Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Sunday, May 11, 2008

QnA - 9

Q:I have everything in life. Guruji, wonderful parents, enough money, a nice job, Seva, Satsang...... But i feel something missing in this entire picture. I don't quite know what it is and so i cannot act upon it. It's as if there is some quest in my life. But i cannot understand what to do. This is not bringing me any un-happiness, but its playing on my mind for quite some time now. Do you know what it might be?

A: Sincerely do stuff for others, sincerely think how can I contribute? And then get out there and do it… this brings meaning and fulfillment… Also do as many Adv courses as you possibly can ☺

Q: I face a lot of resistance from my Dad{ a non- Believer of God} against AOL and Guruji. He sometimes says nasty things to Guruji which results in Bitter arguments between Both of Us!! PLs. Help!!

A: Tell your dad that since India is a free country, he has a right to ignorance! And that you respect it… anytime he wants some Knowledge, he can come for an Art of Living course ☺


Q: Bau most of my friends{ AOL and non- AOL both} come to with their problems. I try to console them or give them solutions according to whatever AOL knowledge I follow and which works for me!! But They remember me only when they are in Problem not when they are enjoying their lives!! I feel I have turned into some counselor who is always surrounded with people with negativity!! First, I used to get too involved in their problems and get sad at times but now with regular Kriya I'm safe!! Bau now I feel I should just stop giving them solutions and let them do whatever they feel is right. But then I feel this is my little Seva and I'm answerable to Guruji!! I'm a stronger Believer of Karma and aim at doing Good Karma always!!

A: Here is what I do:
Non AOL friends with problems: Their major problem is that they don’t have AOL in their lives… So, I patiently hear them out, usually this solves their issues and if it doesn’t, I gently point them in the direction of the nearest Art of Living course ☺…
AOL people with problems = Irregularity with Sadhana, or almost no Seva and Satsang… point them in the right direction ☺. Get them on an Adv course and/or involved in some Seva project or the other, could be as simple as organizing a course…
With both these types of people, usually just listening to them solves stuff for them ☺


Q: I am a person of extremely Low confidence have a stammering problem. I need a girl friend. No one is interested in me.

A: Even you don’t seem to be interested in yourself! You don’t love yourself, and you expect someone else to love you?! Stop this I have low confidence and stuff like that… Look in the mirror every morning and say to the reflection I LOVE YOU!!!
And so what if you stammer?! Rashmin one of our best YES!+ teachers used to stammer a lot… now he is completely over it. No one would believe that he ever had that problem…
Repeat a few YES!+ courses, go on a DSN… Pray
Relax and Breathe…
Jai Gurudeva!


Q:Jai Guru Dev,
I have passed my SyBscIT from Usha Pravin Gandhi College of management i.e in mithibhai this year Now the problem is in our third year we have option for subjects b/w advanced java and web designing not many are opting for adv java Becoz it is difficult to score but is in demand in the market and has a good amount of earning. The thing is that i want to opt for web design because it is quite interesting, creative and scoring of course. But whenever i share this idea with others people they suggest me to opt for adv java because market needs such candidates see i dont have much interest in the subject and money is not at all an issue .YES money is an imp factor to live , even to do seva we need money but what if we dont get satisfaction with our work at the end of the day? plz guide me to over come this turmoil situation plz ?
looking forward for your reply

A: Do both!! Take the course in java for the money, and read up on the net, sneak into a few lectures on the course in web design and learn that as well!! Then you will have the qualification needed to earn good money, as well as the capability to do what you love to do, which also has the potential of earning money ☺


Q: How do i handle my mind after hearing my mother telling me not to do various things (like traveling for seva)since she went to an astrologer(whatever he says happens ...we have experienced) and he said that it is bad time for me as i will fall ill and should not travel and be at home......i also wanted to know since Guruji is there with us can such negative things happen? please let me know

A: When it’s night, the stars shine and we can see and feel their light. But even though the stars are very much there during the daytime, can we see their light?
Same way, astrological stuff may affect you, when you are not on the path, not doing Sadhana and Seva, but when you are regular with sadhana, Seva and Satsang and the Grace of the Guru is strong with you, all the planetary influences have as much effect on you as the starlight in the afternoon!


Q: I am very interested in working on one of my academic work
It is a big task requiring at least 2 months of concentrated effort.
I need to focus.
Although my mind does not wander, I am also not able to focus. I feel as if I my mind is "walking around the lake instead of taking a plunge into it". I am confident that I will be able to do the work, but I am not able to achieve that single-minded focus.
How to achieve that "meditative focus" or "single-mindedness" about this work?
Any light?

A: Do you love your work? Once you fall in love with something or are passionate about it, focus comes all by itself. There is nothing to do! and the decision to like something is totally yours… get it?!

Q: Hi bawa, i am of 24 yrs old male, i started loosing my hair for few years. i am scared that i will loose my entire hair in a few years. When i saw both of u i was surprised to see u have long and dense hair. So i want to have hair as healthy as u. I will be happy if u share tips of having healthy hair, any yoga techniques, breathing exercise and diet.

A: The fear of loosing your hair makes you loose your hair… Who cares whether you have hair or not?! You just become a good human being and that’s enough… and you will be surprised how your hair fall reduces or vanishes completely once you just don’t care about it and focus on more important stuff like doing your Kriya and Seva and Satsang!


Q: i am Harsha and i am doing my first year B.E in bits-pilani, goa. So i stay in a hostel and i have completely screwed up my sleeping habits here. i go to sleep at 2 in the night and get up quite since we don't have any attendance system here. so how do i get back to a healthier sleeping pattern? i have tried going to sleep early but it just doesn't work.

A: Get up every morning latest by 6:00 am. Regardless of when you sleep. You will automatically sleep earlier after 5-7 days of doing this… Don’t drink any tea or coffee.


Q: Irritation while chanting OM. i have done my art excel when i was 13 yrs old in 2001, from then i had a problem whenever i chant om i just cant sustain the irritation. its everywhere in the body
Even during the utsav act one from 24 -28 apr in Mumbai, same thing happened. It happenes every time i chant it…
plz help

A: Doesn’t matter. You simply relax and do some alternate nostril pranayama before you chant and then again after you chant and it should become fine. Ask any Art of Living teacher to teach you the alternate nostril Pranayama if you don’t know how to do it… Before chanting do at least 8-10 rounds, you can do fewer after chanting.


Q: A wish at least initiate call from my boyfriend Yogesh and i shall take care of the rest please for the last time initiate the call from him please help me Bawa i need my Love Yogesh please i want him back.

A: Whenever you ask for a wish from any Rishi or Guru or teacher or saint or the universe, always ask for what you want … or Better!
So your question should be let me get a phone call from Yogesh or better!!
Pray with your heart, and you will get it! ☺


Q: i am in love with a girl for over 6 years who has recently become an AOL teacher. I have been her steady friend all along and have seen her move between relationships that has always brought more pain to her. She always shared her thoughts for those relationships. Clearly she sees me as a confidante and a good friend but she also knows that i love her. I have on my part always maintained myself as a good friend above anything else and have tried to be dispassionate about my feelings for her, though longing has always been the dominant feeling. It is through her that i got introduced to Guruji, AOL and subsequently YES+ so i am eternally grateful to her for that.

Last year when i felt a magical moment of Love, i proposed to her to marry me. However she had just come off a relationship (about 4-5 months) and she felt i was 'taking a chance' because i knew she was single. I felt so bad that i had thoughts of cutting off all relationship with her after that. But the moment she called again, all those 'parting' thoughts vanished completely. We are back to being good friends again although my Love for her has never died. I have never again uttered a word about the past. I don't want to convince her for convincing sake and i can't look at any other girl without comparison. The past few days have been troubling me a lot and i can't even fathom a reason for it. What do i do to remove any thoughts of loving her and have some peace of mind because i never get the feeling that she will eventually love me with thoughts of getting married. I am regular in my Sadhana, Seva and Satsang. I know it's a long personal question but i would really like to know your advice. I have stopped short of posting this question many times. Please help.

A; I would suggest, come clean. Tell her about your feelings for her, tell her you are not taking a chance or anything and ask her sincerely if she would want to commit to a long term relationship with you… Then if you clear that stage, both of you go to Guruji and ask for His blessings…
Things should work out, and like I mentioned above, when you pray, ask for her love… or better! ☺


Q: bawa!! jai gurudeva!
i did my utsav act1 for the first time with u in mumbai in the month of feb,, as soon as my course was over i recommended all my friends to do the course with u,, anyways but there is this friend of mine who is really good at heart,, when i asked him to do the course first he started wid all bahanas tht hes an aethist and he doesnt believe in these things and all blah blah blah,,, then i told him taht u don’t know wats AOL then how cannot he believe in something about which he has no idea at all..??
finally he agreed to do the course.. and i was really amazed to see as the days were passing by he got more excited about the course and all..!! and i was like chal iska kaam toh ho gaya!! :D i was really happy to see his eagerness to do the course..
until one day wen i went to his place with the course form and to collect money, wen his sister in law who is quite dominating in the entire family straight away denied him to do the course saying its all rubbish and waist of time and fraud business... MY GOD!! there was so much of negetivity in her,, and she asked me not to "brainwash" him and myself and get involved into these things.. i told her that there’s so much of seva involved and other aspects, and AOL is not binded by any one religion its about learning good things from all the religions and is much more than that which one has to do the course to get that spectacular experience,,(though her problem wasn’t with AOL due to any religious issues..)
but it was all in vain,, i told my friend that I’ll pay for his course but his bhabhi has simply asked him not to talk to me and all..
its sad bawa that inspite of his willingness to do the course he isn’t able to do now.... and even more sad that people have such wrong stupid pre concieved notions about something which they don’t know at all... haa!! GURUJI SAVE THAT FEMALE!! lol heehee
but tell me bawa now what should i do to make my friend do the course? again he had a talk with his bhabhi but she simply refused and said no further talks on this issue..
damn!! tough people do exist in this world!! lol heehehe

jai gurudeva!! :)

A: I am glad you are laughing about it. Tell your friend to simply come and do the course. And say sorry to the bhabhi later! ☺Maybe then even she will come for the course... if she is as crazy as you make her out to be, God help the teacher!
Seriously though, He will have to take that step… how long is he going to listen to someone who is passing opinions about something that she has no idea about?!


Q: Dearest Bau and Dineshanna,
Karnataka elections are around the corner. Guruji's pointer is to vote for candidates who uphold Dharma (best translation that I can come up with - the holistic good of society at large).
Now there's this candidate in my constituency, who has done a LOT of good work. Thanks to his efforts in and out of office, we have exceptionally good roads, sidewalks, parks and greenery, cultural events, museums, etc. It would be hard to find a politician with a comparable visible impact on a constituency. And to top it all, the guy ensured that we have a permanent place for AoL courses, and has directed his resources towards organizing our satsangs. So what's the problem?
He belongs to a party that does uphold Dharma. Divisionary policies and propagation of reservations are among a host of reasons why a vote for that party is not in the holistic interest of our nation at large.
This is a consequence of the funny 'indirect democracy' system that we have - are we voting for an individual? Or for a party? Until the system is transformed (it will, by our efforts), we are left with this: where does the compass of Dharma point? (I guess this is what they call Dharm Sankat!)
In my specific case, I'm not expecting a ready-made solution, but I'd love to hear your views on this. Plus, all your readers are going to face similar situations, sooner or later...
Jaya Gurudeva!

A: “Politicians are like diapers, both need to be changed often and usually for the same reason!” – Robin Williams
I think that pretty much sums up the answer to your question ☺. Don’t keep any one party in power too long, power corrupts… unless of course, that party has deeply ingrained spiritual values… but I don’t know of any such party in India (or anywhere else in the world for that matter)… soooo… read the line above again.
We need more and more good people to get into politics, so that more and more good can be done for the country and the world!
And people like us have better choices…


Q: bau i think that though laziness can be a reason for not doing our work properly but i found that for me feeling disinterested came from meditation. when i meditate with an attitude of nothingness it kinda manifests in my general life. how to overcome this feeling after meditation. one of my friend who has done the course said that he doesnt feel like doing anything after kriya. i also agree to that. it brings such contentment that i like to be with myself for a while.

A: Definitely be with yourself for a while. Then get out there and do work! Do not make Kriya, meditation and any other spiritual practice an excuse for your own unwillingness to work and/or laziness!
The Knowledge on the course and the techniques taught can only increase your passion for life!


Q: jai gurudev
i have done yes+ course n im in mental stress abt love n family n frienzs i didn't kwon what i do?am going to mad i think so. what i do?n im not so confident abt my carrier.

A: You know if you really want an answer to that, the least you could do would be write out the question with proper spellings, grammar and punctuation! Do remember that you are typing out a question in an email, not sending an SMS.
Please resend the question with correct syntax and maybe I will answer it!  

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Anupam Gupta said...

jai gurudev...

ask for this..or better...dats ALL i really think actually dese days wenever i am talkign wid Him...give em this or BETTER!!!and i think it usually works..doesnt it bau??

good answers bau..loved the politician quote..hehe..jgd.love

Jyuthika said...

Fabulous answers Bau, as always.. :) but specially loved the last one ;) :P hehehe!!!

Jai gurudev :)

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