Dinesh and Bawa

Dinesh and Bawa


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Secret of Lord Ganesha I

Click The Birth of Lord Ganesha to read about the very weird tale of how Lord Ganesha was born. What follows is the interpretation of that story...

Parvati is the Celebrative aspect of our consciousness. Parvat means mountain: The Earth herself rising up in celebration...

Now Parvati was dirty, meaning, the celebration had gone out of life, feeling of sadness, etc had arisen, and she decides to take a bath (be alone)...When you are not feeling good (your celebratory aspect is dirty), you say, give me my space, leave me alone...

The dirt that comes off her and she gives life to is the Ego... She tells the Ego see that no one disturbs me while i am not feeling well... dont let anyone come in!

Thats exactly what most people do when they are not feeling good: people usually isolate themsleves, feel separate from everyone and dont like others around them...

This is the significance of Parvati animating her ego and asking it not to let anyone disturb her because she is feeling dirty.

Lord Shiva is the protector of Parvati. So when He sees her that way with her ego standing guard, keeping the Bliss of the Self out, He does what any protector would do... Kills it!

Chopping off the head signifies killing the ego... Now, when you have had your ego trampled upon, you are going to feel even more hurt and bewildered, which is where Parvati flares up... to appease her and teach her, Lord Shiva replaces the child's (ego) head with an elephant head.

The Elephant in Hindu mythology is held in great reverence. In old times, if a lover wanted to praise his girlfriend, he would tell her she is like an elephant... That was supposed to be the ultimate praise! Please don't try this today... you just might get flattened :)

The big head symbolizes Knowledge. The eyes of the elephant are kind, full of compassion and innocence: the most beautiful in the animal Kingdom. So Shiva replaces the head of ego (ignorance) with Knowledge and innocence! That's not all, if you have ever seen an elephant walk, stately and strong, you can see that nothing can stand in its way! So Shivji removed the ego and replaced it with Strength, Grace, Knowledge and innocence. What a superb combination! And the perfect gift for an angry, sulking wife! :)

Lord Shiva then names the child, Ganesh. The Lord of Knowledge and Wisdom.

Tomorrow more will be revealed about the mouse and some other really fascinating aspects of Ganeshji...

Jai Gurudeva!



ps Dinesh is flying with Guruji to Oslo for the Nobel Laureates Conference... hopefully he will be posting about the goings on there :)


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Random Reflections said...

amazing.....haven't heard that beautiful an explanation in a loooong time....

"Please don't try this today... you just might get flattened :)" .....that ought to read "you WILL get flattened" :)

jai guru dev,

bhawana kapoor said...

That was amazing, I was also wondering why is Ganjeshji called Bholu Ganesh..hmm you answered it.
The interpretation of Parvati, left me all WOW...
You have done a great job posting this one up!
I mean, if you tell the story to a kid, he would totally believe it and chill.
But if you tell it to me (of 2 years back) or any other random bloke..he would go like cheeee , these stories are a waste of time and don't mean anything.
In my case such stories would earlier make me disgusted with the Hindu Gods and Goddesses..
Oh sweet me..Ignorant me...
Now atleast I know, its not just the face value interpretation and MUCH MUCH MORE

Kamlakar Patil said...

As usual, too good ... never heard something like this before.
There are so many mythological stories that makes us feel bad about the Devas (specifically about Lord Indra!!). Your explanation clears up the doubts about it!!

..would like to know about the King of Devas, Indra, if there is another dimension to it.
Also can you please put some light on Sage Vishwamitra/Menaka story...thanks.

Jai Gurudev!

Sakshi Batra said...

Gosh, the way u turned yesterday's funny, strange story into this meaningful, agreeable manner is mind-blowing.
I shall put this in the category of 'The Divine Romance'
Simply Terrific!
Thank You so much.
Jai Gurudev!

Jo!! said...

this is superb...
just wonderful knowledge and interpretation...!!

you are too good!

Kruvesh said...

waiting 4 da story of lord ganesha mouse 2 be heard from u as u make the ancient stories so much more interesting & thoughtfull. i never realised the deep meaning of the ganesha's birth, have heard da story "n" no of times but never thought about it in sucha a way.....cheers bau

Nanddeep said...

This is really nice!

Jai Guru Dev.

Kaushik Dutta said...

Dear Bawa,
Thanks a lot for posting such a beautiful story with full of knowledge; and I really like your style of sharing knowledge with so much humor. :-))

Same thing I’ve noticed here in Kolkata during UTSAV.

Hopefully, I'll acquire few of these qualities of yours when I'll become an AOL teacher! :-)

Jai Gurudev!

Ajay said...

Jai Gurudev

As usual amazing explanation.
I am loving this way of looking at different religions and understanding the vast knowledge associated or rather hidden in them.

Thanks Bau and Guruji..:)

And ya...happy journey to Guruji and Dinesh bhaiya...waiting for 'feast' article once bhaiya is back.

Jai Gurudev

Minnie said...

:) :0 That's amazingg Bau.. looking forward to more of these
Jai Guru Dev

Manish Panchmatia said...

JGD Bawa

My comment is irrelevant :)

You may like to use this funny picture for next post - about Ganesha riding on the mouse. :)


Regards and Keep Smiling

Deepak said...

Havent heard abt this ,but truely wisdom has blossomed .such a deepest meaning in every action a divine does.I am completely aware of the present moment now. I really want to appreciate Bawa(Guruji) for giving us the secrets of our Mythologies .

:) Beautiful interpretation

Sakshi Batra said...

nice pics! I'd love to see our Indrani instead of this elephant as she perfectly suits ur description of the elephant.
Jau Gurudev!

Anonymous said...

The most beautiful story I've heard so far!!

jaideep said...


bhawana kapoor said...

Oh my God, I came here to write what Kamlakar Patil has already written.

Also, to tell you just saw Hanuman on Disney channel. Superrrrrrcool
Awesome. Loved it.
In today's episode Hanuman ji is born ..
Its such a beautiful animation.

bhawana kapoor said...

Sakshi every elephant perfectly suits his description of the elephant!!!!
Love you. Don't ever grow up!

Abhay Karnataki said...

Very nice interpretation indeed... looking forward for the story of mouse and others.

Bau, what is your posting time now! I want to be the first to comment! :)

Abhay Karnataki said...

will be great to hear about your visit to Oslo!!

komal said...

mmm.... awesome, amazing,fantatic simplistic interpretation in all its complexity.. definitely strikes a chord deep down... bau, thanks for the amazing knowledge.. it came when i need it most sitting in here in sydney.... this one solved a ton of my problems...

Crazy Gopi said...

Wow! This is awesome knowledge Bau..Thanks for posting..

samwisegamchi said...

Jai Gurudev

Bawa I hav heard this story b4 the only thing diff is i hav heard it live frm u when u told this at utsav which happened in mumbai.....well it was fun that time listenin to it....

p.s I met Dinesh Dada when he came to Mumbai for his visa work....infact i was the one who stood in line for him early in the morning....it felt very nice to be of some help for him...

vivek said...

Jai Gurudev Bau!!

I have heard this story when i was a kid and also read the Story books "Amar Chitra Katha".I have read and memorized it in the way it was portrayed. Now got the real meaning of the story, I am really in WOW!! state. Amazing way to explain the Ganesha Story.


Jai Gurudev :)

Aparna said...


Thats just the greatest interpretation i have heard in my life!!

LOVE you!

priyanka said...

wow bawa!!
i had heard this same from u last year when u were in nasik for the dsn..n had forgotten the interpretation..it is so amazing!!
uncovering the secrets hidden in the ancient stories so beautifully is something that only Guruji can do!!thanx for posting it!

Priya said...

wooowww.... very beautifully explained!!

Anonymous said...

very nice-interesting story....

Nikhil Saraf said...

Wooaaahhh!! What a wonderful interpretation!

Jai gurudev!

hariharan said...

wow!what an explanation!

siddheshwar said...

Completely mind blowing
thank u bau
happy journey to dineshda
will be wating for dineshda's post
jai gurudev

Niranjana said...

reminded me of some incident. haha
Jai Gurudeva:)

Seema said...

FASCINATING to know these stories have such deep meaning then what we were bought up with. would always wonder Shiva is the all - knower Then how come he still slashes off Ganesha's head (his son's head)....now i know :)

atmarati avirodhena said...

woww that is the most fantastic interpretation of that story ever .. coz whenever i heard that story earlier i'd be left feeling-- shiva is such an awesome god and everything( my absolute favourite) ..he meditates all the time ..couldnt he have just been more patient and compassionate ..killing a kid is kind of harsh -- but the whole ego part is mind blowing :):) bau thanks so much for blogging

sachin said...

truly awesome :)

hamsa_tachyon said...

Jai Gurudev,
that was absolutely beautiful, sublime !

bhawana kapoor said...

Bau Sakshi is right!
This elephant is looking sad, maybe he should do Yes+

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