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Dinesh and Bawa


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hatching Magic

... is the name of a very nice little book by Ann Downer, which i picked up in the children's section in Crossword recently with its sequel The Dragon of Never-Was. The first one was a really nice fun read, the second dragged a bit in places.

If you have kids, these are perfect read aloud stories... there is a lot of humour and good bits of scary parts and some very nice action as well :)

Somehow i have completely lost the taste for "normal" fiction... who wants to read about people who kidnap and murder and stuff when you can let your mind wander about... hatching magic!

The other book i have almost finished recently is Dark Alchemy, a collection of fantasy stories... Nothing dark about it at all :)... There is a short story in there called "naming day"... do yourselves a favour and read it! :) its superb!!!

A lot of people have started up their blogs... I will publish their links after they get to more than 20 posts... i will leave the quality of the content for you to judge... So all you bloggers out there, get your blog to 20 posts or more and tell me and i will definitely add a link here on this blog...

Also, many many people loved suparna's story, so if any of you have some nice short stories that you have written, that are wise, intelligent or just plain funny, please send them in and i will publish them a few times every month...

Finally, I have learned a lot about blogging from amanda's website www.bloggerbuster.com
If you have questions about stuff related to blogging, please click your way there and read up... i will shortly start up a new series of articles about the basics of blogging... after which i think amanda's blog can take you further... There are many other blogs that i used to create this one, but blogger Buster is the one i still use most extensively...

Guruji lands in Bangalore tomorrow night...

Jai Gurudeva!

ps You may wonder how this post appeared if i am in silence... well... i scheduled it! :)  

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Abhi said...

Hi Bawa..... I'm Abhi here.

Just now I read this article and thought of writing comment for this. I attended Utsav recently in Bangalore. I changed a lot after the course. I'm so happy because I was not able to do Kriya regularly, I was asking Guruji every time for this, but after Utsav, I'm regular in doing Kriya. Only one day I missed. Daily when I finish kriya and open my eyes I'll be in a new world. Really I'm enjoying and my mind is completely in peace.
Bawa really I'm impressed by your blog, Few days back I created my own blog. I need to learn so many things, thanks for suggesting bloggerbuster website.
Next month my exams gonna start, I'm preparing for that. I want your blessing Bawa.

Jai Gurudev..... :-)

Anonymous said...

scheduling the blog :) its really nice :)

Sunitha said...

I love Superfudge..its full of fun.It is the story of a mischievous boy who wants him to be called "Fudge" written by judy blume.
Review is here:

suresh said...

jai gurudev bawa !!! could you add my blog http://surscribbles.blogspot.com/..its been around for a while..so i should be definitely more than 20 :)

love, jai gurudev

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