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Dinesh and Bawa


Friday, September 5, 2008

Don't Look at the Moon!!

On the day (night) of Ganesh Chathurti, we are warned not to look at the moon... Mythology says that if you look at the moon on this night, then you will get blamed for something you didn't do!

So don't look at the moon!!!

This particular belief sounds quite odd... What if the rays of the moon touch you? Will you still get blamed? If you look at the reflection of the moon in water: You are not looking up at the sky, you are looking down and there it is... in the puddle of water! What then?!

Well, at least this Ganesh Chathurti, we in Bangalore Ashram were spared from the naughtiness of the moon... the sky was overcast and there was no chance to see the moon... but no one was taking any chances, everyone was walking about focused intently on the ground :)

Is there some deeper meaning to this? You bet there is! And i am not going to make you wait till tomorrow to read it either :)

The moon symbolizes the mind... Just as the moon waxes and wanes, the mind goes up and down... Some days it makes you feel good, other times it can drag you down into the pits of despair for the smallest of reasons... The mind is what constantly gets you into trouble...

Ganesha is the Lord of Wisdom and it is He who teaches us how to get over the vagrancies of the mind, how to be established firmly in Knowledge and let nothing shake us out from the Bliss of the Being. And so on the day when we are going to celebrate Lord Ganesha, we don't look at the moon... meaning Follow Knowledge, not your little mind!

Don't look at the moon! Don't let that small mind of yours rule you... Be in Knowledge, Be wise, Be happy!

Jai Gurudeva!

PS more about Lord Ganesha coming up...  

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hamsa_tachyon said...

Lovely and totally new Knowledge for me .. thankyou.
Its Teachers' Day today .. here's a big thankyou and a quote from Henry Brooks Adams :
"A teacher affects eternity,
(s)he can never tell where (her)his influence stops".

saritta_c said...

Dear Bawa,
Well said dont let the small mind of yous rule you.....Instead train the mind..and rule it...Thanks for not making us wait for the symbolic meaning of moon...:)Let that be Ekata Kapoor's Forte.....
Thanks for giving valuable knowledge day after day...Pl keep doing it forever....I would like to know why Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated and about visarjan.....pl tell us in your simple and effective way....

bharath said...

no bawa this time i did get to see the moon at the backdrop of the VM and then when inside the knowledge from Guruji was just amazing and now no regrets about having seen the moon, in fact it was more like the knowledge was straight for me only.
haha..jai gurudev

sangeeta said...

thank you so much for this amazing knowledge...........
I wanted to know all these years why my parents told me not to look at the moon on ganesh chaturti.............
waiting for more on lord ganesha !!!!
Jai gurudev

Random Reflections said...

beautiful knowledge Bawa ! just goes to show how knowledge that can other wise be turned into superstitions , can also be revealed in its true form by a Master. Blessed are we on this path !

Jai Guru Dev,

parth said...

bau i tell you, that you are jamming like anything...really nice.



Ps: we are late to get this knowledge as we are not aware of this, i had seen moon that day.!!

bhawana kapoor said...

Absolutely Beautiful Post
Jai Gurudev

Prakirtee said...

I was looking for explanations as to why we shouldn't be looking at the moon on the day of ganesh chathurti and I got really weird ones which didn't quite make sense. But the interpretation given by you is perfect :) thanks

Abha said...

Jgd Bawa,

Amazing knowledge... No doubt about it...I am a regular reader of your blog... :) ... ( though i have not done a single course with you.. But surely looking forward to meet in Delhi utsav...).. And i generally don't leave comments because i am not that good in expressing myself...

But today i had to express my gratitude by wishing you Happy teachers day... And thanks a ton for bringing guruji's knowledge into our lives... Please wish guruji also on behalf of all of us... :) ..


Trinaa said...

wonderful :)))

ps: a very Happy Teachers Day to u n dinesh bhaiya :)

virendra said...

Dear bawu,
Superb knowledge u have given here 2 explain how important knowledge is !!
Since many days im following knowledge rather than following my mind n im amazed to see that no1 is able 2 take my happiness away from me..!! AHO NIRANJANAHA :) !!n 1 more thing is happenin who all r comin in contact with me they r feelin happy too..i was surprised when i heared this from some of them...jai gurudev..!!

Trushna said...

Oh wow..i was wanting to know the significance of it..thanks for the post..it is always better to celebrate festivals knowing the importance..But bau..can u post something on idol worship also..this practice or say pratha bothers me a lot..

Niranjana said...

I won't look at the moon. Happy Teacher's day:)

Nanddeep said...

I never knew the meaning behind !
Jai Guru Dev.

Kamlakar Patil said...

I always wondered what is the significance of not looking at the Moon on Chaturthi!! Got the answer today...thanks.

Anonymous said...

I did see the moon. For the sake of breaking rules!! :) :P

From now on i wont see the moon.. :) on Ganesh Chathurthi

Jai Gurudev!

Crazy Gopi said...

Bau..Wish you a very Happy Teacher's day !

Here's a quote that speaks for me:

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires !
~ William A Ward

Thanks for being an inspiration to so many of us !

rintu said...

A very very lovely teacher's day to both of you!! Those 6 days of the "basic" course have been the 6 best days of my life...so far :-)

Thank you!


Arsheen said...

things always make a lot more sense when you explain them as they are truly meant to me... our knowledge of things truly is vry shallow and we never try to get to the deeper meaning... but why weren't things just put simply and in a strightforward manner. why has most of the knowledge been imparted symbolically?

Sandhiya said...

Happy teachers day to the best teachers in the world :)


Shruti Poojari said...

wow....such an amazing knowledge...
2day i got 2 kno y my mom wud always tel me not 2 luk at d moon...but i guess my mom also dosnt kno abt dis knowledge....wil tel her now..
jgd bau...btw happy teachers day...

Ujjwala said...

This is amazing. I saw the calender day before y'day on Ganesh Chaturthi, and it said 'Chandra Darshan Nishedh'(Avoid looking at the moon) and that kept me thinking why is it that we should avoid looking at the moon..and I got an answer here :) perfect!

erica said...

Oh new knowledge for me bawa.
And good to know the reasons too... Thanks for just keeping us updated for every thing possible.
On the teacher's day, i am not amazed why i want to wish you first among all my teachers.
Happy Happy Teacher's Day Bawa and dinesh da...!!!
Jai Guredev

Shraddha said...

On the same day as Ganesha Chathurti, there is also a Jain festival (Paryushan) ending with Samvatsari. Can you please blog a little about Jainism. I am a jain but know very litte.
Thanks & Jai Gurudev

TZ..to the rescue said...

This story had always intrigued me and thanks to you I now understand it too! Its so overwhelming to know that each and every mythological story(and stories they were till now!)have such deep and beautiful interpretations!thanks bau..for making us aware..Jai guru deva! :-)

Jo!! said...

good knowledge!

Happy teacher's day to you and Dinesh bhaiya....

And I also believe in the story that If u look at the moon you will be blamed for something you didn't do. It actually happened to me 3 years back when i was blamed for stealing something which i didn't(and i had seen the moon the previous day)Since then I kind off believe in it....! hehe!!

anyways..good post..!

Happy teachers Day to you and dinesh bhaiya again!

Love you both lots and lots!

Jai Gurudev!

Jo!! said...

please see my blog.... I had been to lalbaug Ganpati....
i have uploaded some beautiful pictures!

Sudha said...

Sounds Interesting.....!!!

urmila said...

Jay Gurudev Bawa..!!!
wow..!!! Awesome knowledge..!!! Thanks for revealing such an excellent hidden meaning of this story..!!! :)

venu said...

Dear Bawa and Dinesh, Happy teachers day to u . u have been with me all through. some times directly holding my hand guiding me and some times though unseen, with love u guide me through. u have always protected me and been by my side. u have covered my nakedness and always there quenching my thirst. i love u and express my gratitude towards u .

In the grace of HIS HOLINESS, i express my gratitude to all my teachers seen and unseen, subtle and touched .

I pray to Gurudev to bless them in HIS love and be with them always. May they be happy, healthy, prosperous and wise and rich with abundance of ur love, guidance, onness .

love u dinesh and bawa,
may u live to eternity in the abundance of HIS grace and onness with HIM For ever.

luv is alone i can offer,

luv u

Virat said...

Bau - I have to share this..
My Mom told me not to look at the moon on GC day, and I asked her (as always) "Why"? Of course she didn't know.

So i did some thinking!!

And Bingo! I came up with the same theory as you mentioned in the post!!!

Vow! I am kicked about this!!! :)


Manish Panchmatia said...

Happy Teacher's day
Happy Ganesha Festival and
Michchhami Dukkadam

Bawa, thanks for sharing this beautiful knowledge behind this belief. Now let's see this same knowledge point, how Guruji explained it in this video


Yesterday Guruji blessed the audience at Ganesha Utsav, Baswangudi Bangalore

and here are few Question Answer with Guruji about Ganesha.

Regards and Keep Smiling

Sudha Pillai said...

Hi and jgd,Bawa!


Received the Golden Flame Award for Excellence in Teaching last night at a glittering function in Kolkata.

The Award truly belongs to Guruji and all HIS Teachers who continuously serve as a living inspiration.

The weekly knowledge and satsangs get me recharged for the week ahead and be at my creative best with the kids.Your blog and that of Vikram Bhaiya's , serve as additional bonuses. There is no limit to HIS bounty!

HAPPY TEACHER's Day to both Dinesh and you...

Take care.Jgd


gauri said...

wow piece of total enlightenment!!i remember my granny asking me not to look at the moon during ganesh chaturthis when i was a kid..and i always wondered y? now i get thanx :)

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