knows us so well, He already knows the outcome of any test, so He never needs to test :)

Its just another adventure

Priya said...

This is truly amazing.. I remembered a similar personal experience in Rishikesh.. When Guruji is commands, nature also listens to HIM.

I also think that was Guruji's way of bringing in faith among many new comers.

Thanks a lot Bawa for sharing such an amazing experience.


Monica said...

waht a beauty.
thanks to our Guruji.
{dinesh sir's idea of angels showering their blseeings on us was very nice :) }
Jai Gurudeva.

Prakirtee said...

I'm spending my Sunday reading your coooool and amazing posts ... Wow.. you're right to say it's all a game and it truly becomes fun to play when you know the rules.. Nature is amazing indeed

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