Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This will require some planning.

Curdle about a liter of milk by adding juice of a lemon. Drain the water, we will not need it but its very healthy and can be used to make rice in or add to flour to make chapattis, etc. Hang the curdled part in a muslin cloth or a hanky. Its exactly the same way you hang curds.

After a few (5-7) hours, you will get a nice white mass which in Kolkata they call Chaannaa (or something similar)

Now you will need:

2 small carrots chopped finely
1/2 a cabbage chopped well
2 small potatoes boiled and mashed with lumps
handful of green peas parboiled (meaning just dipped in very hot water for a few minutes, so they get cooked but dont loose their fresh green colour)
Fresh spinach and coriander leaves finely chopped
Any other veggies you want to add... bits of french beans, broccoli, mushrooms are good ideas :). These should be cooked and/or chopped very fine.

Take bread (5-7 slices should be enough and stale whole wheat bread is best) and toast it in an oven for 10ish minutes or until very crisp but be careful not to burn it, then put in a grinder and powder it. To this add some (2 heaped tablespoons should be enough) rava (or suji or semolina). Keep aside.

Add all the veggies to the Chaannaa, add some garlic paste and salt to taste. Mix the whole thing up really well. Make spherical or ellipsoidal (sorry, cant think of any other words to describe it) medium sized shapes and roll them in the suji bread crumb powder so that they are totally covered.

Heat up oil to deep fry in a saucepan. When the oil is really hot, slide in the raw cutlets and fry for a few minutes till they become a yummy golden brown. I usually do only one at a time. Its pretty quick, a batch of about 15 cutlets will get done in less than 20 minutes.

Arrange on a platter. Serve very hot with a dash of lime and tomato slices, garnished with corriander!

This is one of the yummiest veggie cutlets i have ever had and i learned how to make them at Vibha's home in Kolkata.

Jai Gurudeva!

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atmarati avirodhena said...

woww bawa:) will definitely try these..semms quite simple and the picture had me salivating :p

priyanka said...


the way you describe , i almost feel i have made it and finished it too. tastes yummy.

your description almost gets me back to one of my fav hobby i.e cooking. thnks a lot.

also if little bit of fresh methi is added to this mix, it makes it all the more yum.


Prakirtee said...

Hmmm looks so so so yummy!! just waiting for the day when I'll be privileged enough to eat food cooked by you Bawa :) I've been trying few recipes posted earlier on your blog and I must say the word delicious fails to sufficiently describe their taste :)

Meena said...

Its too much of a coincedence I love cutlets and never get them right..last 2 days I was thinking of looking up the net for a perfect recipe...but I was not sooo driven....!!! It came to me... I know my next snack!!! :-)).Thanx JGD Meena

O said...

great recipe as always...just one little thing- the curdled milk thing that you mentioned is called 'chhaanaa' in Kolkata not khoya. khyoa is what is used to make pedas etc. chhaanaa just by itself is extremely nutritious.One of my many after school snakcs,with a little bit of sugar. rasgullas and other bengali sweets are made of this chhaanaa

Shruti Poojari said...

yummmieeeeeeeee/......its looking so yummieeeeee bau......
jus waiting 2 make it....

m very fond of cooking...so keep on posting more n more....

Anonymous said...

Definitely going to try it tom. :)

Hope its better than the ones i tried before :P :)

arnav_aol said...

The way u have described it my mouth is already watering
Your recepies are absolutely fantastic....(AS ALWAYS)

rintu said...

Kaise Bawa Kaise? Kaise nikaal lete hain aap itna samay? Or maybe time stops for you :-)
You could actually have an article on "Time Management". Or maybe a course on that too. I am sure it will sell like hot cakes amongst the management freaks :-)


Monika Arora said...

Wo sab to theek hai, lakin tne kam banayenge to hame kya milega???

giner said...

Bawa is this sattvic ? Garlic, deep fried ?
Please clarify

Bawa said...

You are right it is called chaannaa... and i don't think it is sattvic :)

But if you are doing your kriya everyday... you don't need to worry about eating a bit of fired stuff once in a while...

Jai Gurudeva!

Mrigank said...

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Pspextacy said...

it was yesterday tht i told ma mom how unimportant the whole concept of making cutlets was..its mostly leftovers repackaged in restaurants...

tell u what...

someone out there really loves cutlets..

Anonymous said...

ooh bawa! hola :) i'm from singapore. heard tonnes about u..never met u.

i so wanna eat those cutlets!


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