Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Friday, May 30, 2008

Is ignorance better? Can Sanyasis fall in Love?

Amongst a lot of other things that Guruji talked about in the last 2 days, here are 2 things that really stood out :)... He said it all in hindi, and i am freely translating into english from what i remember...

Q: Guruji, one looses their innocence when one gains Knowledge, so shouldn't one simply remain ignorant?
A: Do not confuse innocence with stupidity (bevakufi is the hindi word He used). and then He added, but you should be wary of any ego that may come with Knowledge.

A young guy got up and said Guruji, do sanyasis fall in love? (Kya sanyasis prem kar sakte hai?)

A: yes, yes... but instead of being in love with one person, they are in love with everyone!! There is a difference between being in love and having a relationship. Sanyasis love all and have relationships with none... (sabhi se pyar karte hai, lekin sambandh kissi se nahi)

Jai Gurudeva!

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Anupam Gupta said...

hehe...very sweet....

Sandeep said...

My two cents on this interesting question on Innocence vs Knowledge.

The Gita and other scriptures talk of two selves: the lower Self (day-to-day personality) and the Higher self. The lower Self is like the Cloud which obscures the Sun.

We lose our innocence when we gain false Knowledge about how to behave in this world.

So how do we regain our innocence?

One must begin by observing what we have become.

Since birth, we have picked up habits and theories from the people around us. We may have become
cunning, vain or pretentious.

One must observe how the mind works :
1) During a conservation, do we bring up some topic to pretend that we are intelligent?
2) Do we walk/talk like some Hindi movie actor/actress in order to show people that we are charming?
3) Do we concoct schemes to fool people into doing something we want?
4) Do we put on a show of bravado (drive bike fast, smoke, drink) in order to impress others of our

These are just examples. This kind of illusory thinking occurs at many subconscious levels.

When we stop doing these things, we regain our Innocence. Then the way to True Knowledge becomes clear.

Anonymous said...

Bawa, are you a sanyasi? ;-)

Love, Sunita.

Bawa said...

Sunita thats for you to figure out! :)
and yes you can do all that sandeep says, or just meditate, and it all happens naturally and spontaneously! :)

chintan said...

ooooohhhhhhhhh bau dat left me speechless i mean datz gr8 knowledge frm GURUJI...............
were does he get all this frm???
i mean he answers so beautifully.

Vinod Patil said...

thats very true, we shud never misunderstand between love n relationship. People try to fit love in their boundaires, in their own frames. Really its much more beyond that.

Jai Gurudev

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