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Dinesh and Bawa


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Many ways...

Another Question:

i did my yes plus in january last year, and did yes++ at hrishikesh, YES+DSN and advance courses recently in delhi. yes+ truly transformed my life and brought me really closer to myself, and changed such things in my life that i could not even think of. I am regular with kriya from the time I did it in course for the first time.

My question is, during the course of my being associated with AOL, i came accross, a lot of other spiritual missions, like osho, Scientology, Buddhism, etc. These took my fancy as well.
i did scientology book translations to earn money for my DSN,and got to know about it. one of my friend is closely associated with osho, and lot of people in my hostel chant mantras ,that is follow buddhism.even though i'm firmly connected with AOL, still i feel a pull towards these
disciplines. i realise that all of them say almost the same thing just in a diffrent manner. but my confusion really bothers me,because i keep getting diverted to them all the time. please help me and suggest to me how to deal with this as it causes a lot of unrest in me.
eagerly waiting for your reply...

My Reply:

Aren't there many schools and colleges in your city?
Don't they teach almost exactly the same thing?
Did you goto ALL of them?! :)

Respect all, follow one! is the formula for success in Spirituality :)

Btw, Art of Living, doesn't contradict any belief system and will only enhance your experience with any other technique...

Someone asked Guruji, How can i always be happy?
Drop the always, then you will be happy! and then He added. all ways do not lead you, only ONE way can lead you...

Don't get into the habit of Spiritual Shopping... its not good for you, it will only confuse you and tear you up... That "pull" you feel is only your mind refusing to settle down, which is the point of any sort of spirituality... stick to one path, one technique and let your mind really relax :)

Keep Breathing...
Jai Gurudeva!

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