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Monday, May 26, 2008

QnA - 10

Here is a very nice little real life story:

Hello Bau!

I work for the Clean Up! Mumbai program at Dadar Agar Bazar area. Even Mtv has covered our activity for the MTV Wassup program. It feels really great doing this Seva.

On the last Sunday, while doing the Seva, one fellow came to me and really thanked me for doing the Clean Up! But he was really pissed off on the BMC. He was very angry and stared abusing BMC. I was simply laughing on him comments. He asked me one question. He asked, "Is it your job to clean this city?". I answered yes. But he wasn't convinced. I told him that BMC is helping us in this program. All the material we are using is provided by BMC. But he wasn't convinced.

Then I thought let's convince him the BAWA WAY. The way you convince us, simply by giving some small, stupid but really wonderful examples. I told him, " If I will come to your place and will find your place full of dirt, I am not going to say HEY MAN! YOU HAVE REALLY LAZY MAID AT YOUR PLACE. I will say YOU ARE LAZY AND DON'T CARE FOR YOUR HOME."

And Believe me Bau, next moment that fella started cleaning up the road with me. Unfortunately we were not able to capture him on camera.

I have learnt the style to make people listen and understand my point of view :)

Jai Guru Dev!


and here is some superb Knowledge from Guruji... and a question as well...

Jai Guru Dev! Bawa
This is what Guruji said:

In Park City, Utah, when Guruji met about 70 of us from the Bay Area, he came out of meditation and with the backdrop of white snowy mountains, he spoke for some time on the last two questions, (from memory recollecting some of it below...)

Observe what is going on in your mind. The dialogue in the mind. Constantly there is dialogue in the mind. What somebody said, what you said, what you will say. Your mind is always busy - planning on what to say to whom...blah blah blah. Discard all the impressions that arise in the mind. Just discard all this. Discard your mind! Take some time every day to discard all these impressions from your mind. Take a walk - a nature walk. Be mindful. Discard the impressions. Every day spend about an hour consciously removing these impressions. It may be frustrating at first but continue. Don't get frustrated. Just calmly discard all the impressions.

Q: So are Sudarshan Kriya and meditation the vehicles to do this?
Guruji: I am giving you the goal and you want a vehicle! I am taking you to the goal! This is higher than Kriya and Meditation. This knowledge is good for lifetimes. Just discard all the impressions. Be free of your mind.

Q: If we are free of our minds, our impressions then will we connected to you?
Guruji: When were you not connected! What non-sense! (with a half-serious smile) You are always connected! Take some time, by yourself everyday - keep discarding all these impressions stored up. I'm saying in addition to the kriya and meditation. Some time to consciously discard all your past impressions.

My Question is: How to identify some thing as "Impression". For e.g. if I have Tea/Coffee Impression, I will only know it if I leave it and then all the head aches start and after few days I come out of it. But how would I know for the rest of the impressions?
How to identify impressions in me?

A: Everything is an impression ☺. Don’t try to figure out what is impression and what is not, because everything is an impression. So whatever experiences you have had during the day, simply go thru them, and kind of wash them off… As Guruji says "simply discard them..."

This is not something I can even begin to explain. You will know it when you do it. Don’t think about it, or rationalize it or anything. Here the trick is to be simple about it and simply do it.

End of discussion! ☺

Hi Bawa and Dinesh Bhaiya!

Jai Gurudeva!

How are you both doing? Bhaiya, I finished the basic course recently and now doing the sudarshan kriya regularly at home. It gives me a good feeling. I am happy.

I have something to share with you. Bhaiya, I am going out of Bangalore for higher studies. I have to stay in hostel. Till now I have never gone anywhere leaving my parents, brother and my pet. I have just been to my cousin's place for a maximum of three days. Now, I have to stay on my own leaving them for three years. It scares me. I'm very attached to them. I don't know if I can actually go there and study when my loved ones are away from me. My parents and brother are very supportive and tell me not to worry and study well. They say its just three years and it will pass soon. But I feel its THREE YEARS. They are my world. They are like my best friends. I am totally confused if I have taken a good decision. Bhaiya, I don't know how do I stay without them. Tell me something Bhaiya....What do I do?

Looking forward to heard from you two…

A: Hostel life is great fun! You will suddenly have a family MUCH bigger than just your parents and a brother and a pet. Go there with an intention to enjoy it and love it… and you will... i still very fondly look back at my time in Hostel 5 at IITB... and watch out for the ragging ☺. Dont get perturbed by anyone ragging you, join in and have fun with it :) that's what i did :)

Q:I am crazy about Guruji. I do lots of Sadhana-Seva-Satsangh, etc…Me, and many of my friends just wanna meet Guruji, wanna hug him, talk to him for sometime.

Its been a dream for us to see him. I would consider myself blessed even to meet him in my dreams. In short, meeting him is such a great thing for us, we consider it fortunate.

I sometimes feel low seeing how easily people meet Guruji, that too very often!

Big big people, corporate leaders, leaders of the world, etc. shake hands with him, talk to him, etc. without even completely knowing him. They don't even know who he is, some of them may not even respect him, and such people get to meet him that easily? I just feel jealous of such people. What can I do?

These people meet Him for few minutes. You meet Him everyday when you do your Sadhana. Close your eyes and He is there... He walks with you everywhere you goto do Seva. He talks through you everytime you speak Knowledge. For a sadhak, He lives in your very core! Wouldn’t you rather have that, than a few minutes smiling, shaking hands with Him and making superficial conversation with Him?

If at all, these people need to feel jealous of all of us! ☺

I simply feel utterly blessed!

Q: I am really frustrated with politicians. At times, i feel like killing them. Its irritating to see how they throw their weight around.

A; So instead of sitting there being irritated. Do something about it. Make many people do the course, so people can get together and be heard, become a good politician yourself…
Killing someone is never a solution… Use your intelligence and your strength to win over corruption. Understand that corruption happens not because the public service is corrupt, but because, we the public allow it to continue, by paying bribes, etc and encouraging the very corruption most of us claim that we are so disgusted with!
You stop. Make others stop. When many stop, corruption dies naturally!

Jai Gurudev Bawa and Dinesh Bhaiya,

I was a volunteer for Utsav Bangalore Act 1. Few of my friends participated in Utsav and have really liked it. To my surprise, I found that one of them went for party (pub) on the 4th day of the course with friends and enjoyed booze. I am not sure how to react or what to tell them.

Bangalore is hub of so many spiritual gurus and still it has so much of Pub culture. Though you have spoken something, that they are losers but what as youth can we to encourage them to have more satvic life.

Oh all the spiritual Gurus are very grateful to the pub culture of Bangalore. It very effectively separates out the weak and stupid from the sincere and intelligent!

If after the course, people still choose to go and get drunk, there is simply nothing that can be done. Like I always say, there is absolutely no cure for plain vanilla stupidity!

I have done Basic and DSN course in Nagpur. My question is, I already have my guruji (sant rajinder singh ji maharaj,Delhi) and I used to follow him and his practices before joing AOL. After joing AOL,my whole attention is on AOL and I am not following my guruji's practices and I am also not attending my guruji's satsang because in the local ashram of nagpur , there is the poor management though I like him.

I am very confused what should I do? if I attend to satsang of AOL , I think that I am not following my guruji and I attend his satsang ,then I don't attend AOL satsang. Sir, I respect both the guruji( sant rajinder singhji maharaj as well as sri sri ravishankar ji) I am much attracted by AOL as it has transformed my life but the same way i do not want to change my guru, please suggest to me what I should do to have success in this path.

See Sri Sri in Sant Rajinder Singhji and Sant Rajinder Singhji in Sri Sri. Why are you making differences where there are none?!

Any Guru will want His devotee to be happy… By doing all these mental gymnastics you are only making a mess of your own self!

And then with full respect and reverence you choose one path and follow it. We respect all and follow one! You cannot cross a river in 2 boats can you? Feel respect and love and adoration for all, follow one! And also see all in the one you are following so there is really no conflict at all!

Jai Gurudeva!

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Anonymous said...

That was great Knowledge, about discarding the impressions .. and about this being the Goal .. you know, I get the impression (!)sometimes we're all just babies in
kindergarten playing around, we have no clue about anything, do we ! Lots more to say but I'll let it pass for now. Thanks very much for the sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. some of them were my queries that i forgot about (sometimes just pops up in my mind!) or thought it was too silly to ask! Hmm and hurray i got the answers! :)

Jai Gurudev!

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