Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Saturday, May 31, 2008


Whats to write about our (very short) trip to Alibag... Here are a few pics... the sea was warm and the pool was hot! The hammocks were lovely to sleep in, the food was terrible :)

Upasana hanging around:

Me with cap and me without the cap:

Vishu the Bathing Beauty (?)

Dinesh in (well actually out of) the sea:

In the Pool: Me, Dinesh, Vishu and Pooja

Please do show this post to anyone who says Art of Living Teachers dont have fun! :)  

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Anonymous said...

Bau, I have to tell u this - u r sooooh cute.... n i m not just talking bout looks... i luv ur posts...

atmarati avirodhena said...

dinesh bhaiya :) :) :) :) :) :) : )

Anonymous said...

Arree BAWA aap sab log kya ALIBAGH se aayle thee kya :P

milan said...

dear sir
seriously ur looking daam sweet in that pics (sweety pie n cute pie)i am feeling jealous that i missed the trip

Anonymous said...

Bau, change comments for Vishu to "the hairy wonder"!!!! :-))))

You are a meanie, you posted all nice pictures of yourself and poor Vishu!!

Mano-Sphere! said...

Yogis@Fun! :)

vinnie said...

gr8 pics bau... u look very very cute ( please dont feel offended by tht word ... i know guys dont like being called cute..)... dinesh well sorry no words for him and vishu i agree looks like a hairy bear ... keep th pics rolling bau.



saee said...


Anonymous said...

wow !! that's really coooll. This shows real meaning of GURUDEV ... Knowledge with lots of fun.

srikanth said...

bau,Huh just can't imagine u in dat place after seein you on the big stage givin those lessons.....really u rock!!!

Monica said...

FUN!! AOL teachers (and students~or whatever we can be called ;) have killlerr fun bawa!!
and jus' LOOK at the pics. hilarious!!

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